A ______ Property Describes How A Substance Acts When It Reacts With Other Substances.


A ______ Property Describes How A Substance Acts When It Reacts With Other Substances.?

Flammability is a chemical property that tells whether a substance reacts in the presence of carbon dioxide. … reacts with other substances.

What property describes how a substance act when it reacts with other substances?

Chemical properties describe the reactions that can occur when matter is treated with other substances such as how a substance reacts with air or with an acid. Physical properties such as mass volume density and color can be observed without changing the identity of the matter.

What is it called when a substance reacts with another substance?

What are the basics of chemical reactions? A chemical reaction is a process in which one or more substances also called reactants are converted to one or more different substances known as products.

How does a substance behave in its chemical reaction?

In a chemical reaction reactants contact each other bonds between atoms in the reactants are broken and atoms rearrange and form new bonds to make the products.

What are the properties of substances?

Some of the physical properties of substances include their:
  • Changing states without altering or changing the identity of the substance.
  • Mass.
  • Density.
  • Volume.
  • Boiling point.
  • Melting point.
  • Conductivity.
  • Heat capacity.

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Why do substances react with each other?

Substances react chemically in characteristic ways. In a chemical process the atoms that make up the original substances are regrouped into different molecules and these new substances have different properties from those of the reactants. … Some chemical reactions release energy others store energy.

What is formed when substance are combined?

A mixture is created when two or more different substances are physically combined and can be separated back into its original substances. A chemical reaction occurs when two or more substances are combined to form a new substance and cannot be separated back into its original substances.

What are the properties of an element answer?

These properties include color density melting point boiling point and thermal and electrical conductivity. While some of these properties are due chiefly to the electronic structure of the element others are more closely related to properties of the nucleus e.g. mass number.

What is a starting substance in a chemical reaction?

These starting substances of a chemical reaction are called the reactants and the new substances that result are called the products. … between reactants and products.

What happens during a chemical reaction?

Chemical reactions involve breaking chemical bonds between reactant molecules (particles) and forming new bonds between atoms in product particles (molecules). The number of atoms before and after the chemical change is the same but the number of molecules will change.

What always happens during a chemical reaction?

During a chemical change the composition of matter always changes. Four possible clues to chemical change include a transfer of energy a change in color the production of a gas or the formation of a precipitate. During any chemical reaction the mass of the products is always equal to the mass of the reactants.

What is a characteristic property of a substance?

A characteristic property is a physical or. chemical property that is unique to a particular substance. Basically: A CP can be used to identify a. substance.

How can substances be described?

In chemistry a chemical substance is a form of matter that has constant chemical composition and characteristic properties. It cannot be separated into components without breaking chemical bonds.

What is the chemical property of a substance?

The change of one type of matter into another type (or the inability to change) is a chemical property. Examples of chemical properties include flammability toxicity acidity reactivity (many types) and heat of combustion.

How do substances change into different substances during chemical reactions?

During a chemical change substances change into one or more different substances. … In a chemical reaction bonds between atoms are broken and new bonds form between different atoms. This breaking and forming of bonds takes place when particles of the original materials collide with one another.

Why do compounds react?

Reactions occur when two or more molecules interact and the molecules change. Bonds between atoms are broken and created to form new molecules. … When you are trying to understand chemical reactions imagine that you are working with the atoms.

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What happens when two substances are mixed together?

In simplest terms a chemical change (or chemical reaction) occurs when two substances are mixed together and transform into a third substance. Not all substances react chemically when mixed together however. For example some substances when mixed together remain simply a mixture of those two substances.

Which of the following is a property of mixture?

Properties of Mixture:-

To form mixture energy is neither produced nor evolved. The Mixture has no fixed melting and boiling point. Mixture retains the properties of its components. Components of Mixture can be separated by simple physical methods.

When these elements are combined a new substance is formed with new chemical and physical?

When two or more elements combine to form a new substance it is called a compound. There are many different types of compounds because atoms of elements combine in many different ways to form different compounds. Examples include water (H2O) and table salt (NaCl). The smallest part of a compound is a molecule.

What are the properties of pure substances answer?

Pure substances are homogeneous in nature and contain only one type of atom or molecule. They have constant and uniform chemical composition throughout. They have fixed melting and boiling points.

What is the property of compound?

Physical Properties of Molecular Compounds
Property Ionic Compounds Molecular Compounds
Physical state at room temperature Solid Gas liquid or solid
Water solubility Usually high Variable
Melting and boiling temperatures Generally high Generally low
Electrical conductivity Good when molten or in solution Poor

Which of the following are the property of an element?

properties include color density melting point boiling point and thermal and electrical conductivity. While some of these properties are due chiefly to the electronic structure of the element others are more closely related to properties of the nucleus e.g. mass number.

What is physical property change?

Physical changes are changes affecting the form of a chemical substance but not its chemical composition. … Examples of physical properties include melting transition to a gas change of strength change of durability changes to crystal form textural change shape size color volume and density.

What is a substance in an equation?

Formation of chemical reaction

A chemical equation consists of the chemical formulas of the reactants (the starting substances) and the chemical formula of the products (substances formed in the chemical reaction).

What is chemical reaction and equation?

A chemical reaction is described by a chemical equation an expression that gives the identities and quantities of the substances involved in a reaction. A chemical equation shows the starting compound(s)—the reactants—on the left and the final compound(s)—the products—on the right separated by an arrow.

What chemical reaction happens at home?

Given below are some of the examples of the chemical reactions in our daily life:
  • Photosynthesis.
  • Combustion.
  • Aerobic cellular respiration.
  • Anaerobic respiration including the process fermentation.
  • Metathesis reactions for example vinegar and baking soda.
  • Oxidation which includes rusting.
  • Digestion.

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What are chemical properties when are you able to observe them?

Chemical properties are properties that can be measured or observed only when matter undergoes a change to become an entirely different kind of matter. They include reactivity flammability and the ability to rust.

Can you observe a chemical property during a chemical reaction?

Chemical Properties

A chemical property describes the ability of a substance to undergo a specific chemical change. … However unlike physical properties chemical properties can only be observed as the substance is in the process of being changed into a different substance.

Which best describes the substance produced after a chemical reaction?

The substances that go into a chemical reaction are called the reactants and the substances produced at the end of the reaction are known as the products.

How do we identify the different properties of an object and substance?

Physical properties are features of a substance or object that can be measured or observed without changing the composition of matter. … This can be determined by measuring the dimensions of an object calculating the volume and dividing the mass by the volume. Physical state is another important property.

Which of the following is a characteristic property of matter?

Examples include size mass volume shape color texture malleability (ability to be hammered into a sheet) ductility (ability to be drawn out into a wire) conductivity of heat and electricity and boiling and melting point.

How do you describe a liquid substance?

A liquid is a nearly incompressible fluid that conforms to the shape of its container but retains a (nearly) constant volume independent of pressure. As such it is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being solid gas and plasma) and is the only state with a definite volume but no fixed shape.

What is substance by Brainly?

Answer: A substance is a matter which has a specific composition and specific properties. Every pure element is a substance. Every pure compound is a substance. o2z1qpv and 1 more users found this answer helpful.

What is meant by a substance answer?

Answer: A substance is a matter that has definite properties and composition. Every pure compound and element is a substance. … Compounds are made up of different types of atoms joined together by chemical bonds.

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