A Place Where People Worship The Gods


A Place Where People Worship The Gods?

Temples churches Mosques Gurdwaras and synagogues are examples of structures created for worship. A monastery particularly for Buddhists may serve both to house those belonging to religious orders and as a place of worship for visitors.

What is the word for a place of worship?

house of worship. mosque. shrine. synagogue.

What is a place where people worship a saint or God called?

Shrines are found in many religions. As distinguished from a temple a shrine usually houses a particular relic or cult image which is the object of worship or veneration.

What is the worship of gods?

To worship is to show a lot of love and adoration for something. Religious believers worship gods and people can worship other people and things too. Worship is an extreme form of love — it’s a type of unquestioning devotion. If you worship God then you love God so much that you don’t question him at all.

What are the main places of worship?

(c) “place of worship” means a temple mosque gurudwara church monastery or any other place of public religious worship of any religious denomination or any section thereof by whatever name called.

What is the synonym of temple?

  • chapel.
  • church.
  • house.
  • mosque.
  • pagoda.
  • place of worship.
  • sanctuary.
  • shrine.

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What is the place of worship called for Hinduism?


The general term used to describe Hindu worship is puja—the most common forms of worship taking place in the home at the family shrine and at the local temple.

Where is the holy place?

The Holy of Holies the most sacred site in Judaism is the inner sanctuary within the Tabernacle and Temple in Jerusalem when Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple were standing.

What is difference between shrine and temple?

A shrine is a dedicated place for an important or a holy person of a society. Most of the time to a saint. On the other hand a temple is the place dedicated to a religion. Temple is where people go to do the rituals of their religion.

What is a place of worship called in Islam?

The English word “mosque” denotes a Muslim house of worship. The word evolved from the Arabic term masjid which means “place of prostration.” During prayer Muslims briefly kneel and touch their foreheads to the ground as a sign of submission (literally Islam) to the will of God.

Where did worship come from?

Etymology. The word is derived from the Old English weorþscipe meaning to venerate “worship honour shown to an object which has been etymologised as “worthiness or worth-ship”—to give at its simplest worth to something.

Where do Jews worship?

Jewish people worship in holy places known as synagogues and their spiritual leaders are called rabbis. The six-pointed Star of David is the symbol of Judaism. Today there are about 14 million Jews worldwide. Most of them live in the United States and Israel.Jan 5 2018

Where did Jesus get born?

Bethlehem lies 10 kilometres south of the city of Jerusalem in the fertile limestone hill country of the Holy Land. Since at least the 2nd century AD people have believed that the place where the Church of the Nativity Bethlehem now stands is where Jesus was born.

What are the five places of worship?

Places of Worship for Hinduism in India
  • River Ganges at Varanasi.
  • Vishwanath Temple Varanasi.
  • Bank of River Ganga at Haridwar.
  • Temple in Rishikesh.
  • Dwarikadheesh Temple Mathura.
  • Krishna Balaram Temple.
  • Makkah Masjid Hyderabad.
  • Jama Masjid Agra.

How many places of worship are there?

But there are around 3.01 million that are places of worship more than the number of schools and colleges ( 2.1 million). The data varies widely across states.

What is the Buddhist place of worship called?

Buddhist temple
A Buddhist temple or Buddhist monastery is the place of worship for Buddhists the followers of Buddhism. They include the structures called vihara chaitya stupa wat and pagoda in different regions and languages. Temples in Buddhism represent the pure land or pure environment of a Buddha.

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Where is the temple in the body?

The temple is a juncture where four skull bones fuse together: the frontal parietal temporal and sphenoid. It is located on the side of the head behind the eye between the forehead and the ear.

What is another name for church?

  • abbey
  • bethel
  • cathedral
  • chapel
  • minster
  • mission
  • oratory
  • sanctuary

What do we call temple in English?

Synonyms: shrine church sanctuary holy place More Synonyms of temple.

What is a Hindu temple called?

Hindu temples are known by many different names varying on region and language including Alayam Mandir Mandira Ambalam Gudi Kavu Koil Kovil Déul Raul Devasthana Degul Deva Mandiraya and Devalaya. A Hindu temple is a symbolic house the seat and dwelling of Hindu gods.

Where is the holy place of Hinduism?

The seven holiest Hindu cities are said to be the sites of events recounted in mythological texts: Kashi (modern Varanasi Uttar Pradesh) where the god Shiva founded a shrine of purification Oudh (modern Ayodhya Uttar Pradesh) birthplace of the god Rama Mathura (in Uttar Pradesh) scene of Krishna’s nativity …

What is a place of worship BBC Bitesize?

Public worship with other Christians usually takes place in a church chapel or cathedral. The word ‘church’ can mean different things: ‘The’ church is the whole community of Christians the people of God also called the ‘body of Christ’. ‘A’ church is a building in which worship takes place.

Which city is known as Holy City?


Jerusalem: the Holy City.

Where is the holy place in Jerusalem?

the Old City

The Western Wall in the heart of the Old City in Jerusalem is the holiest place where Jews can pray and draws Jews from around the world.

Where is the most holy place on earth?


Catholics like many other Christians regards the Sepulchre in Jerusalem to be the holiest of places. It also places emphasis on Nazareth Bethlehem Capernaum and other parts of the Holy Land as sacred since apostolic times and notes as places of special sanctity the sanctuaries built on the tombs of the Apostles.

What is Japanese ancestor worship called?

An annual ancestral ceremony Bon takes place in either July or August and along with the New Year’s celebration is considered to be one of the two most important observances in Japan (Yanagita 1970). …

What is torii and its purpose?

torii symbolic gateway marking the entrance to the sacred precincts of a Shintō shrine in Japan. … The torii often painted bright red demarcates the boundary between the sacred space of the shrine and ordinary space. Torii also identify other sacred spots such as a mountain or rock.

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What are the Japanese temples called?

Japanese temples are called tera (寺) sometimes preceded by an honorary prefix “o” as a sign of respect a formula regularly used in Japan. The second name is ji (the kanji is the same as tera).Apr 17 2021

Where is Mecca Madina situated?

western Saudi Arabia
Mecca Arabic Makkah ancient Bakkah city western Saudi Arabia located in the Ṣirāt Mountains inland from the Red Sea coast. It is the holiest of Muslim cities.Sep 28 2021

Where is the word worship in the Bible?

Psalm 95:6 describes the act of Biblical worship with two synonyms. Oh come let us worship and bow down let us kneel before the Lord our Maker! So worship is to bow down or lay our face before God.

What are the 7 types of worship?

It can include adoration worship praise thanksgiving confession of sin petition and intercession.

What are the three forms of worship?

Three types may be distinguished: corporate exclusive worship corporate inclusive worship and personal worship.

What takes place in a synagogue?

A synagogue is a place of worship gathering and education about the Jewish faith. On the outside of the building there is a Star of David and often a menorah . The main prayers happen in the prayer hall which is usually rectangular with seats on three sides facing inwards.

What is synagogue in the Bible?

A synagogue (/ˈsɪnəɡɒɡ/) or shul (/ˈʃuːl/) is a Jewish house of worship. … Synagogues are consecrated spaces used for the purpose of Jewish prayer study assembly and reading of the Tanakh (the entire Hebrew Bible including the Torah).

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