Carefully Is An Example Of What Type Of Word

Carefully Is An Example Of What Type Of Word?


Is carefully an adjective or adverb?

careful (adjective) > carefully (adverb) beautiful (adjective) > beautifully (adverb)

What type of adverb is carefully?

Manner adverbs
accurately beautifully professionally
anxiously carefully quickly
badly cautiously quietly

What noun is carefully?

Close attention concern responsibility.

Is carefully an action verb?

Action verbs on the other hand are modified by adverbs. Compare: She drove carefully through the streets. (Here the adverb carefully modifies the action verb drove.)

What is adjective word for carefully?

Conscientious and painstaking meticulous.

How do you use carefully as an adverb?

Drive carefully. She put the glass down carefully. Please listen carefully. We need to think carefully about the possible consequences of this decision.

What is antonyms of carefully?

antonyms for carefully
  • inadequately.
  • incompletely.
  • partially.
  • uncarefully.
  • carelessly.
  • incautiously.
  • thoughtlessly.

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What type of adverb is probably?

Probably is an adverb so it describes the manner in which a verb is performed. You probably already know how to use it fairly well and you’d be unlikely to use it when likely was called for.

Which sentence is carefully?

Carefully sentence example. Sofia lifted the choker carefully touching the charm. Deidre studied her hearing the carefully chosen words. He dried a glass carefully studying it against the light for spots.

Is careful compound word?

A compound word careful has more than one word within it. There’s 2 words which are care and ful.

What type of word is careful?


Careful is an adjective – Word Type.

Is carefully a verb?

In a careful manner. “As he was a politician he discussed all subjects carefully not offending anyone.”

What is the root word of carefully?

careful (adj.) Old English cearful “mournful sad ” also “full of care or woe anxious full of concern” (for someone or something) thus “applying attention painstaking circumspect” (late Old English) the main modern sense from. + -ful. … Cognate with lich and identical with like (adj.).

What part of speech is carefully?


‘Carefully’ is an adverb. In sentences adverbs can be used to modify other adverbs adjectives or verbs.

Which means the same as carefully?

In this page you can discover 77 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and related words for carefully like: meticulously conscientiously punctiliously deliberately exactly precisely solicitously attentively correctly trustily and discreetly.

What is the verb of careful?

Word family (noun) care carer (adjective) careful ≠ careless caring ≠ uncaring (verb) care (adverb) carefully ≠ carelessly.

What is the mean of carefully?

adj. 1. Attentive to potential danger error or harm cautious: was careful when crossing the street a careful answer. 2. Thorough and painstaking in action or execution conscientious: a careful search careful art restorers.

Is careful a noun or verb?

CAREFUL (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Do it carefully the kind of this sentence is?

It is an imperative sentence.

What is it called when you do something carefully?

meticulous. adjective. very thorough and with careful attention to detail.

How do you write carefully?

When in doubt look it up. When not in doubt look it up. Don’t be content with spell-checking programs check not only definitions of words phrases and expressions but also their connotations.

Is the word probably an adjective?

Probably means most likely or in all likelihood. Probably is the adverb form of the adjective probable meaning “very likely to occur or be true.” Probably is used when you think something will happen or turn out to be true but you’re not certain enough to say it definitely will.

What type of word is possibly?

Possibly is an adverb – Word Type.

What type of speech is probably?


The word ‘probably’ is an adverb. It can be used to modify a verb. There are many different types of adverbs.

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How do you use carefully in a sentence?

How To Use Very Carefully In A Sentence?
  1. He made his way very carefully to the little mound.
  2. He reached down and seized it but very carefully.
  3. Robin bowed to her very carefully and stood upright again.
  4. Pink cut the cards very carefully and did not look up.
  5. He examined it very carefully then he handed it back.

What is the sentence of carelessly?

Carelessly sentence example. I know this letter is very carelessly written. He must have had a corrupt copy or read very carelessly .

What is the sentence of proudly?

Use “proudly” in a sentence

She proudly showed off her awards. He proudly told me his achievement. She proudly displayed her report to her grandpa.

Is carefully a suffix?

When the suffix begins with a consonant keep the silent e in the original word. Examples: care + ful = careful. care + less = careless.

What are compound words?

When two words are used together to yield a new meaning a compound is formed. Compound words can be written in three ways: as open compounds (spelled as two words e.g. ice cream) closed compounds (joined to form a single word e.g. doorknob) or hyphenated compounds (two words joined by a hyphen e.g. long-term).

Is Bumblebee a compound word?

Is it bumble bee or bumblebee? Should I write it as one word or two? The short answer is: Technically it should be written as two words – this is spelling sanctioned by entomologists however both versions are commonly used.

Which key term means carefully and thoroughly?

careful. adj. 1 cautious in attitude or action prudent. 2 painstaking in one’s work thorough.

What word means careful protection?

noun preservation

Use the noun preservation to refer to the protection of something — especially from loss injury or danger.

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What does heedful mean dictionary?

adjective. taking heed attentive mindful thoughtful careful: She was always heedful of others’ needs.

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