Describe What Happens When The Refugees From The Tribal Wars Approach The Boy

Describe What Happens When The Refugees From The Tribal Wars Approach The Boy?

Describe what happens when the refugees from the tribal wars approach the boy. they were looking for money the boy told him that he was digging for things and they made him keep digging when he found nothing they beat him up and took the gold that the Alchemist had given him.

What happens when the refugees from the tribal wars approach Santiago?

Eventually two refugees from the tribal wars approach and yank Santiago from the hole. They take his gold and assuming Santiago digs toward more gold force him to keep digging until morning. When Santiago finds nothing they beat him until he nearly dies.

What advice does the leader of the refugees give the boy before he leaves?

What piece of advice does the leader of the refugees give the boy before he leaves? Don’t bother with dreams he wasn’t stupid enough to go to another country because of a dream.

How does the boy finance his journey back to Spain and what does he do with it?

How does Santiago finance his journey back to Spain? Santiago finances his journey back to Spain using the gold the alchemist had left with the monk for him. He went back to the monastery and got it.

What is the dream the Alchemist tells the boy?

In his dream Santiago is in a field with his sheep when a child starts to play with them. The child grabs Santiago’s hands transports him to the pyramids in Egypt and tells him that he will find a treasure near them. As the child begins to say the exact location of treasure Santiago wakes up.

Does Santiago marry Fatima?

The alchemist explains that Santiago would have enough money to buy many sheep and camels and that he would marry Fatima. … The alchemist’s story convinces Santiago. The pair returns to Al-Fayoum for one night and Santiago tells Fatima he is leaving but that he still loves her and he will return.

What happens to Santiago at the end of the Alchemist?

At the end santiago found his treasure at the same place /spot where he had his dream but now he is a wise man a real alchemist who knows how to turn metal into gold how to turn himself into a wind. He is now worthy of becoming rich.

What happens at the end of refugee?

They stay in the home of an older Jewish German couple and the woman turns out to be Ruthie Landau Josef’s sister. She tells Mahmoud how Josef had offered himself to be taken and she had survived the war. The novel ends with Mahmoud feeling at home.

What happens in refugee?

Synopsis: Refugee is a historical fiction novel that features 3 stories in one Josef a Jewish boy escaping Nazi Germany in the 1930s Isabel a Cuban girl escaping Castro’s regime in 1994 and Mahmoud a Syrian boy fleeing from the conflict in Syria in 2015.

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What happens when Santiago meets the leader of the refugees?

The leader of the refugees tells Santiago that he will not find treasure in that place. Two years earlier the leader of the refugees slept on that same spot and had a dream about an abandoned church in Spain where there was buried treasure. From this Santiago realizes the truth of where his treasure is buried.

What does Santiago realize about himself and his journey at the end of the story?

What does Santiago realize about himself and his journey at the end of the story? Santiago realizes that the journey and meeting those people shaped him to become a better person. What is the meaning of the fact that Santiago learns this from a man who refused to follow it.

What is Santiago’s plan when he leaves the crystal merchant?

What is Santiago’s plan when he leaves the crystal merchant? He was going to buy sheep and continue to live as a shepherd but when he saw the two stones (Urim and Thummim) he decided to pursue his destiny. You just studied 19 terms!

Where was Santiago’s treasure in the Alchemist?

Returning to Andalusia Santiago goes back to the church where he dreamed of the treasure near the pyramids at the start of the story. He digs where he slept beneath a sycamore tree and there it is Santiago’s treasure.

Why do you think the alchemist tells Santiago the story about the man’s dream about the two sons?

Why do you think the alchemist tells Santiago the story about the man’s dream about the two sons (the poet and the soldier)? The Alchemist tells Santiago the story because it shows that simply living out your destiny and following omens can lead you to reach your fullest potential.

What are Santiago’s 3 dreams?

Lesson Summary

Santiago the old fisherman in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea ponders youth and old age during his three-day fishing journey. Santiago dreams of lions which symbolize youth strength and virility.

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How does the alchemist end?

The Alchemist ends with the end of Santiago’s journey across the sea and sands right back where he started several years before dreaming under a sycamore tree. Or does it? The last line of the novel “‘I’m coming Fatima ’ he said” (Epilogue. 13) shows us that Santiago’s not ready to stop traveling.

Is The Alchemist a love story?

The Alchemist is remarkable for being a love story that renounces the idea that romantic love must be the central thing in your life. Each person has a destiny to pursue that exists independently of other people. … Romantic love is important but is not your duty as is the pursuit of your dream.

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Are Santiago and Fatima truly in love?

As a desert woman she is stoic and steadfast. The love between Santiago and Fatima is help up as ideal – a love that is sincere and true but also involves faith rather than any effort to control the beloved. Fatima believes in letting her beloved Santiago wander free and encourages him to pursue his Personal Legend.

Who is the villain in the Alchemist?

The antagonists in this story change at times – sometimes it is the people who give Santiago advice he doesn’t want to hear sometimes it’s real villains like the thief in Tangier who steals all his money – but for the most part the antagonist is Santiago himself.

How does Santiago know he’s Fatima?

Santiago feels he is ‘in the presence of the only woman in his life and that with no need for words she recognized the same thing. ‘ … The wind seemed to carry the smell of a woman’s perfume. When he first meets Fatima Santiago realizes it was her perfume and ‘he had loved her before he even knew she existed.

What happens to Santiago at the end of the Old Man and the Sea?

The irony at the end of The Old Man and the Sea is that though Santiago has finally caught a fish it has been stripped bare by sharks. In that sense the old fisherman has been both lucky and unlucky at the same time.

Who dies in the alchemist?

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree. In ”The Alchemist” written by Paulo Coelho and published in 1988 Santiago faces death as he travels through the harsh desert.

Who dies in refugee book?

Explanation and Analysis:

Josef had died so Ruthie could live and one day welcome Mahmoud and his family into her house.

Is refugee a true story?

That book based on the true story of a man named Jack Gruener who survived 10 different Nazi concentration camps as a boy proved to be an enormous hit with middle school readers.

What happens in chapter 3 of refugee?

The German ship takes the family to an island in the Malaysian archipelago. Three months later the family receives news that Australia is willing to receive them as refugees. The family arrives in their new country in August 1980. They are given free clothes by nuns.

What happened to Waleed in refugee?

Waleed is a robot not speaking laughing or ever expressing emotion. However once they arrive in Berlin and Ruthie hands him a white corduroy rabbit Waleed finally breaks into a smile. This shows how recovery is possible even for a child who has experienced such severe trauma.

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What is Isabel’s little brother’s name in refugee?

Isabel and her family are taken in by Lito’s brother Guillermo who lives in Miami.

Who are the characters in refugee?

Refugee Characters
  • Josef Landau. One of the three protagonists of the book alongside Isabel and Mahmoud. …
  • Isabel Fernandez. One of the three protagonists of the book alongside Josef and Mahmoud. …
  • Mahmoud Bishara. …
  • Ruthie Landau/Rosenberg. …
  • Lito/Mariano Padron. …
  • Aaron Landau. …
  • Geraldo Fernandez. …
  • Rachel Landau.

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What happens to Santiago?

Since work stopped on Friday Night Lights he simply took on some other jobs including signing a contract with the network ABC. That meant that while the other characters returned Santiago simply couldn’t because of scheduling. With Friday Night Lights aiming for a fresh slate he simply fell by the wayside.

How does the old alchemist explain to Santiago his process of becoming an alchemist?

Invoking the main symbol of the book he explains that alchemy involves coaxing lead to live out its Personal Legend of evolving into gold. Finally Santiago in something like his notion of alchemy transforms himself literally into the wind.

What does The Alchemist say when Santiago tries to thank him?

What does The Alchemist say when Santiago tries to thank him for teaching him the Language of the World? “I only invoked what you already knew.” This is significant because the Alchemist is telling Santiago he has everything he needs inside of him to complete the journey and that he had it all along.

Was The Alchemist a dream?

Originally written in Portuguese it became a widely translated international bestseller. An allegorical novel The Alchemist follows a young Andalusian shepherd in his journey to the pyramids of Egypt after having a recurring dream of finding a treasure there.

How does this apply to his situation now at the end of the journey Why did The Alchemist leave Santiago alone to complete it?

at the end of the journey why did the alchemist leave santiago alone to complete it? went through there because he had to prove himself. it applies to the situation because the hardest thing is right before the end of his journey. he needs to leave him alone because he had to prove himself.

What was the most valuable thing that Santiago gained from his journey?

One of the most valuable lessons Santiago learns in The Alchemist is the notion that fear is part of living a meaningful life. It is worse to not achieve his goals out of fear than to face fear Santiago tells his heart: “Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.

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