How Are The Mississippi And Amazon Rivers Different

In what ways are the Amazon and Mississippi Rivers alike apex?

Answer Expert Verified Both of these rivers are very large and deep so ships can go through them without any problem.

How is the Mississippi more of a highway than the Amazon?

The Mississippi River is more of a highway than the amazon river because The River transports 92% of the agricultural exports of the United States running through a highly developed agricultural and industrial region with large populations around the river therefore many people live and work on it.

Why are rivers and oceans seen as barriers?

Why are rivers and oceans seen as barriers? The reason oceans and rivers are barriers are because they can prevent trade they might form natural barriers between places and they can be difficult to navigate across.

How can the Amazon rain forest help the ecosystems of the entire planet?

The Amazon and other tropical forests store between 90 and 140 billion tons of carbon helping to stabilize our planet’s climate. … Felling trees and transforming the land for agricultural use releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and destabilizes the climate.

What city does the Missouri and Mississippi river meet?

St. Louis
Missouri: America’s Longest River The Missouri River will travel more than 2 300 miles before it joins the Mississippi in its namesake state at St. Louis forming the world’s fourth longest river system as it rolls south to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Which river runs through farmland?

Arkansas River
• coordinates 39°15′30″N 106°20′38″W
• elevation 9 728 ft (2 965 m)
Mouth Mississippi River
• location Franklin Township Desha County near Napoleon Arkansas

What are China’s natural barriers?

China’s natural barriers include seas – the China Sea and the Yellow Sea both located in the Pacific Ocean. These seas provide a huge coastline which provided trade routes and easy access to food.

What man made barriers?

Manmade structural barriers include fences and walls doors gates turnstiles vehicular barriers glazing (usually glass) and nearly all building materials.

What is the major river that helps the people of India?

More than four hundred million people in India live in the area that feeds the river known as the Ganges River Basin. A river basin is a region that is drained by a river such as the Ganges and any of its tributaries.

How important is the Amazon river for Amazon rainforest?

Climate Control

The Amazon Rainforest is said to be responsible for as much as 75% of its own rainfall which feeds the nearby rivers through evapotranspiration. The water from the rivers then flows directly into the ocean maintaining extremely important ocean currents and thus controlling the regional climate.

What is the Amazon River used for?

Fresh Water

The Amazon River provides countless services for humans such as water for agriculture transportation and food. In addition the Amazon River provides an important habitat for countless species including over 2500 species of fish and river dolphins.

How important is the Amazon rainforest to Earth?

The Amazon rainforest plays an important part in regulating the world’s oxygen and carbon cycles. It produces roughly six percent of the world’s oxygen and has long been thought to act as a carbon sink meaning it readily absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

What North American river discharges the most water?

Mississippi River

List of U.S. rivers by discharge
No River Average discharge (cfs)
1 Mississippi River 593 000
2 Ohio River 281 500
3 Saint Lawrence River 348 000 (275 000 at U.S.-Canada boundary)
4 Columbia River 273 000

What states have land along the Mississippi river?

There is so much to consider along this great American waterway as it courses through 10 states—Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa Illinois Missouri Kentucky Tennessee Arkansas Mississippi and Louisiana—it would seem easy to overlook a few pieces.

What city is nearest the mouth of the Mississippi river?

The Mississippi flows south through the middle of the United States. It flows through the states of Minnesota Wisconsin Iowa Illinois Missouri Kentucky Tennessee Arkansas and Mississippi. The mouth of the Mississippi is in the state of Louisiana south of the city of New Orleans.

Why is the Mississippi river called the Mississippi river?

The word Mississippi comes from Messipi the French rendering of the Anishinaabe (Ojibwe or Algonquin) name for the river Misi-ziibi (Great River). The Mississippi River water source is fed by Lake Itasca in Northern Minnesota and flows all the way down into the Gulf of Mexico.

Who owns the Mississippi river?

The main stem is entirely within the United States the total drainage basin is 1 151 000 sq mi (2 980 000 km2) of which only about one percent is in Canada. The Mississippi ranks as the fourteenth-largest river by discharge in the world.

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What river connects to the Mississippi river?

The Mississippi is joined by the Illinois River and the Missouri River near St. Louis Missouri and by the Ohio River at Cairo Illinois. The Arkansas River joins the Mississippi in the state of Arkansas. The Atchafalaya River in Louisiana is a major distributary of the Mississippi.

Who created China?

Sun Yat-sen the founding father of Republic of China the oldest republic in Asia. Three different flags were originally used during the Revolution.

How many Chinese characters do children learn from high school?

In 2013 the Chinese government published a list of the 3 500 most essential characters used in modern Chinese. Chinese school children expect to learn all of these characters as they go through the school system as a minimum but many students will leave school knowing a few thousand more than the essential 3 500.

What was the dynasty circle?

Dynastic cycle is an important political theory in Chinese history. According to this theory each dynasty rises to a political cultural and economic peak and then because of moral corruption declines loses the Mandate of Heaven and falls only to be replaced by a new dynasty.

Can you consider a fence as a barrier?

Fences. The most commonly used form of barrier other than the walls of a building is a fence.

What is animal barrier?

A shared facility which maintains a breeding stock of animals in a disease-free state. (

Why are oceans natural barriers?

Natural Barriers are made of natural resources Mountains oceans desert are all natural resources that would protect you so that you don’t get attacked from one side instead of 2.

Which river is known as old Ganga?

Godavari River
Country India
State Maharashtra Telangana Andhra Pradesh
Region West India and South India
Physical characteristics

Which river is called King of waters?

The Amazon River is called the ‘King of Waters’ because it is the largest river by discharge volume of water in the world. and disputed as the the second largest river in the world. It is located in South America and with a length of 6 400 km.

Where did Sindhu river born?

Indus River
Indus Sindhu
Source Lake Manasarovar
• location Tibetan Plateau
Source confluence
• location Shiquanhe Ngari Prefecture Tibet and Jammu and Kashmir

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What is unique about the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon is a haven of superlatives. Its rainforest is the world’s biggest its river is the world’s longest (or second longest depending on how you measure it) and its flora and fauna rank among the world’s the most biodiverse.

How many dams are in the Amazon river?

412 dams
Although the Amazon river remains undammed around 412 dams are in operation in the Amazon’s tributary rivers. From these 412 dams 151 are constructed over six of the main tributary rivers that drain into the Amazon.

Why is the Amazon river so dirty?

Meeting of the waters

The Amazon river carries a lot of sediment (particles of mud and sand) which gives the water a muddy-brown color. Its largest tributary (branch) the Rio Negro or black river is filled with chemicals washed out of soil and plants making the water very dark.

Can you swim in The Amazon river?

Re: Swimming safe? Swimming in the big rivers (Amazon Marañon Ucayali) is generally not a good idea due to strong currents more so than parasites. Swimming in the smaller tributaries especially black water tributaries and lakes is safe but don’t swallow the water.

Is The Amazon river freshwater or saltwater?

The Amazon like almost all the rivers in the world is freshwater. It discharges more freshwater into the ocean than any other river.

What are 5 facts about The Amazon river?

12 Fascinating Facts About the Amazon River
  • The Amazon River Used to Flow in the Opposite Direction. …
  • It’s the Largest River in the World by Volume. …
  • And the Second Longest River on Earth. …
  • It Affects Sea Level in the Caribbean Sea. …
  • It’s Home to the Amazon River Dolphin. …
  • The Dorado Catfish Also Lives Here.

Do humans live in the Amazon rainforest?

The number of indigenous people living in the Amazon Basin is poorly quantified but some 20 million people in 8 Amazon countries and the Department of French Guiana are classified as “indigenous”. Two-thirds of this population lives in Peru but most of this population dwells not in the Amazon but in the highlands.

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