How Deep Is The Philippine Trench

How Deep Is The Philippine Trench?

10 540 meters

How deep is Philippines Deep?

PHILIPPINE DEEP is the world’s second deepest spot underwater is in the Philippines. Also known as the Philippine Deep or the Mindanao Trench this spot is about 34 440 feet (10 497 meters) below the sea level. The Philippine Deep is in the floor of the Philippine Sea.

What is the deepest Trench in the Philippines called?

Mindanao Trench
Philippine Trench also called Philippine Deep Mindanao Trench or Mindanao Deep submarine trench in the floor of the Philippine Sea of the western North Pacific Ocean bordering the east coast of the island of Mindanao.

What is the depth of Manila Trench?

5 400 m

The Manila Trench with its maximal depth of 5 400 m [2] stretches in almost vertical North-South direction. It is created by the subduction of the Eurasian Plate (through its part Sunda Plate) under the Philippine Sea Plate.

Is the Mariana Trench in the Philippines?

Located in the western Pacific east of the Philippines and an average of approximately 124 miles (200 kilometers) east of the Mariana Islands the Mariana Trench is a crescent-shaped scar in the Earth’s crust that measures more than 1 500 miles (2 550 kilometers) long and 43 miles (69 kilometers) wide on average.

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How old is the Philippine Trench?

The Philippine trench is hypothesized to be younger than 8–9 million years old. The central part of the Philippine fault formed during the Plio-Pleistocene times is considered to be an active depression of the Earth’s crust. The trench formed from a collision between the Palawan and Zamboanga plates.

Has anyone been to the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

On 23 January 1960 two explorers US navy lieutenant Don Walsh and Swiss engineer Jacques Piccard became the first people to dive 11km (seven miles) to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. As a new wave of adventurers gear up to repeat the epic journey Don Walsh tells the BBC about their remarkable deep-sea feat.

What country is closest to the Mariana Trench?


Guam is the closest land mass to the Mariana Trench which dips down about 6.8 miles (11 kilometers) below sea level — the deepest point on the planet’s surface.

What country is Mariana Trench?

The greatest depths are reached in Challenger Deep a smaller steep-walled valley on the floor of the main trench southwest of Guam. The Mariana Trench which is situated within the territories of the U.S. dependencies of the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam was designated a U.S. national monument in 2009.

Who discovered the Philippine Trench?

Originally discovered by the German ship Emden in 1927 it was first explored in detail by the Danish ship Galathea in 1951 on the Galathea 2 expedition from which the name is taken.

How far down does the Mariana Trench go?

7 miles
It is 11 034 meters (36 201 feet) deep which is almost 7 miles. Tell students that if you placed Mount Everest at the bottom of the Mariana Trench the peak would still be 2 133 meters (7 000 feet) below sea level.

How far is the Mariana Trench from the Philippines?

Where Is the Mariana Trench? The Mariana Trench is located in the western Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines and about 120 miles east of the Mariana Islands.

Is Philippines in the Pacific Ocean?

Philippines island country of Southeast Asia in the western Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago consisting of more than 7 000 islands and islets lying about 500 miles (800 km) off the coast of Vietnam.

Who called the Philippines as Ma Yi?

Zhao Rukuo

The Sung Chinese called the Philippines Ma-i. The book Chu Fan Chi (Zhu Fan Zhi or Description of Various Foreigners) written by customs official Zhao Rukuo (Chao Ju-kua) in 1225 which narrates pre-Hispanic Philippine history during the Song dynasty (960-1279).

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How many faults are there in the Philippines?

There are five active fault lines in the country namely the Western Philippine Fault the Eastern Philippine Fault the South of Mindanao Fault Central Philippine Fault and the Marikina/Valley Fault System.

Why do the Philippines have too many active faults?

The Philippine Mobile Belt is compressed on the west by the Eurasian Plate and two arms of the Sunda Plate and on the east by the Philippine Sea Plate. These tectonic plates have compressed and lifted parts of the Philippines causing extensive faulting primarily on a north–south axis.

How many islands Philippines have?

7 640 islands

Located in the Pacific Ocean near the equator the Republic of the Philippines consists of around 7 640 islands — about 2 000 of which are inhabited — that form an archipelago.

How deep is the Puerto Rican trench?

According to NOAA: The deepest part of the Puerto Rico Trench is just over 8 600 meters (5.3 miles).

Where is galathea depth located?

The third deepest point in the world the Galathea Depth in the Philippine trench is 10.54 km below sea level. Also known as Mindanao Trench this submarine trench is located in the Philippine Sea spreads in a length of 1 320km and 30km width in the east of Philippines.

Are there monsters in the Mariana Trench?

Despite its immense distance from everywhere else life seems to be abundant in the Trench. Recent expeditions have found myriad creatures living out their lives at the bottom of the sea-floor. Xenophyophores amphipods and holothurians (not the names of alien species I promise) all call the trench home.

Is Megalodon in the Mariana Trench?

According to website Exemplore: “While it may be true that Megalodon lives in the upper part of the water column over the Mariana Trench it probably has no reason to hide in its depths. … However scientists have dismissed this idea and state that it is extremely unlikely that the megalodon still lives.

What would happen to a human at the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

The pressure from the water would push in on the person’s body causing any space that’s filled with air to collapse. (The air would be compressed.) So the lungs would collapse. … The nitrogen would bind to the parts of the body that need to use oxygen and the person would literally suffocate from the inside out.

How deep is the Cayman Trench?

25 216 feet

The Cayman Trench Bartlett Deep or Bartlett Trough is a submarine trench on the floor of the Caribbean Sea between Jamaica and the south-eastern tip of Cuba. The trough has a maximum depth of 25 216 feet (7 686 m) with near freezing temperatures the deepest point in the Caribbean Sea.

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Who discovered the Mariana Trench?

Everest the Mariana Trench was first pinpointed in 1951 by the British Survey ship Challenger II. Known since as Challenger Deep it was not visited for nearly ten years. Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh descended in a submersible called the Trieste which could withstand over 16 000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

What created the Mariana Trench?

The Mariana Trench was formed through a process called subduction. Earth’s crust is made up of comparably thin plates that “float” on the molten rock of the planet’s mantle. While floating on the mantle the edges of these plates slowly bump into each other and sometimes even collide head-on.Oct 17 2017

Which is the deepest trench in the world?

The recently named Factorian Deep located at the southern end of the trench is 7432 m deep.

Five deepest points of the world’s oceans.
Rank 1
Name Challenger Deep
Approx depth in metres 10 924
Ocean Pacific
Trench Mariana

How deep the sea is?

The average depth of the ocean is about 12 100 feet . The deepest part of the ocean is called the Challenger Deep and is located beneath the western Pacific Ocean in the southern end of the Mariana Trench which runs several hundred kilometers southwest of the U.S. territorial island of Guam.

How do we know Mariana Trench is the deepest?

Sonar beams sent to the ocean floor are updated many times per second and verified by Global Positioning Satellites. These maps clearly indicate the Mariana Trench as the deepest of its kind and so far the Challenger Deep is its lowest measured point.

What is the deepest lake in the Philippines?

Lake Mainit

The lake is also the deepest lake in the country with maximum depth reaching 223 metres (732 ft).
Lake Mainit
Basin countries Philippines
Max. length 29.10 km (18.08 mi)
Surface area 17 340 ha (173.40 km2)
Average depth 128 m (419.95 ft)

How deep is the Emden deep?

10 045 meters

At a depth of 10 045 meters they peered through the small windows of the deep-sea submersible DSV Limiting Factor and watched their surroundings move as if in slow motion.

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