How Did Americans Justify Westward Expansion


How Did Americans Justify Westward Expansion?

The concept of manifest destiny coined by a newspaper editor justified American expansion across the continent. The phrase “manifest destiny” suggested that expansion across the American continent was obvious inevitable and a divine right of the United States.

Why was westward expansion justified?

In those days people still believed in racial superiority and that some cultures were simply better than others. From this point of view westward expansion was justified. Americans were superior to the Indians and the Mexicans in terms of their culture and their race (this is the idea of Manifest Destiny).

How did the Americans justify moving westward?

Americans justified westward expansion through the ideology of Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny was a term coined in the mid-1840s.

How did the Americans feel about westward expansion?

After 1800 the United States militantly expanded westward across the continent. Rooted in the idea of manifest destiny the United States considered it a God-given right and duty to gain control of the continent and spread the benefits of its “superior” culture. … In John Gast’s American Progress (ca.

Why did most Americans view westward expansion?

Gold rush and mining opportunities (silver in Nevada) The opportunity to work in the cattle industry to be a “cowboy” Faster travel to the West by railroad availability of supplies due to the railroad. The opportunity to own land cheaply under the Homestead Act.

Was the United States justified in their decision to expand West and fulfill their Manifest Destiny?

The United States was justified in annexing Texas and California in its pursuit of Manifest Destiny as it believed that it had to expand its territory from “sea to shining sea” and the annexation of Texas and California was required in order for them to achieve this goal.

Why the United States was justified in the expansion of the 1800s?

Many people today believe that Manifest Destiny is wrong but people in the 1800’s believed otherwise. Thanks to John O’Sullivan Americans in the 1800’s believed that Manifest Destiny was their “God Given Right” to be able to acquire new land. This resulted in the westward expansion.

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How did the United States justify and achieve manifest destiny?

With its triumph in the Mexican-American War the United States seemingly realized its Manifest Destiny by gaining an immense domain (more than 525 000 square miles [1 360 000 square km] of land) including present-day Arizona California western Colorado Nevada New Mexico Texas and Utah.

What were the positive effects of the westward expansion?

It brought more land for farming and improvement. Those who were in favor of the movement said that with more land area acquired there were more agriculture land made available which was good for the economy and for supply of food and vegetables for the people.

How might the expansion of the United States Impact America economically?

Overview. Land mining and improved transportation by rail brought settlers to the American West during the Gilded Age. New agricultural machinery allowed farmers to increase crop yields with less labor but falling prices and rising expenses left them in debt.

What was the impact of the westward expansion of settlers in the USA?

Complete answer: The westward expansion of settlers in the United States resulted in the extermination of American Indians who were driven westward down the Mississippi River and then even further west. They fought back but were vanquished their towns were burned to the ground and their animals were slaughtered.

Was westward expansion positive or negative?

Westward Expansion generally had negative effects on the Native Americans. Native Americans were forced to live on reservations. The buffalo an important resource experienced rapid population decline. Military conflict between Whites and Native Americans resulted in many deaths.

What were the reasons for westward movement quizlet?

Westward Expansion
  • Manifest Destiny.
  • Opportunity/adventure- Gold.
  • No slavery/ spread slavery.
  • Opportunity- Government offered Free Land [fertile land]
  • Cities in the east were crowded and expensive.

Was the US justified in following Manifest Destiny?

The concept of manifest destiny coined by a newspaper editor justified American expansion across the continent. … Manifest destiny was used by Democrats in the 1840s to justify the war with Mexico.

How did the United States justify the expansion of its boundaries to pursue material wealth?

The United States justified the expansion of its boundaries to pursue material wealth with the idea of “manifest destiny”.

Do you believe the US was justified in declaring war against Mexico over the border dispute and fulfilling Manifest Destiny?

The United States was justified in going to war because Mexico had shed American blood on American soil Texas (a land that many Mexicans still considered theirs) was an independent republic and had the right to govern itself and Texas was trying to become part of the United States which means that the United States …

Was westward expansion justified in the 1800s?

Well using interpretation from the U.S. Constitution the expansion was completely acceptable. The Constitution also states that Congress has the power to levy war and trade/exchange with other countries. This would make the war and treaty with Mexico for Texas and California in the 1800’s justifiable.

How was US imperialism justified in the early 20th century?

From a moral perspective how was U.S. imperialism justified in the early twentieth century? Americans felt that they were spiritually helping the conquered people. … They felt that American efforts should be spent solving domestic problems rather than expanding overseas.

How was imperialism justified quizlet?

Imperialism in America is backed by three things: economic interests military interests and the belief in cultural superiority. … These are all reasons given to justify out imperialistic behavior. You just studied 14 terms!

How did manifest destiny encourage westward expansion?

The philosophy drove 19th-century U.S. territorial expansion and was used to justify the forced removal of Native Americans and other groups from their homes. The rapid expansion of the United States intensified the issue of slavery as new states were added to the Union leading to the outbreak of the Civil War.

What were the three reasons for manifest destiny?

There are three basic themes to manifest destiny:
  • The special virtues of the American people and their institutions.
  • The mission of the United States to redeem and remake the west in the image of the agrarian East.
  • An irresistible destiny to accomplish this essential duty.

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How did the belief in manifest destiny contribute to the westward expansion of the United States?

How did the belief in Manifest Destiny contribute to the Westwaed expansion of the United States? Americans believed they should speed liberty and self-government across the continent. Which group benefited from land grants from the new Mexican government? The land was not considered suitable for farming.

Which was a positive effects of Westward expansion for the Native Americans?

The Native Americans were given proper land supplements by the Westerners. In addition there were many job opportunities in the West for those Native Americans who sought a more free life. Treaties were made to mediate any cultural differences.

Was the Westward expansion successful?

With a resounding victory the United States gained control of Texas New Mexico and California. The Oregon territory was annexed in 1846 as well and the US controlled the land all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Do you think the benefits of US expansion outweigh the costs?

So in conclusion the benefits of the Westward expansion did not outweigh the negative consequences because there was conflicts created between the Native Americans and there was a drastic increase in the white population.

How did westward expansion affect the environment?

What would be the environmental economic and social toll of westward expansion? The environment would take an impact from mining the land would become cultivated and all farmed. The buffalo population would go almost entirely extinct.

How did the expansion of the United States Impact America socially?

Socially women received the right to vote partially due to westward expansion. Many territories granted women the right to vote in order to attract families to move there. Wyoming was the first territory to give women the right to vote in 1869. … Not all social changes in the West were positive however.

What were the important American beliefs and values that were involved in the westward movement?

Manifest Destiny and American exceptionalism worked hand-in-hand as compatible ideologies that gave strong moral impetus to both westward expansion and the Mexican-America War. Manifest means plain or obvious (what is manifest is visible) and destiny means decreed by God as what will be.

Was the US expansion good or bad?

Does the good of Westward Expansion outweigh the bad? The good outcomes outweighed the bad. Americans were able to obtain more resources such as land and gold which created more income. … The bad outcomes were moving native americans out of their homes and forcing them to compete for land and food.

What is westward expansion quizlet?

Westward Expansion. (1850-1890) A movement westward for jobs land hope the gold rush adventure a new beginning. Made further possible by the transcontinental railroad. Indian Policies.

What was a key difference between why most farmers and miners went out West quizlet?

What was a key difference between why most farmers and miners went out west? Miners wanted to leave as soon as they found enough gold while farmers wanted to own land and settle permanently.

In what way did mountain men and trappers prepare the West for other white settlers?

In what way did mountain men and trappers prepare the West for settlement? They paved roads through the West. They killed most of the dangerous animals.

Was Manifest Destiny a positive ideal for America?

With Manifest Destiny most Americans got some chances to move explore and discover new places other than their usual community and this was very beneficial in so many ways. The exploration is great for personal gain socially spiritually and emotionally and economic improvement.

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What sorts of policies were justified in the name of Manifest Destiny?

Policies like westward expansion (Land Act) the removal of Native Americans (Indian Removal Act) Protestant Christian missionary projects war with Mexico and attempts to integrate Texas into the Union were justified by the idea of Manifest Destiny.

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