How Did Masters And Johnson Collect Data Used To Detail Human Sexual Response?

How Did Masters And Johnson Collect Data Used To Detail Human Sexual Response??

Masters and Johnson interviewed volunteers about their sexual histories and observed them performing a vast range of sexual acts alone or with partners. The researchers used tools such as electrocardiography and electroencephalography to record physiological changes associated with sexual arousal.

How did Masters and Johnson do their research?

Research work

According to author Thomas Maier as part of their clinical research Masters and Johnson observed paid volunteers engaging in sexual activity while hooked to wires in their lab. At Masters’s request Masters and Johnson engaged in intercourse as subjects of their own study and eventually became lovers.

What is Masters and Johnson technique?

The central feature of the Masters and Johnson technique is the use of the dual sex team comprising a male and a female therapist. Their rapid-treatment programme of daily interviews extends over a period of two weeks and their techniques incorporates both psychological and physiological principles.

What was the Masters and Johnson study and what are its four main components?

In 1966 William Masters and Virginia Johnson proposed a four-stage “linear” model of human sexual response based on some 10 000 recordings of changes in participants’ physiology. From these data they identified four successive (hence linear) stages: (1) excitement (2) plateau (3) orgasm and (4) resolution.

Which of the following was a finding from Masters and Johnson’s research?

What was an important finding from Masters and Johnson’s research? Women are capable of multiple orgasms.

What happened to Masters and Johnson?

Masters died in 2001 due to complications from Parkinson’s Disease while Virginia Johnson died in July of this 2013 due to complications from several illnesses. He was 85 at the time of his death while she was 88.

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How was Masters and Johnson’s research different from Kinsey?


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Unlike Kinsey who used personal interviews and surveys to collect data Masters and Johnson observed people having intercourse in a variety of positions and they observed people masturbating manually or with the aid of a device.

What did researchers Masters and Johnson do and why?

William Masters and Virginia Johnson have been widely recognized for their contributions to sexual psychological and psychiatric research particularly for their theory of a four-stage model of sexual response (also known as the human sexual response cycle) and their study of sexual response among the elderly.

Why was the work of Masters and Johnson so important?

William Masters and Virginia Johnson were a research team whose work has contributed significantly to advancing understandings of sexual behavior. Focusing on the physiological and anatomical aspects of sexual intercourse the two were the first to study the physical processes that the body undergoes during sex.

What was one of William Masters and Virginia Johnson research findings?

1. There are four phases of human sexual response — Masters and Johnson are widely recognized for their theory on the four stages of sexual response: excitement plateau orgasm and resolution. The “human sexual response cycle” was published in their 1966 book “Human Sexual Response.”

What were Masters and Johnson’s observations?

On the basis of their observations they identified four distinct stages of sexual arousal (excitement plateau orgasmic and resolution) described arousal- and orgasm-related changes in vaginal and uterine tissues and determined that women are capable of having multiple orgasms.

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Masters & Johnson’s Human Sexual Response Cycle (Intro Psych Tutorial #165)

Sexual Response cycle

Human Sexual Response Cycle

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