How Did The South Keep Railroad Construction Costs Down


Which of the following was a factor that limited the economic recovery of the south after civil war?

Which of the following was a factor that limited the economic recovery of the South after the Civil War? New cities rose up in Georgia Texas and Tennessee. Railroad lines were expanded in Southern states.

What were the main reasons for the increase in railroad construction?

The main reasons for the increase in railroad construction was The Union Pacific Railroad and the Central Pacific Railroad companies both received financial aid from the government. The transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869 allowing for increased trade with Asia and opening up the West for expansion.

How did Southern blacks lose rights in the years after the reconstruction?

How did Southern blacks lose rights in the years after the Thirteenth Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments? Some white Southerners used state legislation segregation and violence to limit the freedoms of blacks. Used violence and intimidation.

How did New Railroads benefit Western cattle ranchers?

How did new railroads benefit western cattle ranchers? They provided a way to transport meat to eastern markets. They allowed cowboys to travel easily between cattle herds and their homes. They made it easier for ranchers to keep track of their herds.

How did the southern economy change during Reconstruction?

During Reconstruction many small white farmers thrown into poverty by the war entered into cotton production a major change from prewar days when they concentrated on growing food for their own families. … Sharecropping dominated the cotton and tobacco South while wage labor was the rule on sugar plantations.

How did the southern economy change after the Civil War?

How did the southern economy and society change after the Civil War? … Their economy lagged behind after the war. They had to rebuild economy shift away from cash crops there was no more slavery small farms replaced large plantations.

Why did railroad construction expand so rapidly after the Civil War?

why did railroad construction expand so rapidly after the civil war? by linking the nation railroads increased the markets for many products spurring industrial growth. Railroad companies also stimulated the economy by spending huge amounts of money on steel coal timber and other materials.

How did railroad technology improve profits for companies?

How did railroad technology improve profits for companies? It resulted in faster and cheaper long-distance shipping. … Fewer independently owned companies existed to compete.

How did the railroad affect the cattle industry?

How did the railroad affect the cattle industry? It provided a way to transport livestock to eastern markets. Why did farmers move to the Plains? More space freedom money and to own land.

What threatened the livelihood of Southern farmers?

How were the livelihoods of the southern farmers threatened What threatened this livelihood? Although many southern farmers looked up the northern banking system as a threat it was the boll weevil that could completely diminish a crop and therefore threaten the income of a farmer.

What did slaves get when they were freed?

Freed people widely expected to legally claim 40 acres of land (a quarter-quarter section) and a mule after the end of the war. Some freedmen took advantage of the order and took initiatives to acquire land plots along a strip of South Carolina Georgia and Florida coasts.

How did Southern Democrats reverse gains made during Reconstruction in each of these areas?

How did southern democrats reverse gains made during reconstruction in segregation? Democrats reintroduced segregation laws which blacks and whites separated in public. … The supreme court rules that Jim Crows laws were legal as long as they were equal. The separate facilities often favored whites over blacks.

What were the economic effects did the railroad industry have on the cattle industry?

The railroad allowed the cattle industry to boom. After the Civil War beef was in high demand in the east. Cattle drives required bringing the cattle…

How was the transcontinental railroad funded?

The rail line was built by three private companies over public lands provided by extensive US land grants. Construction was financed by both state and US government subsidy bonds as well as by company issued mortgage bonds.

What effect did mining railroads have on the West?

Results of the Railroad

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They also sold land to settlers which encouraged people to move West. New railroads helped businesses. West- ern timber companies miners ranchers and farmers shipped wood metals meat and grain east by railroad. In exchange eastern businesses shipped manufactured goods to the West.

Why was the South in much worse economic shape then the North during Reconstruction?

Why was the South in much worse economic shape then the North during Reconstruction? It took years for many farms to recover after the destruction of the war. … Southerners incensed by the federal government’s interference found ways to circumvent Reconstruction efforts.

How was the South rebuilt during Reconstruction?

The Union did a lot to help the South during the Reconstruction. They rebuilt roads got farms running again and built schools for poor and black children. Eventually the economy in the South began to recover. Some northerners moved to the South during the Reconstruction to try and make money off of the rebuilding.

How did Southerners view Reconstruction?

Most Southerners were dead set against Reconstruction. They felt it was an attack on their whole way of life. They also believed that it was a violation of states’ rights an unwarranted interference by the victorious North in its affairs.

How was the South treated after the Civil War?

For many years after the Civil War Southern states routinely convicted poor African Americans and some whites of vagrancy or other crimes and then sentenced them to prolonged periods of forced labor. Owners of businesses like plantations railroads and mines then leased these convicts from the state for a low fee.

How was the South affected by the civil war?

The South was hardest hit during the Civil War. … Many of the railroads in the South had been destroyed. Farms and plantations were destroyed and many southern cities were burned to the ground such as Atlanta Georgia and Richmond Virginia (the Confederacy’s capitol). The southern financial system was also ruined.

How did the civil war weaken the southern economy?

The civil war weakened the southern economy by placing heavy taxes on the states and the states were destroyed after the last battles of the war. … Also since slavery was abolished the south could no longer use their free labor system and had to pay their workers.

What were some of the costs of the railroad?

No reliable figures exist for how much construction of the line cost. One estimate places the cost of the Central Pacific at about $36 million another at $51.5 million. Oakes Ames testified that the Union Pacific cost about $60 million to build.

How did the Civil War Help railroad construction?

How did the end of the Civil War help railroad construction? It ended the labor shortage as war veterans went to work on the railroad.

How did railroads change after the Civil War?

Changes for railroading included larger and more powerful locomotives new types of freight cars automatic car couplers the air brake adoption of the standard gauge (4 feet 8.5 inches became the distance between rails) by almost all railroads which permitted the interchange of cars between railroads the creation

What was a direct result of the railroad industry?

improvements in electric power. increased number of labor unions. increased settlement in the West. increased use of scientific management.

How did pool differ from trust?

How did a pool differ from a trust? Pools were made of independent companies but a trust was not. … Fewer independently owned companies existed to compete.

What was the result of the rise of the railroad industry quizlet?

Which of the following was a result of the rise of the railroad industry? Cities like Chicago prospered because they were railroad hubs. … Railroad owners sold stock to investors to finance the construction of railroads.

How did railroads affect farmers negatively?

In a nutshell farmers were upset with the high charges the railroads imposed on them to ship farm goods to market. They argued that since a single railroad often had a monopoly over certain lines the lack of competition lead to price gouging. … This price gouging the farmers said was unfair.

How did the railroad industry contribute to the development of the West?

How did railroads develop the west? Railroads developed the west by connecting small towns and large cities making it easier for people to travel and ship their goods throughout the country to various markets. This proved financially prosperous for the farmers and allowed them to flourish.

What was the main factor that slowed construction of the Central Pacific Railroad?

The main factor that slowed construction of the Central Pacific railroad was a shortage of supplies which had to be shipped around South America. intense summer heat that melted the railroad ties and tracks.

Which of the following revoked the civil rights of southern African Americans?

The correct answer is option C. Local and state laws revoked southern black’s civil rights. … The 15th Amendment gave the voting rights to Southern Blacks which was reserved only for white Americans. The civil rights movement became a symbol of social justice in USA.

What threatened Native American civilizations?

They were threatened by diseases poverty land seizure and deportation.

Which of the following best describes the effects of the first railroad lines in the United States?

Which statement describes the effects of the first railroad lines in the United States? Railroads did not monopolize travel because lines were too short. … What role did bankers play in the economy of Jacksonian America?

Which state was the last to free slaves?

Mississippi Becomes Last State to Ratify 13th Amendment

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After what’s being seen as an “oversight†by the state of Mississippi the Southern territory has become the last state to consent to the 13th Amendment–officially abolishing slavery.

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