How Many Countries Have Square Flags


How Many Countries Have Square Flags?

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How many countries have non rectangular flags?

Of the 193 sovereign flags 190 are rectangular three are non-rectangular. Nepal Vatican City and Switzerland are the only three countries that defied the norm of the rectangular flag.May 28 2018

What country does not have a rectangular flag?

national flag of Nepal
The national flag of Nepal is the world’s only national flag that is non-quadrilateral in shape. The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennons the vexillological word for a pennant. Its crimson red is the color of the rhododendron the country’s national flower.

Why are all country flags rectangular?

Moving to the independence movements of the 18th and 19th centuries the new nations wanted to show the rest of the world that they had their own national symbols so flags started to spread to these new nations the standard by that time was the rectangular shape even when they were not waving in ships anymore.

Why does Switzerland have a square flag?

For the Olympic Games for example Switzerland uses a rectangular flag. This is because of an International Olympic Committee ruling that all national flags must have the same dimensions. The Swiss civil ensign is also rectangular when flown by Switzerland’s sea-going merchant ships and maritime yachts.

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What is the weirdest flag in the world?

The world’s strangest flags and why we love them
  • Guam. The only flag in the world designed to look like a really tacky souvenir t-shirt. …
  • Kyrgyzstan. …
  • Central African Republic. …
  • Northern Marianas Islands. …
  • Mozambique. …
  • Bermuda. …
  • Dominica. …
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Which 2 countries have a square flag?

Switzerland and the Vatican City are the only two countries with square flags.

Is there a country without a flag?

Nepal is the only country in the modern world that does not have a rectangular national flag. It is crimson with blue borders and incorporates stylized symbols of the sun and moon. Hundreds of independent states existed on the Indian subcontinent prior to the period of British control there in the 17th–19th centuries.

Which is the only US state with a flag containing the Union Jack?

flag of Hawaii
flag of Hawaii. U.S. state flag consisting of alternating horizontal stripes of white red and blue with the Union Jack in the canton.

Which country has the only flag with more than four sides?

Flag of Nepal – Wikipedia.

Which is the only country to have a Bible on their national flag?

the Dominican Republic

What you probably didn’t know is that the Dominican Republic is the only country in the world to have an image of the Holy Bible on its national flag. Yes it’s true! The national flag is formatted blue-red-blue-red with a white central cross. When used for official purposes it includes the coat of arms.

What is the only country that has one color flag with nothing else on it?

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

The flag of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya was adopted on 19 November 1977 and consisted of a green field. It was the only national flag during that time in the world with only one colour.

Why is Nepal flag different?

In modern times the concept of the flag has changed to have a different meaning. The blue border symbolizes peace and harmony. The crimson red is Nepal’s national colour and reflects the brave spirit of the Nepalese people. … The moon symbolizes that the Nepalese are calm while the sun symbolizes fierceness.

What is the name of flag of France?


The “tricolore” (three-colour) flag is an emblem of the Fifth Republic. It had its origins in the union at the time of the French Revolution of the colours of the King (white) and the City of Paris (blue and red). Today the “tricolour” flies over all public buildings.

What flag is Sweden?

The flag of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges flagga) consists of a yellow or gold Nordic cross (i.e. a horizontal cross extending to the edges with the crossbar closer to the hoist than the fly) on a field of light blue.

Flag of Sweden.
Variant flag of Kingdom of Sweden
Use War flag and naval ensign
Proportion 1:2

Is New Zealand a flag?

Flag of New Zealand
Use National flag and state ensign
Proportion 1:2
Adopted March 24 1902 (In use since 1869)
Design A Blue Ensign with the a Union Jack in the first quarter and four five-pointed red stars with white borders on the fly representing the Southern Cross.
Designed by Albert Hastings Markham

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What color is not on any flag?


But a design you likely won’t find no matter where you are on Earth is one that includes purple. It’s not because the color is considered universally unfashionable: Its absence from flags has more to do with practicality.

What is the most simple flag?

Tri-color Flags

The simplest flags only have these bands with no additional emblems or symbols. The flag of Italy is called il Tricolore. “The three colors” in Italian. Green white and red make up their official flag which has been in place since January 1 1948.

What is the rarest flag?

Nepal Flag

The flag of Nepal is the only national flag in the world that is not rectangular. The flag is a simplified combination of two single pennants. Its crimson red is the colour of the rhododendron the country’s national flower. Red is also the sign of victory in war.

What country is the most square?


Russia is the largest country by far with a total area of about 17 million square kilometers.

The 30 largest countries in the world by total area (in square kilometers)
Characteristic Area in square kilometers
Russia 17 098 242
Canada 9 984 670
USA 9 833 517

What flag has ak47?

Flag of Mozambique
Flag of Mozambique. A horizontal tricolour of green white-edged black and yellow with the red isosceles triangle based on the hoist-side bearing the yellow five-pointed star that bears a Kalashnikov rifle with the bayonet attached to the barrel crossed by a farming mattock superimposed on an open book.

What does the papal flag look like?

The flag consists of two vertical bands one of gold or yellow (hoist side) and one of white with the crossed keys of Saint Peter and the Papal Tiara centered in the white band. The crossed keys consist of a golden and a silver key in which the silver key is placed in the dexter position.

What is the oldest flag in the world?

of Denmark
Suddenly the red and white flag fell from the heavens and gave the Danes the bravery to storm forward. The Danes won the battle and since then the Dannebrog has been the official flag of Denmark. In fact it holds the world record of being the oldest continuously used national flag in the world!Sep 11 2019

Which country have no capital?

Nauru an island in the Pacific Ocean is the second-smallest republic in the world—but it doesn’t even have a capital city.Feb 4 2013

What does the 3 colors of the flag mean in English?

According to custom and tradition white signifies purity and innocence red hardiness and valor and blue signifies vigilance perseverance and justice.

Why Do Hawaiians fly the flag upside down?

HONOLULU Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – At the protest on Mauna Kea and at rallies across the state Thirty Meter Telescope opponents have waved a Hawaiian flag ― that’s upside down. … The inverted flag is an internationally recognized symbol of a nation in distress and a sign of protest to the American government.

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Is there a Hawaiian flag?

The flag of Hawaii (Hawaiian: Ka Hae Hawaiʻi) has previously been used by the kingdom protectorate republic and territory of Hawaii. It is the only US state flag to include a foreign country’s national flag.

Why does Hawaii have a British flag?

The Hawaiian king had flown it out of respect for King George III and as a sign of friendship with Britain. During the War of 1812 Americans on the islands were unhappy with such a partisan act. … When Kamehameha commissioned a flag for the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1816 the designer incorporated the “Union Jack”.”

Why is the British flag called a Union Jack?

The Union Flag or Union Jack is the national flag of the United Kingdom. It is so called because it combines the crosses of the three countries united under one Sovereign – the kingdoms of England and Wales of Scotland and of Ireland (although since 1921 only Northern Ireland has been part of the United Kingdom).

What animal appears most often on flags?

Fun fact: The most common animal on a flag is a lion.

Which country’s flag has the most Colours?


The country with the most colourful flag in the world is Belize with 12 colours – many of which make up the coat of arms that provide this relatively young flag (1981) with it’s complexity. The Belize flag like many others is steeped in political history and the prominent colours represent the political parties.

Is the Dominican flag the only flag with the Bible?

What is unique about the Dominican Republic flag? The Dominican Republic is the only country in the world to image the Holy Bible on its national flag. … The national flag is formatted blue-red-blue-red with a white central cross. When used for official purposes it includes the coat of arms with a Bible in the banner.

Which country’s flag is different on each side?


Oregon is now the only state with such a flag just as Paraguay is the only country to have a national flag with a different design on each side. The Oregon state flag became official on February 26 1925.

Is Mexico a flag?

The flag of Mexico (Spanish: Bandera de México) is a vertical tricolor of green white and red with the national coat of arms charged in the center of the white stripe.

Flag of Mexico.
Variant flag of Flag of the United Mexican States
Use Naval jack
Proportion 1:1

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