How Many Other Countries Share A Border With Germany

How Many Other Countries Share A Border With Germany?

It shares borders with eleven countries: Denmark in the north Poland and the Czech Republic in the east Switzerland (its only non-EU neighbor) and Austria in the south France in the southwest and Belgium Luxembourg and the Netherlands in the west.

What countries borders Germany?

Germany today borders more countries than any other state in Europe coming in contact with Denmark to the north the Netherlands Belgium Luxemburg and France to the west Switzerland and Austria to the south and the Czech Republic and Poland to the east.

What are the nine countries surrounding Germany?

Germany. Neighbours: Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark France Luxembourg Netherlands Poland Switzerland. Germany’s most famous border was torn down in 1989 but it still has plenty of them.

Does Italy have a border with Germany?

Despite the participation of Italy as an ally of Germany in the Second World War the border was not modified by the peace treaty signed in 1947. This border has the particularity of being the first “mobile border ” recognised as such in the world.

What is Germany’s longest border?


Established in 1871 the border between Germany and Austria is 784 km in length and is therefore Germany’s longest border.

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How many borders has Germany?

The nine countries that Germany shares its land boundary with are Austria the Netherlands the Czech Republic France Luxembourg Denmark Poland Switzerland and Belgium.

How many countries are in Germany?

German is the official language of six countries all of which lie in central and western Europe.

German as an official language.
Country Germany
Population 84 900 000
Speakers Native 75 101 421 (91.8%)
Second 5 600 000 (6.9%)

Do France and Germany share borders?

The France–Germany border (French: Frontière entre l’Allemagne et la France German: Grenze zwischen Deutschland und Frankreich) separates the boundaries of France and Germany and has a length of 450 km (280 mi). About half of the length runs along the Rhine.

What is the real name of Germany?

Federal Republic of Germany 1990–present The official name of the country is Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland).

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What is the capital of Germany?


Does Russia border Germany?

Germany has the second-most borders of any European country after Russia. … Germany also shares a maritime border with Sweden in the north and the United Kingdom in the northwest.

How many countries have a border with France?

eleven countries

France has land borders with eleven countries. On its eastern border its neighbours include Belgium (652-659 kms) Luxembourg (73 kms) Germany (448 kms) Switzerland (573 kms) Italy (515 kms) and the principality of Monaco (4kms).

Which countries does Russia border?

To the south Russia borders North Korea China Mongolia and Kazakhstan Azerbaijan and Georgia. To the southwest and west it borders Ukraine Belarus Latvia and Estonia as well as Finland and Norway.

How many countries are Europe?

45 countries

In total there are 45 countries in Europe today. The full list is shown in the table below with the current population and subregion (based on official statistics).

How many states are in Germany?


As a federal system the German Federal Republic consists of 16 federal states whose state governments partly take on their own state duties. Explore Germany on our interactive map of the federal states. Find out about their capitals populations and economic sectors.

Which European country has the most borders?

European Countries Bordering Most Other Countries
Rank Countries Number of countries with which borders are shared
1 Russia (Including Kaliningrad) 14
2 France (Including overseas departments and territories) 11
3 Germany 9
4 Austria Serbia Turkey 8

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Is Belgium a Germanic country?

Countries. Independent European countries whose population are predominantly native speakers of a Germanic language: Austria. Belgium (slightly more than 60% majority concentrated in Flanders and the German-speaking Community of Belgium)

When Germany became a country?

October 3 1990

Which country is closest to Germany?

Germany is the seventh-largest country in Europe bordering Denmark to the north Poland and the Czech Republic to the east Austria to the southeast and Switzerland to the south-southwest. France Luxembourg and Belgium are situated to the west with the Netherlands to the northwest.

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Does Germany border Poland?

The Germany–Poland border (German: Grenze zwischen Deutschland und Polen Polish: Granica polsko-niemiecka) the state border between Poland and Germany is currently the Oder–Neisse line. It has a total length of 467 km (290 mi) and has been in place since 1945.

What are the four biggest cities in Germany by population?

2015 rank City 2015 estimate
1 Berlin 3 520 031
2 Hamburg 1 787 408
3 Munich (München) 1 450 381
4 Cologne (Köln) 1 060 582

How many million people are there in Germany?

The total population of Germany was slightly above 83 million inhabitants in 2020 and is expected to remain around 83.43 million through 2026. They country is the most populated country in the European Union followed by France with just over 65 million inhabitants.

Why is Germany so rich?

Undisputably wealthy it is Europe’s largest national economy and the continent’s leading manufacturer exporting vehicles machinery chemicals and electronics among other products. … Stripping out private debt the net wealth in Germany was €4 131 billion.

What is the religion of Germany?

Christianity is the dominant religion in Germany while Islam is the biggest minority religion. There are a number more faiths however that together account for the religions of around 3-4% of the population. Further religions practiced in Germany include: Judaism.

How do you speak German?

7 tips on speaking German fluently and confidently
  1. Listen in. Every good conversation starts with good listening. …
  2. Learn the genders. German has three genders so it’s important to learn nouns along with their gender. …
  3. Hack your memory. …
  4. Turn up the volume. …
  5. Record yourself. …
  6. Create a personal phrasebook. …
  7. Speak up.

Who founded Germany?

Otto von Bismarck
Otto von Bismarck is considered the founder of modern Germany. His success at unifying various lands into a single Germany and providing social reforms to his people cemented both Germany as a European power and him as a respected leader.

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Who founded Berlin?

At the end of the 12th century German merchants founded the first settlements in today’s city center called Berlin around modern Nikolaiviertel and Cölln on the island in the Spree now known as the Spreeinsel or Museum Island. It is not clear which settlement is older and when they got German town rights.

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How old is Germany?

Germany was founded on February 2nd 962 AD. It derived its initial name from the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar who named the areas east of the Rhine River as Germania based on the fact that he was yet to conquer them.

How many countries border Brazil?

nine countries

With a coast of 7 367 kilometers Brazil has terrestrial boundaries with nine countries of South America:Uruguay Argentina Paraguay Bolivia Peru Colombia Venezuela Guyana and Suriname and with the French Department of Guiana with an extention of over 16.886 kilometers.

How many countries border India?

seven countries

India has 15 106 kilometers of land borders and a coastline of about 7 516 kilometers. Only 5 out of 29 Indian states have no international border or coastal line. Those long borders are shared with seven countries — China Pakistan Bhutan Myanmar Afghanistan Nepal and Bangladesh.

Does Germany Touch Italy?

Germany is located in North Central Europe on the Great North European Plain. … It is bound by Liechtenstein and Austria to the east Italy to the south France to the west and Germany to the north….

How many countries border Switzerland?

five countries

Switzerland lies in the heart of Europe. It shares its 1 935km-long border with five countries: Italy France Germany Austria and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

How many countries border Spain?

five countries
A map situating Spain within Europe. Spain has a total land border of 1 191.7 miles long that is shared by five countries: Morocco Andorra France Portugal and Gibraltar. The country also borders the Mediterranean Sea the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean.Feb 28 2018

Which country shares the longest land border with Germany?

Austria shares the longest land border with Germany (784 kilometres).Jun 14 2016

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