How Much Do Firefighters Make In Chicago

How much money do firefighters make in Chicago?

Salary Ranges for Firefighters in Chicago IL

The salaries of Firefighters in Chicago IL range from $13 306 to $136 123 with a median salary of $46 621 . The middle 57% of Firefighters makes between $46 621 and $76 398 with the top 86% making $136 123.

How much does a full time firefighter make in Chicago?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $76 264 and as low as $19 962 the majority of Full Time Firefighter salaries currently range between $31 734 (25th percentile) to $49 136 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $62 956 annually in Chicago.

Nevada has seen impressive growth in firefighter incomes. From 2016 to 2017 the average annual income of firefighters rose by 7.2% from $62 220 to $66 670.

10 States Where Firefighters Earn the Most Money.
Rank State 2017 Mean Annual Wage
1 New Jersey $75 880
2 California $73 860
3 New York $70 560
4 Washington $70 300

How much do firefighter/paramedics make in Chicago?

The average Firefighter/Paramedic in Chicago IL makes $62 861 12% above the national average Firefighter/Paramedic salary of $56 230.

What is a good salary in Chicago?

Good First Salary in Chicago IL
Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $71 657 $5 971
75th Percentile $52 719 $4 393
Average $41 236 $3 436
25th Percentile $27 639 $2 303

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Why is EMT pay so low?

There are other reasons EMS pay is so low. Certification is minimal — it only takes 120 to 150 hours of training to become an EMT (paramedics require significantly more). Ambulances in rural communities are often staffed by volunteers which depresses wages for those who do pursue the role as a career.

How do firemen get paid?

Firefighters work on a 21-day 168-hour pay schedule. They receive two different types of paychecks. One type of paycheck is received bi-weekly and is intended to cover 106 hours. The second type of paycheck is paid every three weeks at the end of the firefighter’s 168-hour pay period.

How do I become a Chicago firefighter?

Steps to Become a Firefighter in Chicago
  1. Step 1: Complete the Required Education. …
  2. Step 2: Get the EMT Certification. …
  3. Step 3: Clear the CPAT. …
  4. Step 4: Apply for the Job. …
  5. Step 5: Clear the Screening Process. …
  6. Step 6: Take Part in Fire Academy Training.

What is the cost of living in Chicago?

Chicago cost of living is 106.9
COST OF LIVING Chicago Illinois
Health 90.6 97.2
Housing 99.1 79.5
Median Home Cost $291 200 $234 000
Utilities 92.8 97.7

Do police or firefighters make more money?

Salary Ranges

Both firefighters and police officers get an average salary of around $40 000-$50 000 with police officers getting paid slightly more. However the hikes in the salary are considerably higher for firefighters.

Firefighters made a median salary of $50 850 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $69 040 that year while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $34 470.

Is a firefighter a good job?

Firefighting is a rewarding career that offers a very high level of job satisfaction. Being a firefighter is a great job if you enjoy helping people and serving your community but be aware that it can be demanding stressful and even dangerous at times.

How much does a fire captain make in Chicago?

The average Firefighter Captain in Chicago IL makes $75 802 11% above the national average Firefighter Captain salary of $68 094.

How many firefighters does Chicago have?

The Bureau of Operations is composed of over 4 500 Uniformed Firefighters and Paramedics and is commanded by a Deputy Fire Commissioner.

Is Chicago Firehouse 51 real?

The show explores the lives both professional and personal of the firefighters rescue personnel and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department at the fictional Firehouse 51 home of the fictional Engine Company 51 Truck Company 81 Rescue Squad Company 3 Battalion 25 and Ambulance 61.

Is $60000 a good salary for a single person?

A single person will spend much less than if you need to provide for someone else. Your living expenses and ideal budget are much less. Thus you can live extremely comfortably on $60000 per year.

Is $60000 a good salary in us?

$60 000 per year is a really good salary to live comfortably on. However everyone’s situation and finances are different.

What is the highest paying job in Chicago?


Detailed List Of Highest Paying Jobs In Chicago
Rank Job Title Average Salary
1 Surgeons $255 580
2 Obstetricians and Gynecologists $211 500
3 Chief Executives $188 500
4 Family and General Practitioners $182 930

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A lot of places EMS is run by private for profit companies keeping wages low. EMS isn’t strongly unionized like the other two. Their job isn’t oftentimes considered “high risk” warranting less pay and retirement.

Can you live on an EMT salary?

EMTs and Paramedics can live off the salary they make. However the lifestyle they can live will depend on location experience employer and overtime hours.

How fast can you become an EMT?

Become an EMT

It usually takes about six months to complete the 120 to 150 hours of training. After that you take a state certification test.

What do firefighters do all day?

Job Details

They eat sleep clean and exercise while on shift at a fire station. They also learn about and train on the latest firefighting equipment and techniques perform administrative work and keep the fire station engine and all equipment clean and ready for an emergency.

Do Chicago fireman have to live in Chicago?

Do I have to be a resident of the City of Chicago to apply? a. You are not required to be a resident of the City of Chicago at the time of application. However you will be required to be a resident of the City of Chicago at the time you enter the Fire Training Academy.

How long is the Chicago Fire Academy?

six month

The Fire Academy is a full-time six month program. The first three months of training will focus on EMT training and physical training. The second three months of training will focus on Firefighter training as well as physical training.

Is it hard to get hired as a firefighter?

It is usually very difficult to become a firefighter. There is usually a lot of competition for each vacant position. Although there are usually only a few basic requirements to apply for a firefighter job those that are hired frequently have a lot more training education and experience than required.

Is Chicago more expensive than LA?

The cost of living in Chicago IL is -18.5% lower than in Los Angeles CA. You would have to earn a salary of $48 903 to maintain your current standard of living. Employers in Chicago IL typically pay -6.2% less than employers in Los Angeles CA.

How much can I afford in Chicago?

A general rule-of-thumb when assessing how much you can afford in Chicago for housing costs is one-third of your annual salary before taxes.

Is Chicago cheap to live?

As of June 2019 Chicago ranks 11th in terms of average rental prices in large American cities. This means Chicagoans pay relatively low rents for a major city (especially compared to San Francisco where the average rent is a staggering $3 700).

Do firefighters wear diapers?

Where do firefighters relieve themselves when they’re on a run? … You may have even seen those commercials advertising how adult diapers can save the day however any firefighter will tell you how impractical it is to wear diapers every day on the job mainly since you never know if you’ll need them.

Do nurses make more than firefighters?

From a salary perspective at first glance it looks like nurses have a big advantage. However while the initial salary may not be as high as a nurse’s over a period of time some firefighters will earn more than their nursing counterparts.

Who makes more paramedic or firefighter?

Firefighters make more than paramedics working in the same area and can increase their pay if they earn paramedic certification. Most firefighters are required to become EMTs which is why you often see fire trucks at medical emergencies.

How many firefighters are killed each year?

Although the 62 on-duty firefighter deaths recorded in 2020 not related to COVID-19 is higher than the 48 fatalities reported for 2019 it is in line with the average death toll over the previous five years when between 60 and 70 firefighters died annually while on-duty.

Do firefighters go to college?

There are no educational requirements for becoming a firefighter however all candidates must undergo literacy numeracy and mechanical reasoning testing as part of the recruitment process. A high level of fitness is required and a minimum physical aptitude standard must be met.

Should I be a cop or firefighter?

Jokes aside neither job is better than the other.

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Both cops and firefighters are necessary and very important when they are needed. If there is a big fire or a serious medical emergency the firefighter is better trained and equipped to handle it. However if there is someone shooting the police are who you want.

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