How Much Does A Soulcycle Instructor Make


How Much Does A Soulcycle Instructor Make?

How much does a Instructor at SoulCycle make? The typical SoulCycle Instructor salary is $40 per hour. Instructor salaries at SoulCycle can range from $13 – $116 per hour.Sep 22 2021

How much do top SoulCycle instructors make?

The salary trajectory of an Instructor ranges between locations and employers. The salary starts at $57 683 per year and goes up to $57 683 per year for the highest level of seniority.

How much does a SoulCycle employee make?

How much does SoulCycle pay? The average SoulCycle salary ranges from approximately $52 775 per year for an ASM to $90 100 per year for an Instructor. The average SoulCycle hourly pay ranges from approximately $17 per hour for a Front Desk to $26 per hour for an Assistant Studio Manager.

Is it hard to become a SoulCycle Instructor?

No! You do not need teaching experience but we do recommend that applicants have a good sense of rhythm passion for music and a desire to move people to move the world.

How much does a spin Instructor make a class?

Rates: $30-$70/hr (depending on experience and time).

Is SoulCycle instructor training paid?

The typical SoulCycle Instructor salary is $40 per hour. Instructor salaries at SoulCycle can range from $13 – $116 per hour. This estimate is based upon 13 SoulCycle Instructor salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

How do I become a cycling instructor?

Here are the main steps to becoming an indoor cycling instructor:
  1. Get certified – choose a certification course for indoor cycling instructors.
  2. Keep practicing – maintain a practicing routine to keep you fit.
  3. Get insured – after getting certified you’ll likely need indoor cycling instructor insurance to find work.

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Does SoulCycle pay well?

Select your job title and find out how much you could make at SoulCycle.

SoulCycle Salaries.
Job Title Salary
Front Desk salaries – 110 salaries reported $14/hr
Front Desk Staff salaries – 64 salaries reported $14/hr
Keyholder salaries – 61 salaries reported $15/hr
Key Holder salaries – 54 salaries reported $15/hr

Is SoulCycle a good company to work for?

Great Company to work for

Soul is an awesome place to work whether it is just as front desk or in upper management. I think the culture at Soul is hard to beat you are able to connect with people on a personal level as well as be the best part of their day most of the time.

Do SoulCycle employees get free classes?

You get free classes! But you ride staff waitlist.

Is Soulcycle instructor a full time job?

If you do a get a job offer you are most likely required to relocate and teach 10 classes a week. It is a full time job and a lifestyle.

How much do peloton instructors get paid?

How Much Do Peloton Instructors Make? Although Peloton is not officially disclosing salaries it is believed that the instructors make $500 to $750 per class. With 10 to 15 classes taught in a week an instructor could rake in up to $585.000 annually (52 weeks/year * 15 classes/week * 750$).

Where do Soulcycle instructors get their music?

1. Listen to Soundcloud/itunes/Spotify etc songs every night after work. I follow other fitness instructors on twitter and Facebook to get song ideas and always add in random tracks from my favorite EDM Djs.

How much do cycling instructors get paid?

Cycling Instructor Salary
Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $104 000 $8 666
75th Percentile $83 500 $6 958
Average $69 265 $5 772
25th Percentile $42 000 $3 500

How much do yoga instructors earn?

according to PayScale yoga instructors earn an average of $24.96 per hour. Lower pay rates for yoga teachers are around $12.66 per hour while higher rates can go up to $49.94.

What’s it like to be a SoulCycle instructor?

Half motivational speaker and half sex object the typical SoulCycle instructor looks like a soap opera star and talks like a coxswain. Instructors conduct class while literally up on a pedestal and have such godlike followings that they’re now starring in strangely accurate music videos for mediocre electro-pop acts.

How do I become a fitness instructor?

Steps to Becoming a Personal Trainer
  1. Earn a High School Diploma. …
  2. Complete AED/CPR Certification. …
  3. Choose a Fitness Specialty. …
  4. Prepare for Certification. …
  5. Take and Pass Certification Examination. …
  6. Apply for Jobs and Build a Portfolio. …
  7. Additional Education Options. …
  8. Latest Posts.

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Is it hard to be a spin instructor?

Thankfully spending the day learning how to be an indoor cycling instructor turned out to be a great experience. It was definitely challenging but nothing I couldn’t handle as a regular Spinning class attendee. Most of the information I had already picked up after years in the program.

What makes a good spinning instructor?

Instructor- Motivation and Personality

An engaging and energetic personality really goes a long way when leading a spin class. Being an instructor is about coaching and motivating the class– their enthusiasm effects the overall atmosphere of the room.

How much do spin instructors make in Singapore?

Fitness Instructor Salaries
Job Title Salary
Safra Singapore Fitness Instructor salaries – 1 salaries reported $20/hr
Amore Fitness Fitness Instructor salaries – 1 salaries reported $2 700/mo
National University of Singapore Society Fitness Instructor salaries – 1 salaries reported $2 400/mo

What should I wear to a SoulCycle interview?

Interview tips at SoulCycle
  • Business casual (e.g. dress slacks)40%
  • Casual (t-shirt and jeans)20%
  • They didn’t have a dress code20%
  • Special outfit (e.g. protective gear)12%
  • Formal (business suit)8%

What does SoulCycle front desk pay?

Average SoulCycle Front Desk Agent hourly pay in the United States is approximately $14.61 which is 16% above the national average.

Does SoulCycle have discounts?

SoulCycle offers a student discount on classes at participating locations. Typically classes range between $28-$36 but if you show your student ID you’ll get a discounted rate sometimes as low as $20 per class. Check with your local studio to see if they are running this promotion.

Did Robin Arzon have her baby?

Robin Arzón couldn’t wait to give her baby girl a space she could call home. The Peloton instructor 38 who welcomed her first child daughter Athena Amelia with husband Drew Butler earlier this year is giving PEOPLE an exclusive look inside her baby’s nursery and sharing the inspiration behind the room.

How much do Apple fitness trainers make?

The average salary for a Trainer is $48 243 per year in United States which is 5% lower than the average Apple salary of $50 898 per year for this job.

How do personal trainers make 6 figures?

How To Make 6 Figures As A Personal Trainer
  1. Increase your hourly rate.
  2. Start fitness academies/bootcamps.
  3. Sell workout products/plans nutrition plans and workshops.
  4. Use affiliate marketing.
  5. Write books.

How do spin instructors make playlists?

7 Ways to Create the Perfect Playlist for Your Spin Classes
  1. Span a Wide Variety of Genres. …
  2. Throw in a Couple of “Out There” Selections. …
  3. Leave Out the Slow Stuff. …
  4. Choose Songs That Inspire. …
  5. Let the Participants in Your Class Help You. …
  6. Use the Music as a Soundtrack to Your Spinning. …
  7. Consider Themed Classes.

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How much money do Cyclestars make?

Cyclestar Salary
Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $96 500 $8 041
75th Percentile $61 000 $5 083
Average $51 826 $4 318
25th Percentile $29 500 $2 458

How much do Pilates teachers make?

The average gross salary for a certified Pilates instructor is approximately $68 910 annually. reports that more experienced certified Pilates instructors in the U.S. can make 27% above the average rate ( 2018). This equates to an average gross salary of $87 515 annually.

Is becoming a yoga teacher worth it?

I would say yes if you want to teach and are open to whatever salary. … It’s good to be realistic especially when you’re investing thousands of dollars for a teacher training. If you’re looking to expand your yoga practice I don’t really think a YTT is worth it unless you’ve got plenty of time and money to spare.

How much do teachers make?

Nationwide the average public school teacher salary for the 2019-2020 school year was $63 645 according to data from the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics.

Is being a fitness instructor a good career?

Passion and profits. If you’re passionate about health and fitness and helping others personal training can be a great career path. Median pay for personal trainers is $38 160 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and demand is expected to grow by about 8 percent.

How long does it take to become a fitness instructor?

To receive a personal trainer certificate through bodies like ISSA NASM or ACE and work in a globo gym takes on average 3-6 months to study the course materials and pass the test. To study and pass the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program quizzes and case studies takes most fitness coaches 6-12 months.

Do personal trainers make good money?

Yes making good money as a personal trainer is very viable. Even entry-level personal trainers can make upwards of $25 an hour and easily up to $100 an hour if they are experienced. … Private personal trainers can make even more per hour charging up top $100 an hour.


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