How to Prevent Arthritis Pain

The aches and pains of rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis can make simple tasks like opening a jar seem like an insurmountable burden. While there is no cure for arthritis and the causes are still relatively unknown, there is a fairly large body of knowledge available about how to project your joints and prevent arthritis pain. In this article, we will show you simple changes you can make to your every day routines to prevent arthritis pain, including:

  • How to Prevent Arthritis Fatigue

    Going about your daily activities with arthritis can be very draining. As the body becomes tired, the chances that you might overexert yourself and cause a serious injury increase. On this page, we will show you how to conserve your strength and energy to minimize arthritis pain. First, we will show you the benefits of planning ahead and carefully managing your energy. Next, we will give you some helpful ways to conserve your energy.

  • Proper Posture to Prevent Arthritis Pain

    While everyone knows that carrying heavy objects can injure your back or strain a muscle — especially when you have arthritis — there are some much simpler steps you can take to protect your body. Just as you were told as a child, proper posture can be a huge benefit to you, especially in your efforts to help your aching joints. In this section, we will show you the proper ways to sit, stand, lie in bed, and even take a bath.

  • How to Protect Your Joints

    You might be surprised how simple actions you perform every day — like turning on the faucet — could be exerting tremendous stress on your already aching joints. On this page, we will show you some simple extra steps you can add to your daily routine to prevent arthritis pain. For example, just holding on to a railing or even using a cane can really take a lot of stress off your body. We will also show you how to distribute the load that your body has to support to minimize injury.

  • How to Prevent Arthritis Pain While Doing Household Chores

    Everyday when you perform regular household chores like brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, or getting dressed you may be exacerbating your arthritis and causing it to flare up. In this section, we will show you some ways to go about your life as you normally would without risking possible strain or injury. We will show you the wide variety of aids on the market for people with arthritis and the benefits of using long handles instead of knobs in your home. We will also show you how you should organize your kitchen and even how to set up your workspace.

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