How To Pronounce Craggy

What does craggy mean in English?

1 : full of crags craggy slopes. 2 : rough rugged a craggy face a craggy voice.

How do you pronounce craggy cliffs?

What does craggy faced mean?

a craggy face looks strong and has deep lines in it. craggy features. Synonyms and related words. Words used to describe someone’s face or features.

Is it stanch or staunch?

Staunch and stanch are both variant spellings of the same word but each is more common in different scenarios. “Staunch” is seen more often as an adjective meaning “substantial” or “steadfastly loyal ” while “Stanch” is more often a verb as in “to stanch the bleeding.”

What’s another word for craggy?

What is another word for craggy?
jagged rocky
rough rugged
stony uneven
broken ragged
cragged precipitous

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What is the sentence of craggy?

The mountain is quite rocky and craggy being composed of mica schist rock. Nearby green heather grew on craggy low mountains which created a mushy water-logged moor. The rise features a craggy landscape dominated by a prominent fracture that has been enlarged by erosion.

What are craggy cliffs?

Something is craggy when it’s uneven rough and jagged like the craggy cliffs along a rocky beach. The adjective craggy is most often used to describe a landscape or natural feature like a hill or outcrop and occasionally a scarred or pitted face like your uncle’s craggy cheeks.

Is Cragly a word?

Rugged and uneven: a craggy face. crag′gi·ly adv.

What does Stanchly mean?

Adv. 1. stanchly – in a staunch manner “he staunchly defended his principles” staunchly. Based on WordNet 3.0 Farlex clipart collection.

How do you use stanch in a sentence?

stop the flow of a liquid.
  1. Sophia stanched the blood with a cloth.
  2. He stanched the leak of the boat with a piece of cloth.
  3. Blood flowed from his wound has stanched.
  4. He is a stanch supporter of the Democratic Party.
  5. And at first I tried to stanch my panic by telling myself it was only that: a show of freedom.

What is another word for stanch?

Stanch Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for stanch?
devout devoted
staunch steadfast
dedicated true
constant firm
steady unwavering

What is the antonyms of craggy?

What is the opposite of craggy?
delicate even
small sophisticated
rolling nice
calm tiny

What does craggy mountain mean?

A craggy cliff or mountain is steep and rocky.

What is the definition of stony?

Definition of stony

1 : abounding in or having the nature of stone : rocky. 2a : insensitive to pity or human feeling : obdurate. b : manifesting no movement or reaction : dumb expressionless. c : fearfully gripping : petrifying.

What do you mean by pitted?

English Language Learners Definition of pitted

: with the pit removed. : having many small holes or dents : having many pits. See the full definition for pitted in the English Language Learners Dictionary. More from Merriam-Webster on pitted.

What is the meaning of eke out?

Definition of eke out

transitive verb. 1 : to make up for the deficiencies of : supplement eked out his income by getting a second job. 2 : to make (a supply) last by economy.

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Is craggy cliffs on fortnite?

Craggy Cliffs is a Named Location in Battle Royale added to the map in Chapter 2 Season 1 located inside the coordinates E1 E2 F1 and F2 northwest of Steamy Stacks northeast of Pleasant Park and north of Colossal Crops.

What is in craggy cliffs in fortnite?

Craggy Cliffs is a small seaside town and it’s prized possession is a Fishsticks restaurant and a grand cliffside that were the reasons for how the town was named Craggy Cliffs. This is also a location for the new challenges for which the players need to catch 5 fishes at Craggy cliffs.

How do I get Clark Kent in fortnite?

To get the Clark Kent skin in Fortnite you need to complete five of the following challenges:
  1. Take damage from a player and survive.
  2. Reach 99 speed in a vehicle.
  3. Use a launchpad.
  4. Fly a saucer.
  5. Visit three different named locations.
  6. Visit the Mothership or Alien Biome.
  7. Defeat aliens.

What does resolutely mean dictionary?

adjective. firmly resolved or determined set in purpose or opinion: Her parents wanted her to marry but she was focused on her education and remained resolute. characterized by firmness and determination as the temper spirit actions etc.: The mayor was asked to take resolute action against the looters.

What does staunchly opposed mean?

/ˈstɔːntʃli/ us. very firmly or strongly: Economic advisers remain staunchly opposed to a government-financed bailout for the holders of failed mortgages.

What does inert mean?

Definition of inert

1 : lacking the power to move. 2 : very slow to move or act : sluggish. 3 : deficient in active properties especially : lacking a usual or anticipated chemical or biological action.

What does staunch someone mean?

1 : steadfast in loyalty or principle a staunch friend. 2a : watertight sound. b : strongly built : substantial. staunch.

What is the word for stop bleeding?

Synonyms crossword answers and other related words for STOP BLEEDING [staunch]

How do you staunch a bleed?

1. Stop Bleeding
  1. Apply direct pressure on the cut or wound with a clean cloth tissue or piece of gauze until bleeding stops.
  2. If blood soaks through the material don’t remove it. …
  3. If the wound is on the arm or leg raise limb above the heart if possible to help slow bleeding.

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How do you use staunchly in a sentence?

1. The family was staunchly Protestant. 2. She staunchly defended the new policy.

Is steadfast a synonym staunch?

Frequently Asked Questions About steadfast

Some common synonyms of steadfast are constant faithful loyal resolute and staunch. While all these words mean “firm in adherence to whatever one owes allegiance ” steadfast implies a steady and unwavering course in love allegiance or conviction.

What part of speech is stanch?

Although both spelling variants have been in reputable use for centuries and both are perfectly standard for either the verb or adjective stanch is the form used most often for the verb and staunch is the most common variant for the adjective.

What is the root word of precipitous?

precipitous (adj.)

1640s “rash done with excessive or undue haste” (a sense now obsolete) also “rushing headlong violently hurried ” from obsolete French precipiteux (16c.) from Vulgar Latin *praecipitosus from praecipitare “to throw or dive headlong be hasty” (see precipitation).

What is the synonym of rugged?

well built burly strong big and strong muscular muscly brawny strapping chunky husky broad-shouldered powerfully built muscle-bound. tough hardy robust sturdy vigorous hale and hearty lusty solid mighty. informal hunky beefy hulking ripped shredded.

What does cranny mean?

Definition of cranny

1 : a small break or slit : crevice. 2 : an obscure nook or corner. Other Words from cranny Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About cranny.

What’s a stoner slang?

: a person who habitually uses drugs or alcohol.

What does Stoniness mean?

a. Covered with or full of stones: a stony shore. b. Made of or resembling stone: stony detritus stony concrete.

What Shantelle name meaning?

as a girls’ name is pronounced shan-TEL shahn-TEL. It is of Old French origin and the meaning of Shantelle is “stone”. Variant of Chantal. Also form of Chandelle. Also form of Shaneika.

How to Pronounce Craggy

How to pronounce craggy

How to pronounce craggy

How to Pronounce craggy – American English

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