How to Save Google WebP as PNG Swiftly?

You can find that mostly websites around the internet use Google WebP files just because they comes with lossy as well as lossless compression. On the other hand, PNG is a raster graphic format that offers lossless compression along with transparent background. However, there are innumerable reasons why PNG is considered as an ideal file format than webp images. You can now easily convert webp to png image format without any quality distraction by using accurate conversion source. In this review, we decided to reveal the best programs that lets you make conversions from WebP files to PNG images. 

Why Convert WebP to PNG?

Both Google Web Pictures and PNG images are used for sharing, uploading, and certain other concerns around the web. Webp is the perfect format that loaded with small files and even functions to run websites faster. However, webp is not at all compatible and supported by a wide array of programs and image viewers. For such as, its best to proceed with most regular image file type like PNG that is always accessible for sharing, uploading, and more concerns. We convey the humble thanks to legit websites like theonlineconverter that designed the perfect tool to convert webp to png online for free of cost with advanced settings. 

Pixillion Image Converter:

Pixllion loaded with a complete full-fledged suite that lets you proceed with conversions for nearly all image formats. You can start using its webp file to png converter that takes less than a minute to export your existing webp Google picture as png format. The upside is that this image converter allows you to make super-fast transformations for 50 image file types.

How to Convert WebP to PNG with Pixillion?

  • Grab the copy of Pixillion Image Converter program and start the installation process, then launch it
  • Right after that, start adding your existing Webp files that you wish to convert with this image conversion source
  • Choose PNG as the output format from drop-down list that is given on the main interface and then move for advanced setting options (if required)
  • Press the given Convert button and save the newly transformed PNG into your system storage with a single click 


XnConvert is the perfect and easy to process utility that swiftly reads, transforms, and edits your photos according to your needs. You can now create PNG from existing webp picture on any operating systems such as windows, mac, and linux. No matter what type of image formats you have to make conversion, this utility works tremendously while keeping the quality and formatting high.

How to Change Webp into PNG with XnConvert?

  • Open the default web-based browser and launch Xnxonvert
  • Add Webp images into the toolbox and make a selection for the output format as PNG
  • Click Convert and all you need to wait for less than a minute till the conversion is completed
  • Right after that, make a single tap to save your PNG image


As the name clearly reveals that this is the source that is taken into account for making conversions online. You could now convert webp to png online with the natural and full-fledged assistance of this converter. You ought to make a few clicks to process with color, DPI, and image quality settings for free of cost. In addition to that, you could now make conversions for mp4, mp3, jpg, pdf, and different other compatible file formats. 

How to Turn WebP Picture to PNG With Online Convert?

  • Open Webp to PNG converter free from Online-Convert
  • Hit the Choose Files option that lets you import webp images without any hassle. Here you can encounter with settings (resize, crop, adjust, quality, and more) proceed with them if required
  • Click the Start button to download the high-resolution raster PNG images


It is a 100% freeware utility that is indicated as a full-fledged source for converting audio, video, image, unit, and document files. You can save webp as png free of cost using advanced options while preserving the original image quality. No matter whether you want to convert one or multiple webp files at once into PNG images, it works best for both cases. Besides that, you can fulfill the need of compressing, resizing, and adjusting the quality for the new transformed files. 

How to Convert WebP to PNG Swiftly with FreeConvert?

  • Fetch Webp file to PNG converter by visiting FreeConvert
  • Use any file adding option for adding WebP files that you want to convert
  • Navigate with advanced settings (if required), then Click Convert
  • Download all the converted PNG images one-by-one


Zamzar is the best and handy utility that is loaded with a simple to navigate interface to convert files to and from different compatible formats. You don’t have to stick with the daunting sign-up process, just make a couple of clicks and let this online converter do all for you with high quality. Despite exporting Google webp file as png raster image, this program allow you to proceed conversions for PDF, ebooks, documents, archives, and more files. 

How to Convert Web Google Picture as PNG using Zamzar?

  • Open your existing web browser and proceed with webp to png converter by Zamzar
  • Drag and drop the Webp file into the main tool section
  • From the drop-down list, make a choice for PNG as converted (output) format
  • Download the newly converted high-resolution PNG format by clicking on the Download button

No matter at all what is the reason behind transforming WebP file into PNG image format, every above-discussed webp to png tools works perfectly for you. All the tools are loaded with a clean and well-organized interface that does not involve any huge manual intervention. Save webp as a png image right now with the tool that fits with your conversion needs. Good Luck!

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