How To Say Bad Word In Chinese

How do you swear bad words in Chinese?

21 Chinese Swear Words You’ll Hear From Mandarin Speakers
  1. 坏蛋 (huài dàn) Let’s start with some light ones. …
  2. 笨蛋 (bèn dàn) Translated to “stupid egg ” you’d use this one when calling someone a moron or an idiot. …
  3. 王八蛋 (wáng bā dàn) …
  4. 滚蛋 (gǔn dàn) …
  5. 糊涂蛋 (hútú dàn) …
  6. 混蛋 (hún dàn) …
  7. 我靠 or 我尻 (wǒ kào) …
  8. 牛屄 (niúbì)

What can I say instead of bad words?

What the cuss? 50 swear-word alternatives
  • Balderdash!
  • William Shatner!
  • Corn Nuts!
  • Dagnabbit!
  • Son of a monkey!
  • Barnacles!
  • Holy cow!
  • Poo on a stick!

What is Ta Ma?

“他媽的” (ta ma de) is an interjection that you would use to express discontent at someone (hence the word 他). The interjection is often followed up by sentences. … It can be used inline as an adjective although the meaning/vulgarity of the sentence would be the same as if the person used it as an interjection.

What is Bendan?

bendan : fool idiot… : bèn dàn | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

What is D word?

The D-Word is an online community for professionals in the documentary film industry. … The name “D-Word” is defined as “industry euphemism for documentary ” as in: “We love your film but we don’t know how to sell it. It’s a d-word.” As of 2019 it has over 17 000 members in 130 countries.

Is Bloody a curse word?

Bloody is a common swear word that is considered to be milder and less offensive than other more visceral alternatives. In 1994 it was the most commonly spoken swear word accounting for around 650 of every million words said in the UK – 0.064 per cent.

Is heck a bad word?

“Heck” is a modified word of “Hell”. There are plenty of words that it’s okay to say in front of your friends but maybe you should avoid saying them when you’re at work. No it is not a bad word just a poor choice. “What the Heck?” is an appropriate thing to say when you’re struggling to do a crossword.

What is de in Mandarin?

Used as a noun modifier “的 (de)” is most commonly used to indicate possession such as the “’s” in English. … “的 (de)” is also used in noun attribution where it is placed between an adjective and a noun. For example: “红色的自行车 (Hóng sè de zì xíng chē).”

What does Lan Jiao mean?

lán jiāo. close friendship a meeting of minds.

What does CC stand for in China?

Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party
Traditional Chinese 黨中央
Literal meaning Party Central
Shortest abbreviation

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What does Ben Dan mean?

ben dan : fool idiot… : bèn dàn | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

What does XD mean?

1. an expression used in text messages or e-mails signaling happiness or laughter. XD is an emoticon. X represents closed eyes while D stands for an open mouth.

What F word means?

Definition of the f-word

—used as a way to refer to the offensive word “fuck” without saying it or writing it He got in trouble for using the f-word on television.

What word starts with F?

  • fabs.
  • face.
  • fact.
  • fade.
  • fado.
  • fads.
  • faff.
  • fags.

What are the 13 bad words on Spongebob?

damn jerk ugly stupid fart knocker…. Or he could be legitimately swearing like a sailor in which case he’d be using Elizabethan English: Block stone fool beslubbering bawdy yeasty vassal rank pox-marked pus-filled vagrant tooth-spitting filthy villainous wretch etc.

What is shi in Chinese?

The shi (Chinese: 尸 pinyin: shī Wade–Giles: sh’ih lit. ‘corpse’) was a ceremonial “personator” who represented a dead relative during ancient Chinese ancestral sacrifices.

What does Siao Liao mean?

Siao liao. A Hokkien exclamation used when something has gone horribly wrong.

What does Ho Seh Bo mean?

Ho Seh Bo? Ho Seh Bo is a greeting which means “How are you?” However this would be better used when speaking to someone who is of the same age or younger. When speaking to an elder you should be using Li Ho Bo which means “Are you well?”

What does Xia Suay mean?

embarrassment or disgrace

(Singapore colloquial Singlish) Causing embarrassment or disgrace to others.

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What is Red China?

From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. Red China may refer to: Communist-controlled China (1927–49) territories held during the Chinese Civil War colloquially used after 1949 (below) People’s Republic of China especially until the 1970s when the Republic of China was widely recognised.

What does CCP stand for?

Acronym Definition
CCP Chinese Communist Party
CCP Certified Compensation Professional
CCP Center for Communication Programs
CCP Community College of Philadelphia

What does the symbol CCC mean?

From Wikipedia the free encyclopedia. The China Compulsory Certificate mark commonly known as a CCC Mark is a compulsory safety mark for many products imported sold or used in the Chinese market.

What does mean in texting?

means “Happy.” I know all about icons.

What is LML in texting?

LML is an internet slang acronym standing for depending on context laughing mad loud or love my life.

How do you spell the word F * * * * * *?

What word starts with E?

5 letter words that start with E
  • eager.
  • eagle.
  • eagre.
  • eared.
  • earls.
  • early.
  • earns.
  • earth.

What is the longest F word?

[ flok-suh-naw-suh-nahy-hil-uh-pil-uh-fi-key-shuhn ] SHOW IPA.

What are the bad f words?

20 F-Words for Describing People
Number F-Word Meaning
1 facetious not being serious about a serious subject
2 faltering not decisive walking unsteadily
3 fanatical overly enthusiastic
4 fastidious hard to please

Does SpongeBob say the F word?

However SpongeBob does not know what the f word means and asks Squidward. … Later that morning Squidward goes to work at The Krusty Krab where he says the f word out loud and calls everyone in the restaurant a fat f word. Mr. Krabs hears this and demands for Squidward to leave his job at The Krusty Krab.

What is GCP slang?

GCP. Now that you know what a ‘Cheesepie’ is GCP means a Gold or Golden Cheesepie. This is usually used to describe materialistic women or women with unrealistic expectations of Singaporean men.

What does CB mean in Singapore?

CB is also known as “chio bu“ a Hokkien phrase which means actually means buxom lady. In the Singaporean context however it is the guys’ favourite phrase to describe the presence of an attractive girl. The everyday Singaporean: A: Eh bro chiobu!

What is Hoseh Bo?

“Ho seh bo?” The Hokkien greeting (equivalent to “how are you?“) is widely-used amongst elderly folk but if you’ve noticed it’s also the title of Mediacorp’s ongoing dialect drama that’s catered to senior citizens in Singapore.

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What is Paiseh in English?

Paiseh (pie-say)

Meaning: A Hokkien way of saying something is embarrassing. Alternatively it’s to express a sense of shame or that you are simply shy.

What color is offensive to Chinese?

Red is strictly forbidden at funerals as it is a traditionally symbolic color of happiness however as the names of the dead were previously written in red it may be considered offensive to use red ink for Chinese names in contexts other than official seals.

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