How To Say Versailles

How is Versailles pronounced in French?


But first timers would be forgiven for pronouncing it “Ver-saylz” given there’s two letters Ls in there. The real pronunciation is more like “Ver-sye”.

Do you pronounce the s in Versailles?

How do you pronounce “Versailles”? For an English speaker phonetically that name is pronounced roughly ”vair-sigh”(trailing consonants like that “s” are mostly silent in French).

How do Americans pronounce Versailles?

Versailles is pronounced “ver-say-elles” according to the publication. Not “Ver-sigh”. Other American cities included in the rundown include Worcester Massachusetts Schenectady New York La Jolla California and more.

How do you say Treaty of Versailles?

How do you spell Versailles in Paris?

a city in and the capital of Yvelines in N France about 12 miles (19 km) SW of Paris: palace of the French kings peace treaty between the Allies and Germany 1919.

What is the correct pronunciation of Louisville?

“Well the city is named for King Louis XVI so LOO-ee-vill is correct but then again so is LOO-a-vul ” Douglas said.

How do you pronounce Antoine?

How do you pronounce Seine River?

How do you pronounce Livres?

How do you pronounce Bastille?

How do you pronounce the name Rousseau?

How do you pronounce Clemenceau?

What was Versailles Treaty?

The Treaty of Versailles was the primary treaty produced by the Paris Peace Conference at the end of World War I. … The treaty gave some German territories to neighbouring countries and placed other German territories under international supervision.

What does it mean to make treaties?

1a : an agreement or arrangement made by negotiation: (1) : a contract in writing between two or more political authorities (such as states or sovereigns) formally signed by representatives duly authorized and usually ratified by the lawmaking authority of the state.

How do you pronounce geyser UK?

What did Versailles mean?

Versailles in British English

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(vɛəˈsaɪ -ˈseɪlz French vɛrsɑj) noun. a city in N central France near Paris: site of an elaborate royal residence built for Louis XIV seat of the French kings (1682–1789).

What symbolizes Versailles?

A symbol of King Louis XIV’s absolute monarchy Versailles was designed to both impress and seduce. … The Palace of Versailles is the symbol for Absolutism during the Ancien Régime. Though originally a small hunting lodge under Louis XIII it became a true palace during the reign of Louis XIV the Sun King.

How do you pronounce Yvelines in French?

How do you say Hebron KY?

How do you say Montpelier Vermont?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Montpelier. m-ah-n-t-p-EE-l-ee-er. …
  2. Meanings for Montpelier. Montpelier is a city in Vermont and it means “Mount Pleasant”.
  3. Synonyms for Montpelier. capital of Vermont. …
  4. Examples of in a sentence. Amid the Pandemic Lawmakers Debate a Return to Montpelier Next Year. …
  5. Translations of Montpelier.

Do you pronounce the V in Shreveport?

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How do you speak Antoinette?

How do you pronounce Francois?

How do you pronounce Place de la Concorde?

How do you pronounce Louvre?

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How do you say Roget de l Isle in English?

What is the meaning of Livres in English?

1 : an old French monetary unit equal to 20 sols. 2 : a coin representing one livre. 3 : the pound of Lebanon and Sudan.

How do French say Happy Bastille Day?

Instead the correct way to greet someone on the day is by saying “Joyeux Quatorze Juillet” or “Bonne Fête Nationale” both of which roughly translate to “have a good national day” in English.

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Is it Le or La Bastille?

It was stormed by a crowd on 14 July 1789 in the French Revolution becoming an important symbol for the French Republican movement. It was later demolished and replaced by the Place de la Bastille.

Why it is called Bastille?

Bastille are named after the Storming of the Bastille in Paris France on 14 July 1789 an event which saw the medieval fortress armoury and political prison invaded.

How do you say the word guillotine?

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