How To Spell Coffin

How do you spell a dead coffin?

the box or case in which the body of a dead person is placed for burial casket.

What is Casquet?

Definitions of casquet. a light open casque without a visor or beaver. synonyms: casquetel. type of: casque. (15-16th century) any armor for the head usually ornate without a visor.

What is the other name for casket?

What is another word for casket?
coffin sarcophagus
catacomb crypt
sepulchreUK mausoleum
grave sepulture
vault sepulcherUS

What part of speech is casket?


part of speech: noun
definition: a box in which a dead person is buried coffin. synonyms: coffin

Why is it named coffin?

The surname Coffin is derived from the Old French words cofin and coffin which in turn come from the Late Latin word cophinus which means basket. … The surname Coffin may also be a nickname derived from the Latin word calvus which means bald.

Why is it called a coffin?

The Coffin

‘Coffin’ comes from the Old French word ‘cofin’ meaning a little basket and in Middle English could refer to a chest casket or even a pie. A coffin at this point (by 1700) was predominantly hexagonal with its traditional six sides tapered at the shoulders and at the feet.

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What is the difference between casket and coffin?

The major difference comes in the shape of the container. Unlike a casket a coffin has six sides and the top of the container is wide than the bottom. … Unlike a casket where the lid is hinged most coffins feature a lid that is removable and lifted off of the container.

What are lady bits called?

(slang) The female genitalia and/or breasts. noun. 1.

What does Oddsbodikins mean?

(ˌɡædzˈbɑdɪkɪnz) interjection. archaic. (a euphemistic form of God’s body used as a mild oath) Also: Oddsbodikins Odsbodikins Odsbodkins.

What is the meaning of casket GREY?

Casket grey means an ancient decorated box. Explanation: A casket is a small rectangular chest wherein valuables and jewels are kept. It is called a grey casket because it belongs to the ancient times. Casket grey belonged to an ancient king named King Tut.

What’s a wooden overcoat?

dated slang To die. (“Wooden overcoat” refers to a coffin.) After he retired he said he wanted to spend his time and money traveling the world before he put on the wooden overcoat.

What are two synonyms for casket?

synonyms for casket
  • bin.
  • carton.
  • case.
  • chest.
  • coffer.
  • crate.
  • pinto.
  • sarcophagus.

What does it mean when someone is Caddy?


adjective. If you say that someone is being catty you mean that they are being unpleasant and unkind. [informal]

What do whirring mean?

: to fly revolve or move rapidly with a whir hummingbirds whirring past. transitive verb. : to move or carry rapidly with a whir. whir. noun.

How do you use the word casket in a sentence?

Casket sentence example
  1. She’d bought her casket months ago and was on a payment plan. …
  2. “Any reason to dig that casket back up?” he asked. …
  3. I wanted to shout something like Dracula is out of his casket and has a thirst for my wife’s A-negative blood but I bit my tongue and begged that this was truly an emergency.

Why are coffins lined with lead?

Members of the Royal Family are traditionally buried in lead-lined coffins because it helps preserve the body for longer. Princess Diana’s coffin weighed a quarter of a tonne due to the amount of lead lining. The lead makes the coffin airtight stopping any moisture from getting in.

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Is coffin an Irish name?

Coffin is an English surname. The House of Coffin is an ancient English family which originated in Devonshire.

Who invented coffins?

The casket industry traces its roots back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia where wood cloth and paper were used to make sarcophagus-style burial boxes. In Europe the Celts began making caskets out of flat stones around the year 700. However for centuries caskets were only used to bury aristocrats and nobility.

Why are people buried 6 feet under?

(WYTV) – Why do we bury bodies six feet under? The six feet under rule for burial may have come from a plague in London in 1665. The Lord Mayor of London ordered all the “graves shall be at least six-foot deep.” … Gravesites reaching six feet helped prevent farmers from accidentally plowing up bodies.

Why do coffins explode?

But dead bodies have a tendency to rot and when they do so above ground the consequences are – to put it nicely — unpleasant. … When the weather turns warm in some cases that sealed casket becomes a pressure cooker and bursts from accumulated gases and fluids of the decomposing body.

What do you call a dead body box?

Dead Body Or Mortuary Freezer Box.

Are caskets reused?

You can still have a traditional viewing at the service but the funeral home won’t charge you as much because they can reuse the casket again. With its removable interior the body never touches the inside of the rental casket and the wooden box can easily be removed after the service for burial and cremation.

What is a half casket?

A half-couch casket is actually the most common type of casket available in most parts of the world today. Its defining feature is its lid that consists of two separate pieces. This allows a family holding a wake or viewing to keep only the top half open allowing mourners to see the deceased’s face and upper body.

How much is a blue casket?

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Where does the term odds bodkins come from?

The first to use ‘odds bodkins’ in something approaching the current spelling was Henry Fielding in Don Quixote in England 1734: “Odsbodlikins… you have a strange sort of a taste.”

What is a relic casket?


What is funerary treasure?

Funerary treasures refer to the valuables or treasures like gems and jewels which were buried along with the king in the pyramid.

What is the meaning of desert sky?

1 a region that is devoid or almost devoid of vegetation esp. because of low rainfall.

What does the word CIST mean?

A cist is a small stone-built coffin-like box or ossuary used to hold the bodies of the dead. … Often ornaments have been found within an excavated cist indicating the wealth or prominence of the interred individual.

What does Pyxis stand for?

Pyxis is a small and faint constellation in the southern sky. Abbreviated from Pyxis Nautica its name is Latin for a mariner’s compass (contrasting with Circinus which represents a draftsman’s compasses).

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What is the synonym of death?

Words related to death

dying decease demise expiration passing cessation curtains end euthanasia extermination extinction finis finish necrosis oblivion quietus release repose termination afterlife.

What is a caddy girl?

The Caddy Girls is a network of extremely attractive female caddies based in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. … They’re available for hire for everyday outings charity tournaments and corporate events. They’re often hired for bachelor parties.

What does it mean for a girl to be caddy?

The definition of catty is someone who is cruel and spiteful or like a cat. An example of catty is a group of women who are constantly hurting each other’s feelings with comments about weight gain. An example of catty is someone who lounges in the sun all day like a cat.

What does Katie corner mean?

Something that is catty-corner or kitty-corner from another thing is placed or arranged diagonally from it. [US] There was a police car catty-corner across the street.

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