(Machinal) Who Does The Young Woman Hug In The Final Episode Of The Play?


What happens to the young woman at the end of machinal?

At the end of the scene she decides to marry George and the lights go off and faint jazz plays into Episode Three. In Episode Three George and Helen enter a hotel room on their honeymoon.

What is the young woman’s name in machinal?

Sophie Treadwell

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What is the last episode in machinal called?

Episode 9: A Machine

Machinal Episode 9: A Machine.” LitCharts.

Is the young woman executed in machinal?

At the end of the play the young woman is executed in the electric chair a machine designed to cause death by sending an electric charge through the human body.

Who really killed Mr Jones machinal?

Taking this to heart Helen murders George one night with the same rudimentary weapon an action that leads to her execution in the electric chair.

How long are Helen and her husband married for while they are still alive in machinal?

During the trial it is revealed that Helen and George lived together for six years without a single quarrel and have had only one child a five year-old girl. The lawyer for the prosecution asks if Helen murdered her husband revealing that someone killed George H.

How old is the young woman in machinal?

23 years old

Young Woman starts as 23 years old and lost in the world but has a sense or a conviction that maybe she deserves more.

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Who was machinal based on?

killer Ruth Snyder

Inspired by the infamous 1927 murder trial of spouse killer Ruth Snyder Machinal is the powerful tale of one woman’s isolation in a life that’s been entirely decided for her. Snyder is trapped first in a dead-end job then forced to marry her boss and have a baby with him.

Who is on the cover of machinal?

Sophie Treadwell

Machinal is a 1928 play by American playwright and journalist Sophie Treadwell inspired by the real-life case of convicted and executed murderer Ruth Snyder.
Setting An office a flat a hotel a hospital a speakeasy a furnished room a drawing room a court room a prison in the dark

What does the filing clerk say repeatedly in episode one in machinal?

The sack!

“The sack!” says the filing clerk. If she accepts though the coworkers speculate that she’ll live a lavish life with breakfast in bed each morning a life in which she doesn’t have to work.

What does the word machinal mean?

archaic. : of or relating to machines : mechanical.

What does the file clerk say in machinal?

The adding clerk says the young woman “doesn’t belong in an office ” and the stenographer pronounces her “inefficient.” The telephone girl thinks the boss George H. Jones has taken a liking to the young woman.

What is the phrase the young woman uses to say her husband died in Machinal?

Jones orders her to breathe saying “Breath is life.” When the young woman recovers enough to question him on this point he says death is “just—no breath.” They both settle back down with their papers and Jones again asks what she is reading.

What time period is Machinal set in?


According to the play Machinal is set in an American city in the 1920s but the specific city is not disclosed.

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How is Machinal expressionism?

Machinal is an example of Expressionist theater a style of performance that aligns itself with the modernist artistic concept of Expressionism which sought to represent not tangible external reality but rather the inner and subjective world of emotions and personal experience.

Who is the husband in machinal?

George H. Jones Character Analysis in Machinal | LitCharts.

Who wrote machinal?

Sophie Treadwell

Why is machinal important?

Machinal represents an important message about being true to oneself making thoughtful life choices and learning from one’s mistakes.

When was machinal published?

September 7 1928

How do you pronounce machinal play?

First things first: The title is pronounced “mash-in-ALL.” Not that star Rebecca Hall director Lyndsey Turner or the rest of the cast and crew necessarily knew that for certain when they all signed on to present the first revival of Sophie Treadwell’s “Machinal” since its 1928 Broadway debut (featuring a young Clark …

What vegetable does the mother want the young woman to eat in machinal?

Interrupting a conversation in which her mother bugs her to eat more potatoes Helen tries to ask something but every time she begins her mother talks at length about how Helen isn’t “grateful.” Finally Helen gets a word in edgewise and tells her mother that George wants to marry her explaining that he fell in love …

Which of the following describes a Metatheatrical play?

Which of the following describes a “metatheatrical” play? This movement attempted to stage a higher level of reality by manifesting the unconscious in the theatre.

What city does machinal take place?

New York City

American Airlines Theater 227 W. 42nd St. A desperate life blazes amid devouring shadows in the Roundabout Theater Company’s intensely stylish revival of “Machinal ” Sophie Treadwell’s fascinating play from 1928 about one woman’s captivity in a hell called New York City.

Who wrote the Metatheatrical play Six Characters in Search of an Author?

writer Luigi Pirandello

Six Characters in Search of an Author is a 1921 play by the Italian writer Luigi Pirandello an important innovator of 20th- century drama.

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Why is machinal called machinal?

“Machinal” is an archaic English word meaning “of or pertaining to machines.” Typing machines adding machines and later an electric chair all play an important role in Sophie Treadwell’s stage play Machinal (1928). The title also refers to the mechanical way in which the characters live their lives.

Is machinal a word?

Of or pertaining to machines. In the manner or style of a machine.

What does it mean to do something mechanically?

When you do something mechanically you do it in a routine automatic way without much thought or feeling.

Is machinal a feminist?

It’s an early feminist story and the elements are drawn from the story of Ruth Snyder who solved her marital unhappiness with a lover and then by murdering her husband. Snyder and her lover were executed after a sensational trial covered by many famous writers.

What is the conflict in machinal?

The play’s major conflict is between the machines and humanity.

What are the themes of machinal?

Hopelessness and despair are the primary emotional themes that run through Machinal.

Who is George H Jones?

Biologist and biology professor George H. Jones was born February 21 1942 in Muskogee Oklahoma. He received his B.A. degree in biochemical sciences from Harvard University in 1963. … After this he moved on to the University of Geneva in Switzerland where he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in 1971.

Where is Sophie Treadwell from?

Stockton California United States

Where did Sophie Treadwell live?

Sophie Anita Treadwell was born in Stockton California on October 3 1885. Her father walked out on the family home while Treadwell was a young child and she moved with her mother to San Francisco in 1902.


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