The Outer Worlds How Many Planets

The Outer Worlds How Many Planets?

If you’ve spent any time with The Outer Worlds you’ve no doubt cast a longing gaze at its map of the Halcyon system. There are seven planets throughout Halcyon (Terra 1 is technically a moon but shut up) though only three are available to visit.Feb 2 2020

Can you get to all the planets in The Outer Worlds?

As of right now you can’t explore any of the four locked planets shown on your Halcyon map in The Outer Worlds. The quick answer to the question of whether you can explore locked planets in The Outer Worlds is no you can’t.

What planets can you not go to in outer worlds?

Or at the very least they’ll be ripe locations for explorations in a sequel to The Outer Worlds. The planets currently locked are Eridanos Hephaestus Olympus and Typhon. Besides being locked away from players these planets have a different common thread—Greek mythology.

Is there an end to outer worlds?

The Outer Worlds essentially has three different endings: the good ending “Save the Hope” the bad ending “Sacrifice the Hope” and the crash and burn ending because of course there’s got to be a way to sink even lower than the plain old “bad” ending.

Can you go to Hephaestus in outer worlds?

Though players haven’t been able to visit Hephaestus there are references to it throughout the game. The description on the map for the planet lets players know that it’s home to the Hephaestus Mining Company who were the first to land on the planet and claim it as their own.

Will outer worlds have DLC?

The Outer Worlds’ second DLC expansion will release before April 2021 publisher Take-Two recently revealed. … The first expansion for The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon is launching for the Switch on February 10 while it previously launched for consoles and PC in September 2020.

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How many outer world DLCs are there?

two DLCs

The Outer Worlds debuted in 2019 and was well-received by critics and fans. Its positive reception even led to the release of two DLCs Peril on Gorgon and Murder on Eridanos. The former released in September 2020 while the latter released this month.

How long is outer world?

The Outer Worlds has enough content to make a full completion run seem significantly longer than just playing the story but not enough for things to grow tiresome. The average completionist will take about 37 hours to do everything. Yet if you like to take your time you may need to set aside up to 70 hours.

Can you fly in The Outer Worlds?

Unfortunately not. You can’t really fly in The Outer Worlds. There are no jet packs partly because you’re not exploring one open world you’re exploring chunks of a world. You wouldn’t be able to soar over a town because the town isn’t there when you pass through a town’s gates the game’s loading a separate area.

How long are outer worlds DLC?

If you choose to play through both of the DLC questlines too then you’re looking at another 12 to 14 hours being added on bringing that total to roughly 55 hours.

What happens if you turn Welles in?

Turning him in sets you off on a path siding with the mega-corporations and maintaining the status quo rather than fighting the system or improving lives. It frankly seems like this is the black-hat path that will lead to the “bad” ending.

Can you play outer worlds after you beat it?

What to do in Outer Worlds After Beating the Game. Once players reach a Point of No Return in Outer Worlds they are not able to complete any side quests they may have missed prior to the endgame. They can however reload an old save file and go back to finish anything they may have missed or continue playing.

Can you beat outer worlds without killing anyone?

The Outer Worlds is an RPG built on player choice and consequences but there’s no way to officially beat the game without scoring some kills. Players can make a lot of choices in The Outer Worlds but there’s no option to complete the game without killing anyone.

Can you romance in outer worlds?

Unfortunately there are no romance options in The Outer Worlds. Although you can recruit Companions to join your crew aboard The Unreliable there’s no way you can engage in any sort of serious relationship with them.

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Can you go to Eridanos?

Players will be able to travel to Eridanos once they get gain access to the landing pad at Stellar Bay on Monarch. This means that finishing the game is not necessary and players will be able to access the new content by speaking to ADA as soon as the landing pad is unlocked.

Can you get a house in outer worlds?

If you are enjoying The Outer Worlds so much that you want to set down some roots you can get your own home. While you do have the Unreliable your ship you can also get a lovely house in Fallbrook on Monarch. But you will need the Fallbrook Domicile Key.

What’s next for outer worlds?

What is The Outer Worlds 2 release date? Given the first game released in October 2019 it’s unlikely The Outer Worlds 2 will release before Holiday 2022 at the earliest and may well be planned for 2023.

Is there a max level in outer worlds?

The new DLC added three new levels upping up the level cap to 36. The rough estimates to attain those three levels clock in at an average of seven hours of game time. It’s worth noting that without the DLCs Outer Worlds only has a level cap of 30.

How many expansions are planned for outer worlds?

Murder of Eridanos is the second and final expansion for The Outer Worlds. Obsidian Entertainment has announced that The Outer Worlds’ second and final expansion – Murder on Eridanos – will be released on March 17 2021.

What level should I start peril on Gorgon?

While there isn’t any specific level lock the developers recommend leveling up your character to at least level 30 before setting off on the latest adventure.

Is the outer worlds DLC free?

‘Peril on Gorgon’ the first DLC for ‘The Outer Worlds’ arrives after a long wait. … Back in October 2019 The Outer Worlds was a real surprise. It proved to be an incredible game–one made “free” on day one through Xbox Game Pass–and was rightly praised by players but didn’t get the awards recognition it deserved.

How long does it take to 100% The Outer Worlds?

When focusing on the main objectives The Outer Worlds is about 13 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game you are likely to spend around 37 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How big is Outerworlds?

Storage: 40 GB available space.

Why is outer worlds so short?

The small scale of The Outer Worlds was meant to encourage people to replay it to experience the branching narrative options but it definitely felt like there was something missing. “We had to make one cut too many. All through the project we were making cuts.

Does The Outer Worlds have vehicles?

There are no land cars or anything in that nature of the game.

Is outer worlds better than Fallout?

As far as the gameplay is concerned Obsidian and Bethesda’s games are roughly equal. The Outer Worlds has marginally better quest diversity but Bethesda’s Fallout games have better miscellaneous tasks. … In this regard The Outer Worlds is superior. Every character from companion to villain is very well written.

Is there a flashlight in outer worlds?

Unfortunately there’s no flashlight in Outer Worlds. You’re currently destined to explore all of the planets you visit on your adventure in natural light… or total darkness given your need for a flashlight.

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How long does it take to finish Subnautica?

When focusing on the main objectives Subnautica is about 29 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game you are likely to spend around 55½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How many hours Peril on Gorgon?

How long does it take to beat Peril on Gorgon in The Outer Worlds? The estimated time to complete all 10 Peril on Gorgon achievements for The Outer Worlds is 8-10 hours. This estimate is based on the median completion time from 238 TrueAchievements members that have completed the add-on.

What happens if you tell Udom where Phineas is?

When you try to hand Phineas Welles over to Udom Bedford he’ll first think it’s too good to be true so you’ll have to prove your devotion to the Board. … Udom Bedford will give you passage to Byzantium the seat of power in Halcyon where you’ll immediately get to meet with a high-ranking official.

Who Phineas Welles?

Phineas Vernon Welles is a fugitive scientist wanted by the Halcyon Holdings Corporate Board for crimes against the Halcyon colony. In 2355 he breached the colony ship Hope and rescued the Stranger to help him liberate the other colonists.

Is Felix good outer worlds?

Despite his sympathetic past Felix isn’t as endearing as most of the companions and often comes off as whiny and annoying. That said Felix is a decent member to have around especially if you’re not as experienced in the persuasion skill.

What is the point of no return outer worlds?

Going to Tartarus is the point of no return so if there’s any side content you’ve left undone – now’s the time to do it. Once you reach the prison make your way through the complex until you come across Chairman Rockwell. He will confront you and your party and you can either convince him to let you go or kill him.

Can you knock people out in outer worlds?

Knockout is a Debuff in The Outer Worlds. Combat Stats are passives stats objects or abilities that affect how the player interacts with the world.

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