What Are The Two Longest Rivers In The United States

What is one of the two longest rivers in the United States?

The two longest rivers in the United States are the Mississippi River and the Missouri River. The Mississippi River runs through ten U.S. states.

What are the first 2 longest rivers?

Rank River Length (miles)
1. Nile–White Nile–Kagera–Nyabarongo–Mwogo–Rukarara 4 130 (4 404)
2. Amazon–Ucayali–Tambo–Ene–Mantaro 3 976 (4 345)
3. Yangtze–Jinsha–Tongtian–Dangqu (Chang Jiang) 3 917 (3 988)
4. Mississippi–Missouri–Jefferson–Beaverhead–Red Rock–Hell Roaring 3 902

Which one is the longest river in America?

Mississippi River the longest river of North America draining with its major tributaries an area of approximately 1.2 million square miles (3.1 million square km) or about one-eighth of the entire continent. The Mississippi River lies entirely within the United States.

Which is longer the Mississippi or Missouri River?

Length. The Mississippi River is the second longest river in North America flowing 2 350 miles from its source at Lake Itasca through the center of the continental United States to the Gulf of Mexico. The Missouri River a tributary of the Mississippi River is about 100 miles longer.

Is the Missouri River the longest river in the US?

Missouri: America’s Longest River

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The Missouri River will travel more than 2 300 miles before it joins the Mississippi in its namesake state at St. Louis forming the world’s fourth longest river system as it rolls south to the Gulf of Mexico. … Its significance to American culture past and future cannot be overstated.

What is the difference between longest and largest river?

Nile is the longest river in the world but not the largest. Amazon River is the largest river in the world. Amazon is the largest river in the world. Many of you are confused that it is Amazon or the Nile but to clarify this remember that Nile is the longest river but the largest river in the world is Amazon.

Which is longest river in world?

  • Nile: 4 132 miles.
  • Amazon: 4 000 miles.
  • Yangtze: 3 915 miles.

What is the longest free flowing river in the United States?

Yellowstone River
1) Yellowstone River Montana At 692-miles-long the Yellowstone River in Montana is the longest free-flowing river in the contiguous U.S. Starting high in the mountains of Yellowstone National Park the river flows uninterrupted until it meets up with the Missouri near Williston North Dakota.

Is the Columbia River bigger than the Mississippi?

The Mississippi River – 593 000 cubic feet per second. … Lawrence River – 348 000 cubic feet per second. The Ohio River – 281 000 cubic feet per second. The Columbia River -265 000 cubic feet per second.

Is the Mississippi river longer than the Nile?

The information in different sources is between parentheses. Nile River in Egypt.

List of rivers longer than 1000 km.
River Mississippi – Missouri
Length (km) 6 270 (6 420)
Length (miles) 3 896 (3 989)
Drainage area (km²) 2 980 000
Outflow Gulf of Mexico

What is the longest north flowing river in the United States?


The Missouri is the longest river in the US – North America.

The headwaters of the Missouri are located where the Jefferson Madison and Gallatin rivers meet in the Rocky Mountains in Montana 1 200 metres above sea level. It flows into the Mississippi river as its main tributary 16 kilometres from the city of St.

What is the fastest flowing river?


It is also known as volume velocity or volume flow rate. River discharge is measured in cubic feet per second or meters cubic per second.

Which Are The Fastest Rivers In The World?
Rank River Average discharge (m3/s)
1 Amazon 2 09 000
2 Congo 41 200
3 Ganges – Brahmaputra – Meghna 38 129
4 Orinoco 37 000

Which state has the most rivers?


The state with the largest total area of water is Alaska which has 94 743 square miles of water. Alaska contains approximately 12 000 rivers 3 million lakes larger than 5 acres and numerous creeks and ponds accounting for more than 14% of the state’s total area. What is this?

In what state is the Snake River?

The Snake River originates in Wyoming and arcs across southern Idaho before turning north along the Idaho-Oregon border. The river then enters Washington and flows west to the Columbia River. It is the Columbia’s largest tributary an important source of irrigation water for potatoes sugar beets and other crops.

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What is not one of the five longest rivers in the US?

But when it comes to length not all deserve bragging rights. Montana’s 201-foot Roe River is the shortest river in the U.S. coming nowhere near the five longest which are the Missouri (2 341 miles) the Mississippi (2 202 miles) the Yukon (1 979 miles) the Rio Grande (1 759 miles) and the Colorado (1 450 miles).

What river runs through Great Falls Montana?

the Missouri River

Great Falls (Missouri River)
Great Falls of the Missouri River
Location Cascade County Montana U.S.
Coordinates 47°34′12″N 111°07′23″WCoordinates: 47°34′12″N 111°07′23″W
Total height 187 feet (57 m)
Number of drops 5

Is the river Nile the longest river in the world?

Nile River Arabic Baḥr Al-Nīl or Nahr Al-Nīl the longest river in the world called the father of African rivers. It rises south of the Equator and flows northward through northeastern Africa to drain into the Mediterranean Sea.

What is the longest river in the world 2021?

The Nile River is the longest in the world. Whereas Amazon is the largest river in the world.

Top 10 Longest Rivers in the World 2021.
Name of the Rivers Nile
Length of the River in (km) 6650
Drain Mediterranean Sea
Location of the River Africa

Which river is the 15th longest river in the world?

List of the longest rivers in the world
Rank River Length in Kilometers
12 The Mekong River 4 350
13 Mackenzie–Slave–Peace–Finlay 4 241
14 Niger 4 200
15 Brahmaputra River 3 848

Is the Amazon River the 2nd longest river in the world?

Amazon River of South America is the second longest river in the world with a length of 6 400 km. But it is by far the largest river by water flow with an average discharge greater than the next seven largest rivers combined. It flows through Brazil Peru Bolivia Colombia Ecuador Venezuela and Guyana.

Which country in the world has no river?

The Vatican is an extremely unusual country in that it is actually a religious city within another country. As it is only a city it has almost no natural terrain within it and therefore no natural rivers.

Which river is longer Nile or Amazon?

The Amazon is considered the world’s largest river by volume but scientists have believed it is slightly shorter than Africa’s Nile. The Brazilian scientists’ 14-day expedition extended the Amazon’s length by about 176 miles (284 kilometers) making it 65 miles (105 kilometers) longer than the Nile.

What is the longest undammed river west of the Mississippi?

I did not hear the river sing. But maybe what I experienced was more magical than a Singing River. Running for 130 kms through the Gulf Coastal plain in southeastern Mississippi and southwestern Alabama Pascagoula is the largest undammed free-flowing river (by volume) in the continental United States.

What is the fastest moving river in the United States?

Off the Atlantic seaboard of the United States the Gulf Stream flows at a rate nearly 300 times faster than the typical flow of the Amazon River. The velocity of the current is fastest near the surface with the maximum speed typically about 5.6 miles per hour (nine kilometers per hour).

Which rivers carry the most water?

By far Brazil’s Amazon River carries more water to the sea than any other river in the world. The discharge at the mouth of the river is about seven million cubic feet (170 000 cubic meters) per second which is about four times the flow of the Congo in Africa the river ranked second in terms of discharge.

What river is between Washington and Oregon?

Columbia River Basin
The Columbia River Basin covers 258 000 square miles and includes parts of seven states and one Canadian province. In its 1 200 mile course to the ocean the river flows through four mountain ranges and drains more water to the Pacific Ocean than any other river in North or South America.

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What is the length of the Amazon River?

6 436 km

What is the world’s shortest river?

The Roe River
There you will find what The Guinness Book of World Records has called the shortest river in the world. The Roe River measures an average 201 feet in length.May 5 2019

What is the name of the longest river on the continent which is bordered by the Arctic Ocean Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea?

Considered to be the longest river in the world the Nile flows northward through the tropical climate of eastern Africa and into the Mediterranean Sea.

What are the only two rivers in the world that flow north?

Johns River and the Nile River are the only two rivers in the world that flow north.” In this editorial he explains that there are hundreds of rivers that flow north and in fact the St.

What river flows backwards in the US?

The Chicago River Actually Flows Backwards. In this week’s Maphead Ken Jennings explores how a canal changed the river’s flow from north to south. It’s only the third most populous city in America—and in danger of falling into fourth place behind Houston next decade if current trends hold.

What river flows north in United States?

The New River is unique among North Carolina rivers for several reasons. It is believed to be the only major river in the United States to flow north.

What is the strongest river?

Amazon River – The Most Powerful River on Earth.

What US state has the most lakes?

state of Alaska

Although it is known as the Land of 10 000 Lakes the state of Alaska holds the record for sheer number of natural lakes by number. What is this? Alaska is the state with the most naturally formed lakes containing 3 197 lakes and over 3 million unnamed lakes.

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