What Argument Did Southerners Give In Support Of Slave Labor?

What Argument Did Southerners Give In Support Of Slave Labor??

What argument did Southerners give in support of slave labor? They argued that slave labor was superior because slaves and slaveholders depended on one another.

What was the South’s main argument in support of slavery?

Defenders of slavery argued that the sudden end to the slave economy would have had a profound and killing economic impact in the South where reliance on slave labor was the foundation of their economy. The cotton economy would collapse. The tobacco crop would dry in the fields. Rice would cease being profitable.

What was the South stance on slavery?

Slavery was an integral part of southern life. Many southern politicians journalists and economists began to argue that the northern free labor system harmed society more than slavery did. Southerners claimed that enslaved people were healthier and happier than northern wage workers.

How did the southerners respond to the issue of slavery?

Most white Southerners reacted to defeat and emancipation with dismay. Many families had suffered the loss of loved ones and the destruction of property. Some thought of leaving the South altogether or retreated into nostalgia for the Old South and the Lost Cause of the Confederacy.

How did Southerners justify slavery quizlet?

White Southerners justified slavery by saying that someone needed to produce all the cotton and without the slaves no one would do it and the cotton kingdom would fall apart. They believed without slavery blacks would become violent and that slavery provided a sense of order.

Why did Southerners feel it vital to extend slavery into new territories?

Why did Southerners want to increase the number of slave states? In the 1840s southerners wanted to be able to extend slavery into new territories so that they could maintain the balance of power in Congress. … Northerners in general became more opposed to slavery.

How did Northerners and Southerners view slavery?

Northerners held mixed views on slavery. Some called abolitionists opposed slavery and its expansion. … Many white southerners supported not only the continuation but also the expansion of slavery. The southern economy and way of life largely depended on enslaved labor.

How did most white Southerners view the practice of slavery?

How did most white Southerners view the practice of slavery? They saw slavery as a “positive good” for enslaved workers. How did the cotton gin impact the growth and harvesting of cotton? … Innovations in agricultural technology increased cotton production meaning Southern plantations needed more enslaved workers.

Why did Southern states oppose slavery?

slavery was an issue of social justice. … The southern States who are dependent on slave labour were strongly opposed to this because the all parts of South what dependent on slave labour and slave trade which is an main dependent control of South States.

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How did Southerners react to reconstruction?

After 1867 an increasing number of southern whites turned to violence in response to the revolutionary changes of Radical Reconstruction. The Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist organizations targeted local Republican leaders white and Black and other African Americans who challenged white authority.

Why did the north and south disagree on slavery?

The issue of slavery caused tension between the North and the South. … Some Northern workers and immigrants opposed slavery because it was an economic threat to them. Because slaves did not work for pay free workers feared that managers would employ slaves rather than them.

How did Southerners feel about reconstruction?

Most Southerners were dead set against Reconstruction. They felt it was an attack on their whole way of life. They also believed that it was a violation of states’ rights an unwarranted interference by the victorious North in its affairs.

What was the main argument that Southerners made in defense of slavery quizlet?

What was the main argument that Southerners made in defense of slavery? the principle of popular sovereignty should be consistently applied in the remaining territories.

How did many Southerners defend the institution of slavery quizlet?

Regardless of slave-holding status economic status and living situation white southerners defended the “peculiar institution” of slavery because they believed that it was an economic and moral good. … They believed that black people were made inferior so slave labor suited them perfectly.

How did the South justify slavery Apush?

Southern who defended slavery by arguing that Northern “wage slavery” was more exploitative than African- American slavery. He also argued that whites were protecting slaves from a competitive world in which slaves were ill-equipped to survive.

Why did Southerners support the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

Why did Southerners support the Kansas-Nebraska Act? The Popular Sovereignty clause in the Act meant the territories might allow slavery and enter the Union as slave states. … Under the Missouri Compromise slavery had not been allowed in the territories of Kansas or Nebraska now that ban could be lifted.

How did Southerners view slavery and its expansion in the mid nineteenth century quizlet?

How did southerners view slavery and its expansion in the mid-nineteenth century? Southerners believed that slavery was like any other form of property and therefore could expand into newly acquired territory.

Why did Southerners want to expand slavery westward?

The South was convinced that the survival of their economic system which intersected with almost every aspect of Southern life lay exclusively in the ability to create new plantations in the western territories which meant that slavery had to be kept safe in those same territories especially as Southerners …

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Why did Southern states support slavery quizlet?

Southerners defended slavery vigorously arguing that it allowed for a stable society supported by happy and well cared-for enslaved workers. They published texts asserting these claims. You just studied 81 terms!

Why did the Southern states secede and what was the North’s response?

Southern states seceded after Lincoln’s election then because they felt that his election showed they had no power in the USA and that the North would soon destroy their way of life that centered around slavery.

Why did some northerners support slavery?

All Northerners wanted slavery to be legal in the North. … All Northerners accepted slavery as a necessary evil. b. Some Northerners made money from Southern cotton.

Why did white planters dominate and control Southern society?

Why did white planters dominate and control Southern society? They worked their own land which was valued in a rural society. They worked other people’s land and were more numerous than other groups. … They controlled the large manufacturing industries in the South.

Which best defines the Southern code during the slavery era?

Which best defines the Southern code during the slavery era? White Southerners believed women should not do certain chores and gentlemen should not do manual labor.

How did the practice of using enslaved workers support the Southern economy?

How did the practice of using enslaved workers support the Southern economy? Enslaved workers harvested crops on plantations which helped the South’s agriculture-based economy. … Innovations in agricultural technology increased cotton production meaning Southern plantations needed more enslaved workers.

What were some reasons for Southern states to secede from the union?

Many maintain that the primary cause of the war was the Southern states’ desire to preserve the institution of slavery. Others minimize slavery and point to other factors such as taxation or the principle of States’ Rights.

Who ended slavery?

President Abraham Lincoln

In 1862 President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation declaring “all persons held as slaves… shall be then thenceforward and forever free ” effective January 1 1863. It was not until the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution in 1865 that slavery was formally abolished ( here ).

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What did the South mean by states rights?

It was federal power championed by the South that protected slavery. … According to the standard version of history states’ rights was a doctrine invented by Southern politicians to perpetuate slavery.

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Why did Southerners fight in the Civil War?

Civil War wasn’t to end slavery Purposes: The South fought to defend slavery. The North’s focus was not to end slavery but to preserve the union. … IT IS GENERALLY accepted that the Civil War was the most important event in American history.

How did Southerners react to the Emancipation Proclamation?

Domestically reactions were mixed. Predictably Southern newspapers denounced the action and reported that Jefferson Davis had announced that the confederate army would no longer exchange hostages and would kill rather than taking hostage any African-American soliders.

Why did Southern planters and merchants oppose reconstruction and the new state governments?

Why did southern planters and merchants oppose Reconstruction and the new state governments? Reconstruction governments were corrupt. Southern whites could not accept the idea of blacks’ equality. Poor southern whites did not experience the improvement to their economic situation as they had hoped.

What did the North and South think about slavery?

The North wanted to block the spread of slavery. They were also concerned that an extra slave state would give the South a political advantage. The South thought new states should be free to allow slavery if they wanted.

What was the southern economy based upon?

There was great wealth in the South but it was primarily tied up in the slave economy. In 1860 the economic value of slaves in the United States exceeded the invested value of all of the nation’s railroads factories and banks combined. On the eve of the Civil War cotton prices were at an all-time high.

What name was given to Southerners who supported the Northern Reconstruction efforts in the south?

scalawag after the American Civil War a pejorative term for a white Southerner who supported the federal plan of Reconstruction or who joined with black freedmen and the so-called carpetbaggers in support of Republican Party policies.

How do you think the southerners felt about military rule by northern generals?

They felt like the South had lost control or influence over national politics… they felt things were hopeless because the North could do anything if had the power to elect a president without the permission of the South).

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