What Can I Feed My Chameleon Besides Crickets

What Can I Feed My Chameleon Besides Crickets?

Chameleons can eat:
  • Crickets.
  • Worms including: silkworms calcium worms earth worms buffalo worms morios butter worms meal worms wax worms bamboo worms and pachnoda grubs.
  • Cockroaches.
  • Locusts.
  • Indian stick insects.

What can chameleons eat besides insects?

Normal Diet for Chameleons

However chameleons get bored eating the same meals daily so adding some variety keeps them interested in eating. That variety can include live flies roaches grasshoppers and spiders. Depending on the chameleon species the diet can also be spiced up with snails or slugs or even baby mice.

What are chameleons favorite food?

The best chameleon diet

Chameleons happily live on a diet of live crickets meal worms roaches and other insects. Silk worms and wax worms are favorites but because they are fatty should not comprise a majority of a chameleon’s food.

What is a good substitute for crickets?

Wax worms meal worms trevo worms and fruit flies are all available and make good alternatives to crickets. Moth larva beetles silk worms and springtails are other options.

Do chameleons have to eat crickets?

Chameleons in the wild eat a varied diet of insects but in captivity they often do not get all of the nutrients that they need. Chameleons require a varied diet of crickets and other insects that have been gut loaded and dusted with vitamins.

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What can I feed my veiled chameleon?


Veiled chameleons eat insects (crickets mealworms Dubia roaches hornworms CalciWorms and waxworms) and vegetables (leafy greens). How often should I feed my veiled chameleon? Juveniles should be fed 1–2 times a day and adults should be fed every other day.

What is a chameleon diet?

Chameleons generally eat insects such as locusts mantids grasshoppers stick insects and crickets. Some larger chameleons also eat small birds and other lizards. … Even small chameleons are able to eat large insects.

Will chameleons eat dried crickets?

Chameleons need to eat a diet primarily made up of insects. You have the choice of either feeding them live food or prepackaged dried insects.

Can chameleons eat iceberg lettuce?

Iceberg lettuce has practically zero nutritional value at all. By giving it to the crickets you are basically feeding them water. This will not do your chameleon any favors and without good nutritional content will cause it harm over time.

Can chameleons eat blueberries?

Fruit for Your Chameleon

Certain types of fruits can be a good supplement to a chameleon’s diet. Choose fruits that are high in nutrients and that possess a high calcium to low phosphorus ratio. Some fruits in this category are apples peaches blueberries prickly pear cactus mango melons bananas and cantaloupe.

Can I feed my frog wild crickets?

Adult pet frogs generally eat insects and other small bugs. Crickets mealworms hornworms waxworms flightless fruit flies grasshoppers and pinky mice (for larger individuals) all should be a part of their diet. … You should not feed your frog wild-caught or dead bugs.

What can I substitute for crickets bearded dragon?

The Best Insects to Feed Bearded Dragons
  • Dubia Roaches.
  • Goliath Worms.
  • Wax Worms.
  • Mealworms.
  • Crickets.
  • Phoenix Worms.
  • Butterworms.
  • Earthworms.

What can I feed my bearded dragon if I don’t have crickets?

Bearded Dragons can eat a wide range of live food such as crickets mealworms and kingworms vegetables such as sweet potato and pepper and leafy greens such as kale and parsley . They can also eat limited amounts of fruit. Greens vegetables and limited fruit make up the other 20% to 25% of their diet.

How do you make a chameleon feed Cup?

Are mealworms bad for chameleons?

A Chameleon’s diet should primarily consist of mealworms crickets and a mixture of dark leafy greens. … Chameleons need to be fed twice daily once first thing in the morning and once mid-afternoon. Juvenile Chameleons will be fed small mealworms 3/8” crickets and finely chopped greens.

Are silkworms good for chameleons?

Silkworms are an excellent choice as PART of a varied diet. Although you CAN gutload silkworms on more than mulberry they still arent as easily and widely gutloadable as say crickets and roaches and they do not provide needed chinton. Silkworms are great if they form 20-40% of your chameleons diet.

Can veiled chameleons eat fruit?

Fruit can also form part of your Chameleons diet depending on the species. Veiled (Yemen) Chameleons will eat fruit and veg however Panther Chameleons usually won’t.

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Do chameleons like Dubia roaches?

Most chameleons are insectivores meaning they prefer to eat only insects. … Veiled chameleons still love to eat crickets & dubia roaches however so you can use them as a primary staple in the chameleon diet!

What kind of vegetables can chameleons eat?

Not many/all chameleons eat veggies etc. but you can feed veileds greens (dandelions collards kale endive escarole etc.) and veggies (carrots squash sweet potatoes sweet red peppers zucchini etc.) and a small amount of fruit (pears apple melon berries etc.)

Can you feed chameleons pinkies?

Chameleons will take vertebrate prey such as lizards pinkie mice and small birds. … Obviously the larger the chameleon the more likely that they will eat another lizard or even pinkie mouse.

Can chameleons eat parsley?

When it comes to gut loading don’t offer fruits to insects. Feed your insects two or three from these lists each gut loading session to get a wide variety of nutrients in them for your chameleon to eat. …

Can a chameleon eat chicken?

It is not healthy to give meat chicken mouse rats other lizards. They are very hard to be digested. This could lead to gout kidney failure digestive ulceration anal prolapse-etc. Chameleons are insectivores and you should just feed them well gutloaded live inscets.

Can chameleons eat green bottle flies?

Adult Bottle Flies and House Flies can be given to chameleons tree frogs anoles and other exotic pets as enrichment – a mentally stimulating addition to a nutritious diet! Place the adult Bottle Flies in the fridge for several minutes to slow them down making moving them into your pet’s enclosure much easier!

Can chameleons hear?

Chameleons have the poorest hearing of all lizards. They aren’t completely deaf but you may wonder if your chameleon can hear you talking.

Can you freeze crickets for chameleons?

THE Crickets Stay individually Frozen even in a freezer bag! NOW.. when I want to feed my reps I go to the the freezer open a bag and take out a 5-10 crickets as needed and let them defrost for about 5 mins or so.

Can veiled chameleons eat raspberries?

Young chameleons eat fruit flies. The plant component can include various flowers hibiscus apples grapes strawberries raspberries tomatoes lettuce cucumbers carrots etc. … Chameleons drink only running or dripping water because they are not adapted to drink standing water from a bowl.

Can chameleons be vegetarian?

The chameleon is generally an omnivorous animal although some chameleon species are known to have a more carnivorous diet and other chameleon species prefer to be vegetarians.

Can chameleons swim?

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Sure they can swim. If they are swimming for there lives.

Can chameleons eat tomatoes?

It is advised to never attempt to feed tomatoes to chameleons because they can make them sick. However you can use the gut-load method to feed your insects with tomato. The acidic content isn’t that high and insects will enjoy tomatoes.

Can chameleons eat Rolly Pollies?

Chameleon Enthusiast

Be aware that rollie pollies are heavy metal bioacumulators can eat vegetation that could be harmful to your chameleon and can also carry parasites. While these are definately a favourite of many chameleons its best to use captive bred ones. You can use wild ones to start your breeding colony.

Do chameleons have teeth?

Chameleons have teeth that are specifically made for crunching insects. They are sharp and tiny. Chameleon teeth are so tiny that they are difficult to see with the naked eye! … Unlike humans chameleons do not have replacement teeth.

Will frogs eat dried mealworms?

Mealworms wax-worms and red wigglers are good insects to feed frogs. Offer worms in small quantities as a part of a varied diet. Mealworms are high in starch which can cause liver damage. Wax-worms are high in fat which can cause obesity.

Can crickets hurt frogs?

If the frog wasn’t eating when you dangled crickets in front of it it most likely just doesn’t want to eat from your hand or whatever. Like everyone else mentioned don’t kill the crickets because frogs definitely want live moving food to chase.

What can I feed a wild caught frog?

While crickets are the most common frog food it is important to offer your frog a varied diet including grasshoppers locusts mealworms and for some larger species small mice. You can buy live reptile food at your local pet store to feed your frog or you can raise your own crickets to cut down on cost.

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