What Direction Gets The Most Sun


What Direction Gets The Most Sun?


Which direction has the most sun?

The main advantage of a south-facing house or garden is the amount of sunlight you’ll enjoy. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west the south side of any house will see the most hours of sunlight during the day – especially in the Northern Hemisphere – so a south-facing garden takes advantage of this.

What direction should a house face to get the most sun?

Plan your site so that the widest sides of your house also face north and south. This usually means that the ends of the roof ridge line on a rectangular house will point to the east and west. To capture the sun’s light and warmth plan to use a larger expanse of windows on the south side than the north.

Which direction gets less sun?

North-facing gardens get the least amount of sun exposure. If they’re close to your home they might be entirely shaded all day.

Does east or west get more sun?

Natural Light

It’s also important to note that because the sun rises in the east and sets in the west east-facing homes will receive the most morning sun.

Do north facing houses get any sun?

There is nothing better than a home lit by natural light during the day. It feels fresh and cosy at the same time. Unfortunately a north-facing home will not have a lot of sunlight streaming in through the windows. Due to all the shade the house inside will be a bit gloomy especially in the afternoon.

Why north facing house is so popular?

North-facing aspect

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North or north-east facing properties are considered the most desirable because they get the most direct sunlight through the day especially in winter when the sun is at its lowest. In an urban area where sunlight is at a premium this can make a world of difference.

Is it better for a house to face north or south?

Typically a south-facing home gets sun for most of the day especially at the front of the house and is therefore usually brighter and warmer. A north-facing home gets sun at the back of the house and is typically darker and naturally cooler than a south-facing one.

Why is west-facing house not good?

It’s a common myth thatwest-facing homes are not as auspicious as north and east-facing homes. … However according to Vastu Shastra all homesare considered equally auspicious and there is no such thing that west-facinghomes are not as good as north or east-facing homes.

Does north side get sun?

The exterior wall of a house facing due north receives no direct sun at all in winter but full sun in summer. … Some sun will hit plants on a north-facing slope in winter unless it is an extremely steep slope but the overall intensity of heat and light is still much less than a south-facing slope.

Why are southern windows facing?

Make the most of light and heat using the Sun’s seasonal cycles. … In this section of the globe windows should ideally face South in order to consistently face the Sun allowing them to make the most of solar gain by letting natural light shine through while absorbing heat.

Is north facing garden good?

North-facing gardens

This garden will have areas of shade for much of the day. Though north-facing surfaces like back of the house will get decent evening sun from May-Oct. All but the most heat-loving plants enjoy midday shade which also stops pale colours burning out.

Why is south facing house bad?

South-facing homes are generally considered inauspicious and get the bad rap many times due to the belief that Lord Yama the God of Death lives in the dakshina or South direction. However the truth is Vastu shastra does not specify a direction as being good or bad.

Why does south Facing get more sun?

Why does a south facing garden get more sun? The reason why a south facing garden gets more sun is all down to the fact that we sit at around 51° latitude in London. This means that although the sun rises in the east and sets in the west it doesn’t go directly over the top of your house.

Do north facing windows get light?

North-facing windows tend to not have much direct sunlight at all and therefore will be a more darker but even-lit room. North facing windows are perfect for people that don’t like too much direct sunlight. South/North-facing windows will have more of a cooler-toned light.

Do west-facing windows get sun?

West-facing windows.

West windows get the full afternoon and evening sun which can be surprisingly strong in the summer. Although they don’t get the same intensity of light as southern exposures a west-facing window is a good place for your sun-loving plants.

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What is the best facing garden for sun?

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west so if you stand facing the end of the garden and the sun rises to your left and sets to your right you are facing south. At its highest point the sun is directly south. That’s why having a south facing garden is usually considered preferable to a north facing garden.

Will a north facing balcony get sun?

The orientation of a balcony is the most vital factor. If it faces north it will never get direct sunlight and will be a much less desirable place to sit out on. If it faces east it will be lovely in the morning and if it faces west you will get all the evening sun.

Is it OK to buy north facing house?

Is North Facing house vastu Good or Bad as per vastu experts. As already explained as per vastu experts and from the perspective of most people north facing houses are the best. Lord kuber being the lord of this direction makes it highly likely to help gain wealth for the occupants of north facing property.

What is the advantage of a north facing house?

For houses in general an orientation capturing sunlight from the north is the most desirable because it will deliver radiant heat into the house. Essentially this will act as passive solar heating in winter but in summer it is easy to shade the northern facades of the house to stop the heat from penetrating.

Can we place God facing north?

According to Vastu Shastra it is considered appropriate to place the idol and picture of any goddess and deity on the wall on the east or north side of the house of worship. Never face the idol or picture of God towards the north otherwise the worshiper will face towards the south.

What is the best position for a house?

To make the most of the sun for warmth and natural light your home’s main living areas (or any rooms you use a lot) should face north. The main glazing in the house such as windows and glass doors should also face north. Anywhere between 20°W – 30°E of true north is fine.

Which facing house should I buy?

The most important place in the house is its entrance which should be east facing as this is known as auspicious direction. The north direction of the house should not be blocked as this is known for prosperity.

Is it OK to buy south facing house?

South facing house is considered as a second option for people who are looking forward to purchase a home for themselves. … So if vastu rules are followed properly even a South facing house vastu can bring prosperity and be auspicious for the occupants.

Which direction should the main door face?

The main door/entrance should always be in the north north-east east or west as these directions are considered auspicious. Avoid having the main door in the south south-west north-west (north side) or south-east (east side) directions.

Which side of house should be higher?

As per vastu rules the front portion of the house should be constructed low and the back area should be on a higher point. Hence a main gate facing north or east facing is considered good.

Is Southwest facing house good?

Avoid a property which has a door facing South West as it is the entry of the devil energy and brings in struggles and misfortunes. If the wealth energy as per advanced Feng Shui of that house is good the occupant may prosper during initial 3-4 years. But then may face a down fall.

Is a north facing house dark?

A north-facing home gets sun at the back of the house and is typically darker and naturally cooler than a south-facing one.

Is Southern or Northern Exposure better?

What exposure is best? East-facing is best for morning light western exposure is best for afternoon light southern exposure is best for strong light throughout the day and northern exposure is best for soft lighting all day.

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What side of house gets least sun?

Shade – 4 hours or less of direct sunlight.

The north side of the house often doesn’t get any direct sun at all making it best to focus on foliage form and texture here rather than bloom. Even stereotypical shade bloomers like Astilbes or forget-me-nots like a bit of direct light to bloom well.

What is the best direction for Windows to face?

Which direction should windows face to reduce heat?
  • For new builds situate your home to face north-south and put most of your windows on the cooler northern side of your home.
  • If you’re adding new windows focus on adding them to the northern side of your home or on the southern side with an overhang.

Are north facing windows bad?

Windows which face North never get sunlight coming through them. … North facing windows also provide the most consistent levels of light throughout the day so if you’re looking to grow begonias or a foliage plant this could be the best spot for them. The rooms that these windows belong to also tend to be the coldest.

Will a north east facing garden get any sun?

A garden that is north-east facing will get sun in the morning and will be shaded in the afternoon. You should expect to get around 3-6 hours of sun per day in a north east facing garden.

Will an east facing garden get the sun?

East-facing gardens mainly get morning sunlight that lasts well into the afternoon with evening shade. … We should however remember that the evenings are longer from May to October so the back-boundary wall is going to be bathed in sun for some time.

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