What Do Gardener Snakes Eat

What Do Gardener Snakes Eat?


Is it good to have garter snakes in your yard?

A few garter snakes in the garden can be a good thing. They eat insects and other pests so they can control those pests that harm your plants. … It is estimated between 1.2 and 5.5 million people get bitten by snakes each year around the world with the largest number of bites coming from non-venomous snakes.

Can a garter snake hurt you?

Does a garter snake bite hurt? Like any animal’s bite the garter snakes’ bite will hurt but it is unlikely to cause serious issues or even death. Some species do contain venom although it is not considered significantly toxic to humans.

Will garter snakes eat mice?

Garter snakes also called garden snakes and ribbon snakes are small snakes that are found all across North America. … Garter snakes eat any small animal they can find including small lizards slugs and mice. They also like to eat frogs eggs and tadpoles when they are near water.

Are garter snakes aggressive?

Almost all garter snake subspecies are classified as harmless according to Live Science. These tiny innocuous snakes are generally considered to be non-venomous and won’t usually bite unless thoroughly provoked.

What does it mean when you see a garter snake?

In some tribes garter snakes (also known as garden snakes) are symbols of jealousy or dishonesty to other tribes they are a symbol of water. In the traditions of the Arapaho Indians garter snakes are associated with the Sun Dance and are represented in the hoop of the tribe’s sacred Medicine Wheel.

Can garter snakes bite dogs?

Garter snakes prefer to escape when threatened by a predator such as your dog but they will bite if cornered. These snakes are considered mildly venomous. … Your pup may experience some irritation if he is bitten but it is unlikely to be serious.

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Can you pick up a garter snake?

While garters are relatively harmless if you pick one up it may try to defend itself with a bite — a relatively harmless bite but a nip nonetheless. It will also struggle and emit a foul smell from its anal gland. Still in the world of snakes the garter is among the world’s most benign snakes.

Can I keep a wild garter snake as a pet?

While garter snakes are abundant in the wild especially around bodies of water such as lakes and streams in Canada the U.S. Mexico and Central America these wild animals should not be kept as pets as they are illegal to take from their natural habitats in most locales.

How long do garter snakes live for?

The average life span in the wild may only be 4-5 years however they can live twice as long in captivity. Captives reaching over 10 years old have been documented when reptile health and wellness is prioritized along with proper snake supplies reptile cleaning supplies and snake habitat products.

Do birds eat garter snakes?

Raccoons opossums skunks snapping turtles large bullfrogs and various birds of prey are other common hunters of garter snakes.

Do garter snakes eat spiders?

Their favorite foods include amphibians leeches crayfish small fish worms pillbugs spiders crayfish and a variety of insects. Garter snakes are diurnal (active in the daytime) and are excellent swimmers. As is true of all snakes they are carnivorous.

Do snakes need live food?

Snakes don’t require live food to be healthy. Most snakes will accept a meal that has been killed just prior to feeding though some must learn to do so. Constrictors which make up the vast majority of pet snakes suffocate their prey before consuming it anyway.

Do garter snakes swim?

The common garter snake is most often found around aquatic habitats such as ponds freshwater wetlands and riparian areas. If threatened they will often flee into the water where they are excellent swimmers.

Can a garter snake hurt a cat?

Although not nearly as dangerous to our pets as venomous snakes nonvenomous snakes will defend themselves when encountering our pets. For example the most common nonvenomous snake that dogs and cats encounter are garter snakes (so named because of the stripes down their backs that look like clothing garters).

What happens if a dog eats a garter snake?

Garter & Other Harmless Snakes

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If a dog eats a garter or other non-poisonous or non-venomous snake chances are he’ll be OK. He may develop some gastrointestinal problems but he will be OK.

What attracts snakes to your yard?

Here are seven key things that might be attracting snakes to your yard:
  • A high population of rodents and birds.
  • Presence of tall grass and plants.
  • Cool and damp places.
  • Leaving out old cat and dog food.
  • Composting near your home.
  • Sources of water.
  • Free access to your yard.

Where do garter snakes lay eggs?


Common garter snakes are ovoviviparous (bearing live young). The young are incubated in the lower abdomen about half way down from the snake’s body. Gestation is usually two to three months. Most females in the northern parts of their range give birth to from 4 to 80 young between late July and October.

How big do garter snakes get?

Adults range in size between 18 and 26 inches in length but can measure up to 42 inches long. Juvenile garter snakes resemble adults.

How do you catch a garter snake?

Pick up the snake gently.
  1. Use a net or forked stick to capture the garter snake. You can trap them underneath until they finish thrashing and are subdued.
  2. Try catching a garter snake by the tip of its tail. …
  3. Give garter snakes plenty of support. …
  4. Don’t restrict garter snakes’ movement. …
  5. Garter snakes may musk on you.

What is the difference between a garter snake and a ribbon snake?

Garter snakes’ bodies are described as “stockier” when compared to ribbon snakes. A long tail. Ribbon snakes’ tails are one-third or more of their total length garter snakes’ tails are generally one-quarter or less of their total length. Narrower heads than garter snakes’ heads.

Do garter snakes musk a lot?

Many garter snakes never musk but some do and it can be pretty bad. … If you find a Checkered Garter Snake (Thamnophis marcianus) that might also work but I’ve had worse luck with the four I’ve kept. As for size most garter snakes stay under three feet. Males stay under two feet.

Do garter snakes carry diseases?

Abstract. Garter snakes that are used for scientific laboratory studies or kept as exotic pets often become ill and die early in captivity. They may also act as reservoirs of potential human pathogens or transmit infection to man.

What do you do if you find a garter snake?

7 Ways to Get Rid of Garter Snakes
  1. Trim your bushes and mow your lawn.
  2. Remove objects and debris from your yard.
  3. Remove any sources of food for the snakes.
  4. Get chickens.
  5. Use snake repellent.
  6. Trap and relocate the snakes.
  7. Build a snake fence.

How can you tell if a garter snake is male or female?

Do garter snakes eat dog food?

Snakes do not like cat or dog food but these foods usually attract rodents and a snake’s primary diet consists of eating mice and rats ” Tabassam explains. … Snakes may be directly attracted to pet foods that give off odors of fish but the scent has to be relatively fresh Tabassam says.

Can garter snakes be housed alone?

Snakes that devour others should never be housed together.

Which Snakes Can Be Housed Together?
Snake Species Garter Snake
Male & Female Yes
Two Males Yes
Two Females Yes
Cannibal No

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Where do garter snakes sleep at night?


Garter snakes will often sleep together to keep their body temperature warm at night. They also sleep in large nests next to one another’s body during hibernation. These snakes will migrate large distances to hibernate.

Do garter snakes come out at night?

Garter snakes are incredibly active. They come out both night and day. They are typically ground-dwellers but they may also climb shrubs vines or trees to escape predators. Some species of Garter snakes are even proficient swimmers.

Do garter snakes eat goldfish?

Garter snakes will rarely enter the water to actually try and catch food even if it did the chances aren’t very good that it would catch and eat one much less four goldfish. garter snakes primarily feed on frogs and lizards.

Can garter snakes eat eggs?

Their diet consists of almost any creature they are capable of overpowering: slugs earthworms (nightcrawlers as red wigglers are toxic to garter snakes) leeches lizards amphibians (including frog eggs) minnows and rodents. … Although they feed mostly on live animals they will sometimes eat eggs.

Do snakes eat squirrels?

Snakes love to eat baby ground squirrels that are only a few months old. … They can also take on the defensive position and warn snakes to leave them alone. Snakes do not go for adult ground squirrels because they are often resistant to snake venom.

Do garter snakes eat chicken eggs?

There are over 50 snake species throughout the United States. Not all of them will eat chickens but several of them will eat baby chickens or the eggs.

What Kinds of Snakes Will Eat Chickens & Eggs?
Snake Diet Will Eat Eggs or Chicken
Garter Snake tadpoles fish lizards insects frogs Chicken eggs

Is it better to feed snakes live or frozen?

Live prey should not be fed to snakes.” … It is more humane for the prey and safer for the snake. Snakes can be offered either thawed previously frozen prey or freshly killed ones. You do not have to kill the prey yourself as most pet stores will supply freshly killed or frozen rodents to feed.

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