What Does John Ask Mary Warren To Do


What Does John Ask Mary Warren To Do?

What does John ask Mary Warren to do? He wants her to explain to the court that she made the poppet – not Elizabeth. … He tells Mary that they will both testify in court against Abigail. Although it will ruin him he can’t allow Elizabeth die.

What does John insist that Mary Warren Do Why does she refuse?

Why does Proctor insist that Mary Warren testify in Elizabeth’s defense? … Mary Warren works for them and Mary Warren gave the poppet to Elizabeth. Mary Warren refuses because she is scared of Abigail.

What does John tell Mary she is going to go to the courts and do?

John tells Mary she should stay home and work instead of going to the trials. He says her attendance in court will make him more involved in a trial which is not even just and threatens to whip Mary if she insists on going back to the trials.

Why is Mary Warren afraid of Abigail?

Why is Mary Warren afraid of telling the truth about Abigail for herself and for John? Mary is afraid of telling the truth about Abigail because she thinks that Abigail will accuse her of witchery and then she will end up in jail awaiting a trial.

Why does Mary Warren not testify in court?

Why doesn’t Mary want to testify about the doll? She doesn’t want to testify because she is afraid of Abigail. She knows Abigail will “get her” if she goes against her.

What does John ask Mary Warren to do How does she respond to Proctor’s order?

John wants Mary to go to the court and explain how the doll is hers and not Elizabeth’s doll. John also wants Mary to explain that she placed the needle in the doll during the court proceedings. Proctor moving menacingly toward her: You will tell the court how that poppet come here and who stuck the needle in.

What does Mary Warren warn John will happen if he testifies against Abigail?

What does Mary Warren warn Proctor will happen if he testifies against Abigail? … Mary warns John Proctor that if he testifies against Abigail in court she’ll charge lechery on him (and since Abigail has so much power right now the court will believe her and John will suffer the consequences).

Why does John take Mary to court?

Why does Proctor bring Mary Warren to court? To swear everyone was pretending. How does Mary Warren’s confession threaten Danforth Parris and Hathorne? They will lose respect if seen to have wrongly condemed the people.

How does Mary Warren show weakness?

One time is when Mary Warren is getting questioned about pretending and she then accuses John Proctor. She did this because she was scared for her life. That show weakness because she cannot handle being questioned. Another example of weakness is when Abigail Williams runs away from Salem and robs her uncle.

What does Elizabeth mean when she says the noose is up?

a doll with a needle in it. What does Elizabeth mean when she says ” oh the noose the noose is up!”? She has finally been accused and she is going to die.

What did Mary Warren do?

Mary Ann Warren (c. 1674 — unknown) was the oldest accuser during the 1692 Salem witch trials being 18 years old when the trials began. She was a servant for John and Elizabeth Proctor. Renouncing her claims after being threatened to be hanged she was later arrested for allegedly practicing witchcraft herself.

How did Abigail manipulate Mary Warren?

Abigail turns the court against Mary Warren in The Crucible by pretending that Mary’s spirit is preparing to attack her from the rafters. Abigail pretends to see Mary’s spirit in the form of a menacing bird and the girls follow her lead. Abigail begs Mary not to hurt her and begins repeating everything she says.

Who refused to testify in the crucible?

This passage shows why the character of Giles Corey attracts attention not only when examining court documents from 1692 but also the present day literature. Giles Corey will be remembered unambiguously in literature and history because of his act of supreme defiance to the Salem witch trials.

What does John Proctor want Mary to explain in court?

What does John Proctor want Mary to testify? He wants to prove his wife is innocent by having Mary tell them she made the doll and put the needle in it. Describe the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor. … This was a way to set Abigail and Elizabeth up.

What disturbing news does Mary tell the proctors?

Mary tells the Proctors that there are now 39 people arrested. She breaks down and starts crying. Mary reveals that Goody Osburn is set to hang but Sarah Good confessed so she will live.

What can Mary Warren not do when she is asked to?

What can Mary Warren not do when requested? What point does Hathorne make about it? Mary Warren cannot faint when requested because she doesn’t see spirits. Harthorne makes the point that if she cannot pretend to faint now she wouldn’t be able to fake faint at the earlier court session so the witchcraft must be real.

How is Mary Warren selfish?

Mary Warren’s selfish action which led to the death of John Proctor was an attempt to get out of trouble. … During the trial John Proctor asked Mary Warren to tell Danforth that the girls had made up the story about being possessed.

What does Mary Warren reveal to John and Elizabeth?

What does Mary Warren reveal about Elizabeth’s connection with the witch-hunts? She reveals that Elizabeth was accused in court of being a witch.

What must John do to save wife?

In act 3 of The Crucible John Proctor goes to the court in order to free his wife. … Cheever tells Danforth that when they arrested Elizabeth (in act 2) “he damned the court and ripped your warrant.” Hale is also a witness to this and so John must admit “It were a temper sir. I knew not what I did.”

Why is Mary Warren so reluctant to go to the court and testify about the poppet and what does she say will happen to Proctor if he brings her and forces her to testify?

Abigail had accused Elizabeth of sticking a needle in her (Abby’s) stomach through the use of a “poppet” (doll). … Why doesn’t Mary want to testify about the doll? She doesn’t want to testify because she is afraid of Abigail. She knows Abigail will “get her” if she goes against her.

What is Mary Warren motivated by?

Mary Warren is primarily motivated by the same factors that motivated so many of the others at that time in Salem Massachusetts – fear and ignorance. Mary was afraid of Abby and of being accused of witchcraft herself. Like the other girls who pointed fingers of accusation at people Mary was caught up in the frenzy.

Why does Mary Warren change her story?

Mary changes her story because she is afraid that she will be accused of witchcraft. She realizes that the judge is putting pressure on her to stick to her story. The judge has realized that he may have been mistaken on the idea that witchcraft is so prevalent in Salem. He realizes that the girls may be lying.

What does Mary Warren value?

Mary Warren’s value system places a great deal of emphasis on how she is seen by others and the role of public acceptance represents more importance with her than it does with Elizabeth Proctor whose primary concern is more about John’s “goodness.”

What happened at court to upset Mary Warren?

Mary Warren their servant returns from Salem having served the court all day and gives Goody Proctor a poppet which is a doll that she sewed for her. Mary Warren is upset because thirty-nine people have been arrested for witchcraft and Goody Osburn is set to hang. … Mary Warren then goes to bed.

Why is John Proctor clean?

The reason that John Proctor decides to confess in Act IV is that he does not want his wife and their child (Elizabeth is pregnant) to be left without a husband and father. Because of this he will confess so as to save his life.

Who doesn’t attend church regularly in The Crucible?

John Proctor

The primary reason John Proctor rarely attends church is that he doesn’t like Reverend Parris.

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How has Mary Warren changed from Act 1 What is the purpose of her change in character?

how has mary warren’s attitude changed since act 1 and what changed her? she stands up for herself and she has status in court. the fact that she defended elizabeth in court and is also an important factor.

How does Abigail manipulate John?

While some of her ill behavior can be attributed to her tragic upbringing ultimately Abigail Williams is a manipulative harlot because she accuses others of witchcraft for personal gain aggressively exerts her control over the other citizens in Salem and purposefully attempts to wreck John Proctor’s …show more …

How would you describe Mary Warren in Act II?

In Act II she presents herself as much stronger and assertive because of her role in the trials. Simply put Mary has power and she is not afraid to show it. The fact that she tells Proctor that she is tired and that she cannot be bothered with all that she has to do is reflective of this.

Does Mary Warren lie in the crucible?

In act III of The Crucible Mary Warren lies in court by testifying that John Proctor colludes with the Devil and forced her to sign the Devil’s book. Mary Warren also lies by saying that John threatened to kill her if she did not help him overthrow Salem’s court.

What three things does Reverend Hale ask John Proctor about when he is questioning him and Elizabeth at their house?

Hale tells Elizabeth and Proctor that Elizabeth was named in court. Hale questions Proctor about his poor attendance in church. Hale asks Proctor to recite the Ten Commandments. Proctor can only recall nine and Elizabeth reminds him of the one he forgot — the commandment forbidding adultery.

What did John insist about his wife?

b) proctor insists that his wife shall not die for him so he confesses that he had an affair with abigail and decides that him and Mary will both testify in court against Abigail including to tell the court that mary made the poppet and not Elizabeth.

What does John ask Mary Warren to do why is Mary so afraid to do as he asks?

What does John ask Mary Warren to do? He wants her to explain to the court that she made the poppet – not Elizabeth. Why is Mary so afraid to do as he asks? She says that Abigail will kill her.

How does John Proctor use Mary Warren?

Proctor is used to having her obey him quickly and without question. … When Mary does confront the girls in open court she is bolstered by Proctor to speak the truth. From there she weakens as both Parris and the girls turn on her.

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