What Does Rs Mean In Text

What is Rs stand for?

Acronym Definition
RS Right Side
RS Request to Send
RS Remote Sensing
RS Royal Society

What does Rs stand for in relationship?

the relationship between response and stimulus as in trials where a given response by an organism produces a particular change in the environment such as reinforcement or escape from aversive stimuli. This is also called an R→O relationship where O stands for outcome.

What does RT mean in text?

RT as Real Talk

When RT is used to mean “real talk ” it’s meant to inform others about the seriousness of what’s being said.

What does Rs stand for in school?

As such it makes sense to have Religious Studies (R.S.) as a larger part of History lessons rather than as a stand alone subject.

What does RS mean in price?

Relative Price Strength

The Relative Price Strength Rating that appears for each stock is calculated by comparing its price change over the past 12 months to that of all other stocks in the tables.

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What is the other name for RS?

In most parts of India the rupee is known as rupaya rupaye or one of several other terms derived from the Sanskrit rūpya meaning silver. Ṭaṅka is an ancient Sanskrit word for money.

What is Rs in medical terms?

Respiratory syncytial virus: A virus that causes mild respiratory infections colds and coughs in adults and can produce severe respiratory problems including bronchitis and pneumonia in young children and anyone with compromised immune cardiac or pulmonary systems.

What is the meaning of RS in online selling?

It’s defintely Indian rupees.

What does FA mean on social media?

FA means “Fat Acceptance.” This is the most common meaning for FA on online dating sites such as Craigslist Tinder Zoosk and Match.com as well as in texts and on chat forums. FA. Definition: Fat Acceptance.

What does RN mean on Snapchat?

means Right Now

It simply reads “It means Right Now.” The initialism gained even wider use with the rise of popular chatting and texting apps like iMessage WhatsApp Snapchat and direct messaging on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

What does Retweet mean?


A Retweet is a re-posting of a Tweet. Twitter’s Retweet feature helps you and others quickly share that Tweet with all of your followers. You can Retweet your own Tweets or Tweets from someone else. Sometimes people type “RT” at the beginning of a Tweet to indicate that they are re-posting someone else’s content.

What does RT stand for on Tiktok?

Summary of Key Points
Definition: Retweet
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers

What does RS mean in special education?

Special Education Terms & Acronyms
ACSA Association of California School Administration
RS Resource Specialist
RSP Resource Specialist Program
SDC Special Day Class (Instructional settings in which the student receives special instruction more than 50% of the day.)
SDL Severe Disorders of Language

What does R S mean in email?

R/S. Route Sheet. R/S. Respectfully Sent (letter closing) R/S.

What is Aebe?

Acronym. Definition. AEBE. Auxiliary Equipment Building – East.

What is SSD in text?

“Solid State Drive” is the most common definition for SSD on Snapchat WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Instagram and TikTok.

What does you good FAM mean?

Technically shortened from the word “family ” but it’s not used to describe your mom dad or sister. “Fam” is used to describe people in your life who you’re close with: your good friends your ride or dies your homies.

Whats IG stand for?

I guess
IG stands for the social media platform Instagram. It also sometimes short for I guess.

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What does IG mean in text?

I guess

According to Dictionary and Urban Dictionary the internet slang term IG can either stand for “I guess” or “Instagram.”This term is often used on social media or in text messaging.

What does RNO mean in slang?

Acronym Definition
RNO Republican in Name Only
RNO Reaction Natural Orbital
RNO Responsive NASA Official
RNO Répertoire National des Ostéopathes (French: National Register of Osteopaths)

What does moots mean on Twitter?

mutual followers

In internet slang moots is short for mutual followers referring to people who follow and generally actively engage with each other on social media. Moots is also commonly found in its singular form moot. People active on social media often consider their moots as internet friends.

What does TL mean in Twitter?


TL. Timeline. RT = retweet MT = modified tweet DM = direct message FF = Follow Friday h/t = hat tip TL = Timeline OH = overheard. Now you know.

What does DM mean on Twitter?

Direct Messages

About Direct Messages. Direct Messages are the private side of Twitter. You can use Direct Messages to have private conversations with people about Tweets and other content. … You have previously sent that person a Direct Message.

What does 07 mean on TikTok?

The emoticon O7 (usually typed as “o7”) means “I Salute You.”

What is lowkey slang?

Low-key can variously mean “quiet ” “restrained ” “moderate ” or “easygoing.” It can also behave as an adverb meaning “of low or moderate intensity.” Like doing something but in a “chill” way. For instance: We’re having a party at my place but keeping it low-key so the neighbors don’t complain.

What does sped mean on Snapchat?

Summary of Key Points

Special Education” is the most common definition for SPED on Snapchat WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Instagram and TikTok.

What does IC mean in school?

Incomplete Charged (IC)

What does SSP mean in education?

Student Success Plan

The Student Success Plan (SSP) is an individualized student driven plan that will be developed to address every student’s needs and interests to help every student stay connected in school and to achieve post secondary educational and career goals.

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What does v r mean at the end of a message?

Very respectfully

V/R – Reader Andee Howard Cui explains that this stands for “Very respectfully.” The phrase has a nice sentiment and it’s rendered less formal by the abbreviation but I think it’s too obscure.

Is Re short for regarding?

Re is defined as an abbreviation for regarding. An example of re is giving a few words at the top of a business letter to say what the letter is about. In reference to in the case of concerning.

Does r mean respectfully?

Commonly used in the military when addressing a superior. V/R is Very Respectfully. In contrast /r is respectfully and used by seniors addressing junior or among peers. The military is a world of abbreviations and acronyms so it is very acceptable.

What does AEB stand for medical?

as evidenced by

List of medical abbreviations: A
Abbreviation Meaning
AEB as evidenced by (commonly used by nurses)
AED automated external defibrillator antiepileptic drug(s)
AEM ambulatory electrocardiogram monitoring
AF atrial fibrillation atrial flutter amniotic fluid

What is air entry?

(c) ‘Air entry’ is an interpretation reached by auscultating the chest for breath sounds. … Breath sounds may be absent or decreased in cases of pleural pathology (effusion pneumothorax thickening) or chest wall swelling.

What is TVF in respiratory system?

Tactile vocal fremitus (TVF) is the vibration sensation felt by the examining hand during palpation of the patient’s chest wall (specifically the intercostal spaces) while the patient speaks (e.g. saying “toys for tots” or “ninety-nine”).

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