What Does Territoriality Mean


What is the meaning territoriality?

Territoriality refers to the monopolization of space by an individual or group. While territories have been defined variously as any defended space areas of site-specific dominance or sites of exclusive monopolization of space they can be quite fluid and short-term.

Which is an example of territoriality?

An example of demonstrating territoriality might be the car size. Driving a large truck like the Ford F350 might be communicating that a value of owning a lot of space on the highway. … A nation state can establish common ideals amongst its citizens which lead to territoriality. Nationalism is an example of this.

What is territoriality in simple language?

English Language Learners Definition of territoriality

: the behavior of animals or people that try to keep others away from an area that they use or control. See the full definition for territoriality in the English Language Learners Dictionary. territoriality. noun. ter·​ri·​to·​ri·​al·​i·​ty | ˌter-ə-ˌtōr-ē-ˈa-lə- …

What does territorial mean in law?

Definition of territorial law

: law applying alike to all persons regardless of their nationality or citizenship within a given territory —distinguished from personal law.

What does territoriality mean in human geography?

territoriality. (Robert Sack) the attempt by and individual or group to affect influence or control people phenomena and relationships by delimiting and asserting control over a geographic area.

Is territoriality a real word?

Territoriality is a term associated with nonverbal communication that refers to how people use space to communicate ownership/occupancy of areas and possessions. … An example of demonstrating territoriality might be the car size.

What is territoriality in political geography?

Territoriality the geographic expression of power is one of the most common strategies for exercising political control. … Through such topics the class addresses questions regarding the nature of power identity democratic theory and the relationship between the individual and the state.

How do you use territoriality in a sentence?

Territoriality sentence example

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The new laws made by the kings were declared to be applicable to all the subjects in the kingdom of whatever race – in other words they became territorial and this principle of territoriality was gradually extended to the ancient code.

What is territoriality and personal space?

Territoriality is a term associated with nonverbal communication that refers to how people use space (territory) to communicate ownership or occupancy of areas and possessions. … Personal space can be regarded as a bubble with a person at the center forming an area which the person does not wish to be invaded.

What is the basis of territoriality?

The territorial principle (also territoriality principle) is a principle of public international law which enables a sovereign state to exercise exclusive jurisdiction over individuals and other legal persons within its territory. … The Lotus case was a key court ruling on the territoriality principle.

What is Kinesic behavior?

Kinesics is the interpretation of body motion communication such as facial expressions and gestures nonverbal behavior related to movement of any part of the body or the body as a whole.

What is public territoriality?

Public territories are areas open to anyone in good standing with the community. Beaches sidewalks and hotel lobbies are public territories. Occasionally because of discrimination or unacceptable behavior public territories are closed to some individuals.

What is territoriality in criminal law?

The Principle of Territoriality is one of the general characteristics of criminal law. It denotes those penal laws which are enforceable only within its territory subject to certain exceptions as hereinbelow discussed.

What does territory mean in a contract?

A territory clause will define where in the world the rights are being licensed for. Usually the agreement will include a warranty clause that states that the rights granted are actually available to grant. …

What is territoriality in intellectual property?

The principle of territoriality informs that IP rights granted or protected by a state are independent from those granted or protected by other states and that the rights conferred under each state’s IP law are limited to the territory of that state.

What is territoriality geography?

Territoriality is a means of affecting (enhancing or impeding) interaction and extends. the particulars of action by contact. Territoriality is defined here as the attempt to affect influ- ence or control actions interactions or access by asserting and attempting to enforce control. over a specific geographic area.

What is territoriality in nursing?

Three aspects of territoriality are important to consider when planning nursing care: a physical space of one’s own a personal space and the territory of expertise or role. Territoriality serves four functions: it provides security privacy autonomy and self-identity all of which are important for well-being.

What is devolution in human geography?

The movement of power from the central government to regional governments within the state or breakup of a large state (balkanization) into several independent ones is known as devolution.

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How do you say territoriality?

Break ‘territoriality’ down into sounds: [TERR] + [UH] + [TAW] + [REE] + [AL] + [UH] + [TEE] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

What is territoriality in animals?

Territoriality is commonly defined as “the defense of an area ” wherein the area being defended is known as the “territory.” Territoriality serves as a framework that allows animal behaviorists and behavioral ecologists to describe and hypothesize links among diverse aspects of animals’ biology.

Is territoriality innate or learned?

A second major source of error is the conception of territoriality as an innate or species- specific trait. … The lesson of these and other studies is that territo- riality cannot profitably be viewed as an innately fixed and homologous drive found in a multitude of species.

What is territoriality in interior design?

The concept of territoriality is related spatial behavior of people in maintaining their territory. The analysis of an interior place associated with territorial behavior of a person can be analyzed through the function of the territory types of territories and control mechanisms of the territory.

What is territoriality in architecture?

Territoriality as one of architecture attributes of environment and behavior in which the interaction between individuals and communities who have activity purposes and an environment that accomodate their activities. … Territoriality occurs because of space user interacts in a territory including in the social space.

What is an example of territoriality AP Human Geography?

Two classic examples are Italy which completely surrounds San Marino and the Vatican and South Africa which completely surrounds Lesotho. Due to the vulnerability of the surrounded state it is often vital for that state to maintain good relations with the perforated state that surrounds them.

What is an example of territorial behavior?

Territorial behaviour is adaptive in many ways it may permit an animal to mate without interruption or to raise its young in an area where there will be little competition for food. … The male cougar has a large territory that may overlap the territories of several females but is defended against other males.

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What is territoriality quizlet?

Territoriality. form of competition resulting from behaviors that exclude other individuals from an area in space defined as a territory. -by securing a territory (with resources) more likely to attract female. Types of territory.

What does the word generality mean?

1 : the quality or state of being general. 2a : generalization sense 2. b : a vague or inadequate statement. 3 : the greatest part : bulk the generality of the population.

What is the difference between territoriality and sovereignty?

As nouns the difference between sovereignty and territoriality. is that sovereignty is (of a polity) the state of making laws and controlling resources without the coercion of other nations while territoriality is the fact or legal status of being a territory.

Why do humans get territorial?

Yes the urge to mark territory is as much a part of human nature as the desire to gawk at traffic accidents. Sometimes it’s easy to justify. Keeping your private property to yourself–whether it’s a home or a car or even a desk at work–can be necessary if you feel it is being threatened.

Which statement is true about cultural differences in territoriality?

Which statement is true about cultural differences in territoriality? –Cultures can differ in the range of possible places or spaces about which they are territorial.

What does it mean when a guy says he is territorial?

If someone is territorial it means he (or she) cares about domination over his territory or the territory of another. There is no relationship between a desire to command over a space and caring about you. If someone is possessive it means they want to own things.

What is territorial view on Zillow?

Territorial view – good view of your neighbor’s bedroom window. Build sweat equity – the house is not inhabitable.

What is territorial in character?

A person — or an animal — who guards or defends the area she considers to belong to her is territorial. You can also use the adjective to describe anything relating to the territory itself. For example territorial boundaries are invisible lines that mark the division between one country or territory and another.

What does kinesics focus on?

Kinesics is the study and interpretation of nonverbal communication related to the movement of any part of the body or the body as a whole in layman’s terms it is the study of body language.

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