What Does The Word Staple Mean

What does it mean when something is staple?

: to provide with or secure by staples. staple. noun (2) Definition of staple (Entry 3 of 4)

How do you use staple in a sentence?

Staple in a Sentence ?
  1. Vegetables are a staple part of a healthy diet if you want to stay in shape.
  2. Milk is a staple for all baby mammals that want to grow up healthy.
  3. An engine is a staple of every car you can’t drive without it. …
  4. The light and warmth of the sun is a staple of our lives on Earth.

Why are staples called Staples?

The word “staple” originated in the late thirteenth Century from Old English stapol meaning “post pillar”. The word’s first usage in the paper-fastening sense is attested from 1895.

What is a staple in the community?

This person is a pillar in the community. … A “staple in your life” is a person place or thing holding your life together. Usually this is used when referring to person who is or has been a powerful influence in your life.

What is the synonym of staple?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and related words for staple like: principal mainstay standard essential fastener basic commodity fasten necessary gristly and chief.

What is another name for staple food?

staple food
  • bread.
  • bread and butter.
  • daily bread.
  • meat.
  • necessary food.
  • pain.
  • pane.
  • staple.

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What is the meaning of staple food?

A food staple is a food that makes up the dominant part of a population’s diet. Food staples are eaten regularly—even daily—and supply a major proportion of a person’s energy and nutritional needs.

What is the staple food in the USA?

Originally Answered: What is the staple food of U.S.? Grain and grain-based products. Most cereals breads pastas and snack foods are variations of flour or other grains. Corn syrup as well.

Why are there 2 settings on a stapler?

The common office stapler has two settings to provide the user a choice of whether to firmly bind papers together using the “reflexive” or staple setting where the legs of the staple curve under for a firm hold or to temporarily bind them with the milder “pinning” setting which makes it easier to remove the staple …

What is Staples called now?

Staples Industrial

Sales channels include Catalog/Direct Mail the Internet and Outside Sales. It is now branded as Staples Industrial.

What does staple mean in business?

Staple goods or staples as they are referred too are those consumer goods which are consumed on a regular basis and are bought often or regularly. … All these three type of goods are collectively known as convenience goods or a convenience product.

What are staples of life?

basic food A staple is a food product or activity that is basic and important in people’s everyday lives.

What does Do not staple mean?

used to tell someone that you do not know any more about a subject than they do.

What is the opposite of staple?

“staple the papers together” Antonyms: unessential inessential unstaple.

What does staple mean in clothing?

Clothing staples are versatile pieces that you can wear in different ways and in different situations. That’s why they never go out of style—you can easily add trendier pieces to these wardrobe basics. As you build your closet remember: quality is better than quantity.

What is the synonym of steamed?

adjectiveextremely angry very mad. bent. bent out of shape. beside oneself. boiling.

What is meant by staple crop?

definition: one of a region’s most important crops typically constituting a major portion of the region’s diet. Grains legumes and starchy foods like potatoes are common staple crops in many regions of the world.

What is a synonym for cash crop?

Rich harvest. Noun. ▲ Crop grown to sell for profit. money crop.

What is the staple food of Australia?

Australia is an exception – we do not have a staple food. But native grasslands provide ample opportunity to produce grains. In fact Aboriginal people once used native grasses to make bread and there is evidence they were the world’s first bakers.

What is Indian staple food?

Staples in the Indian diet also vary by region but they usually include rice potatoes flour roti lentils and millet. Indian cuisine consists of these staples along with several other accompaniments to make savory dishes. Popular additions to staples are onions turmeric garlic chilies cumin and vegetables.

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What is the staple food in the Philippines?

Rice and fish are the staple food for Filipinos.

What is the staple food in Europe?

Potatoes bread wheat etc are the staple food crops of Europe.

What is an anvil on a stapler?

The Anvil is a metal plate attached to the base onto which the underside of the staple is pressed when stapling papers together. … The button is held out away from the Base by a spring by which tension is applied holding the Anvil in place.

What is the metal plate on a stapler for?

Permanent fastening binds items by driving the staple through the material and into an anvil a small metal plate that bends the ends usually inward. On most modern staplers the anvil rotates or slides to change between bending the staple ends inward for permanent stapling or outward for pinning (see below).

What’s the other side of the stapler for?

The other setting the one that splays the staple points outward is for temporarily attaching papers that are intended to be separated again. The attachment is looser and it’s easier to remove the staple without chewing up the corners of the pages.

Is Staples still in business UK?

Formerly known as Staples and part of the international Staples Group Office Outlet is a now defunct office supplies retailer. In 2016 Staples sold its UK division to Hilco Capital for a nominal amount who rebranded the 106 stores as Office Outlet.

Why did Staples go out of business?

In 2016 Staples and Office Depot called off their merger after a federal judge issued an injunction temporarily blocking the $6.3 billion deal over antitrust concerns. Staples previously tried to acquire Office Depot in 1996. But the deal was called off after regulators raised antitrust concerns.

What is the UK equivalent of Staples?

They had some rival superstores such as Staples Stationery Box and Ryman.

Office World.
Office World Dundee Scotland (2004)
Type Private company Subsidiary
Successor Staples
Products Office Supplies Computing General Stationery
Parent Staples UK Globus Retail (previously)

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What are staple products?

Comparison of 10 staple foods
Staple Maize (corn) Cassava
Sugar (g) 0.7 4.3
Calcium (mg) 8 40
Iron (mg) 3.01 0.68

What is staple product in marketing?

The term staple goods refers to those specific consumer goods that are consumed by the people on a regular basis and thus are bought regularly. These goods that are consumed on a regular basis for example milk sugar bread paper etc.

Whats the most eaten food in the world?

Rice. Rice is for sure one of the most consumed foods in the world. It’s been more than 5 000 years that rice has been consumed in major parts of the world. When compared with the rest of the grains rice is surely the most eaten one.

What is the number 1 food in the world?

Italian food! 84 percent of people across the globe say they like it.

What does summer staple mean?

Translation. summer staples. Sources. Sorry the exact explanation I got was: Common and/or regular things that are often found during the summertime. For example: fresh melon peaches molds campfire smoke.

What is a group of staples called?

A set of staples joined together like this can be referred to as a “staple strip” or a “strip of staples” as in Eran’s answer but English speakers don’t use this term very often. Instead most speakers simply refer to them as “staples” in normal speech.

What is the meaning of the word STAPLE?

What is the meaning of the word STAPLER?

STAPLE – Meaning and Pronunciation

Staple Meaning

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