What Does Vast Array Mean

What Does Vast Array Mean?

countable noun [with singular or plural verb usually singular] An array of different things or people is a large number or wide range of them.

What does array mean English?

a large group number or quantity of people or things: an impressive array of scholars an imposing array of books. attire dress: in fine array. an arrangement of interrelated objects or items of equipment for accomplishing a particular task: thousands of solar cells in one vast array.

What is something vast?

Things that are described as vast include oceans seas the heavens deserts and the surface of the moon. Even places that can’t be seen or touched like imaginations are called vast because of the endless ideas that come out of them.

What does an array of people mean?

1 n-count-coll An arrayof different things or people is a large number or wide range of them.

What does a vast quantity mean?

The definition of vast is a large or immense quantity. An example of a vast quantity is 300 balloons. … Very great in size amount degree intensity or especially extent.

What does VAST mean in science?

an immense or boundless expanse or space.

What is array in simple words?

An array is a data structure which can store a fixed-size collection of elements of the same data type. An array is used to store a collection of data but it is often more useful to think of an array as a collection of variables of the same type.

What is vast majority?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthe vast majority (of something)the vast majority (of something)used when you want to emphasize that something is true about almost all of a group of people or things The vast majority of books on the subject are complete rubbish.

What’s another word for vast majority?

What is another word for vast majority?
lion’s share bulk
preponderance generality
body most
gist meat
advantage better part

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Does vast mean empty?

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

vast adj. of great extent: very great in amount: very great in degree mighty: (Shak.) vacant desolate. —n.

What is an array definition for kids?

array. • a set of objects or numbers arranged in order often in rows and columns.

What does array mean in the Bible?

1. arrayed – in ceremonial attire and paraphernalia “professors arrayed in robes” panoplied. clad clothed – wearing or provided with clothing sometimes used in combination “clothed and in his right mind”- Bible “proud of her well-clothed family” “nurses clad in white” “white-clad nurses”

How do you describe an array?

An arrangement of objects pictures or numbers in rows and columns is called an array. Arrays are useful representations of multiplication concepts (among other ideas in mathematics). This array has 4 rows and 3 columns. It can also be described as a 4 by 3 array.

What is great in size or amount in science?


Immense means very large in size amount or degree.

What kind of word is vast?


vast used as an adjective:

Very great in size amount degree intensity or especially extent.

What does the word extensive?

Definition of extensive

1 : having wide or considerable extent extensive reading. 2 : extensional. 3 : of relating to or constituting farming in which large areas of land are utilized with minimum outlay and labor.

What does resolutely mean dictionary?

adjective. firmly resolved or determined set in purpose or opinion: Her parents wanted her to marry but she was focused on her education and remained resolute. characterized by firmness and determination as the temper spirit actions etc.: The mayor was asked to take resolute action against the looters.

Whats the meaning of frazzle?

frazzle. noun. Definition of frazzle (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : the state of being frazzled. 2 : a condition of fatigue or nervous exhaustion worn to a frazzle.

What is the meaning of Decre?

transitive verb. 1 : to command or enjoin by or as if by decree decree an amnesty. 2 : to determine or order judicially decree a punishment. intransitive verb.

What are linear arrays?

A linear array is a list of finite numbers of elements stored in the memory. … Elements of the array form a sequence or linear list that can have the same type of data. Each element of the array is referred by an index set. And the total number of elements in the array list is the length of an array.

What is meant by array in computer?

An array is a series of memory locations – or ‘boxes’ – each of which holds a single item of data but with each box sharing the same name. All data in an array must be of the same data type .

What does array mean in math?

An array is a way to represent multiplication and division using rows and columns. Rows represent the number of groups.

Is vast majority grammatically correct?

And when we consider the phrases “a vast majority” and even just “a majority ” it’s clear these are standard terms: A majority of TV viewers enjoy comedy. A vast majority of comedy fans have TVs. “A majority” is idiomatic even if it’s not quite logical.

Is 75% a vast majority?

But the vast majority would normally mean something in excess of 75% and I personally would almost always use it instead of plain the majority for anything over 80-90%. … But I personally think the vast majority would have no problem with it.

Is vast majority of bacteria are Autotrophs?

As we can see from the discussion most bacteria are heterotrophs while some are photo or chemosynthetic autotrophs. Therefore the correct answer is option D (Mostly bacteria are heterotrophic but some autotrophic).

How do you use vast majority in a sentence?

The vast majority of new vans have engine immobilisers fitted although few have full alarm systems. The vast majority of drug users are recreational and there are so many of them that they are a majority.

What is a better word for Which?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and related words for which like: that and which and-that what whichever who whatever thus for-which therefore and so-that. Words That Rhyme With Orange.

What is the opposite major?

The opposite of the adjective ‘major’ is ‘minor.

What is the opposite in meaning of vast?

(literally or figuratively) Opposite of very great in size amount degree intensity or extent. tiny. small. diminutive. minuscule.

How can I speak vast in English?

What is the meaning vast in Hindi?

adjective. unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope. Synonyms : Brobdingnagian huge immense Examples. – a huge wave.

How do you teach an array to a child?

What is an array in math example?

An array is any arrangement in rows or columns. Cards laid out into rows to play Memory seats arranged in rows for a recital or numbers arranged in an Excel spreadsheet are all examples of arrays. A multiplication array is simply an arrangement of rows or columns that matches a multiplication equation.

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What is an array in Maths Year 3?

An array is a way of representing multiplication facts in a diagram or picture. It is always rectangular and made up of rows and columns. There are 2 rows of apples and 4 apples in each row.

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