What Geological Roles Does Groundwater Play?


What Geological Roles Does Groundwater Play??

What geological roles does groundwater play? Groundwater sustains streams during periods of no rainfall. Groundwater erodes bedrock through dissolution. … A gaining stream gains an influx of groundwater through the streambed whereas a losing stream loses water to the groundwater through the streambed.

Which of the following are geological roles of groundwater?

Groundwater plays an important role in the water cycle in natural ecosystems and in land formations on Earth. It’s stored underground in aquifers which are underground water reservoirs. Like giant rock sponges underground these are often made of limestone and take thousands or millions of years to fill.

How does geology affect groundwater flow?

The availability of groundwater as a water source depends largely upon surface and subsurface geology as well as climate. The porosity and permeability of a geologic formation control its ability to hold and transmit water.

What share of US freshwater is provided by groundwater What is most groundwater used for?

Fresh groundwater irrigation withdrawals in these five States cumulatively accounted for 46 percent of the total fresh groundwater withdrawals for all categories nationwide. Nearly all groundwater withdrawals (97 percent) were from freshwater predominantly used for irrigation.

What geologic process is responsible for the geothermal features in Yellowstone National Park?

Yellowstone’s thermal features are evidence of a continued heat source not far from the earth’s surface recent volcanism is the furnace that provides the heat for Yellowstone’s geyser and hot spring activity. Hot springs geysers fumaroles and mudpots are found in regions of young volcanic activity.

What geological roles does groundwater play Choose all that apply quizlet?

What geological roles does groundwater play? Groundwater sustains streams during periods of no rainfall. Groundwater erodes bedrock through dissolution. … A gaining stream gains an influx of groundwater through the streambed whereas a losing stream loses water to the groundwater through the streambed.

What is importance of groundwater?

Groundwater supplies drinking water for 51% of the total U.S. population and 99% of the rural population. Groundwater helps grow our food. 64% of groundwater is used for irrigation to grow crops. Groundwater is an important component in many industrial processes.

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How does geology in a watershed affect the groundwater recharge?

(i) Describe how the geology in a watershed affects the groundwater recharge. geologic formations with high permeability allow water to move through the rock quickly so groundwater recharge occurs more quickly. … (ii) Describe one characteristic of soil that would allow for maximum rate of recharge of the aquifer.

What is groundwater flow in geography?

Groundwater flow – the deeper movement of water through underlying permeable rock strata below the water table. … Infiltration – the downward movement of water into the soil surface. Interflow – water flowing downhill through permeable rock above the water table.

What does geology consist of?

Definition of Geology:

Geology is the study of the Earth the materials of which it is made the structure of those materials and the processes acting upon them. It includes the study of organisms that have inhabited our planet.

How is most groundwater used in the United States quizlet?

Groundwater is used for drinking irrigation mining industry and recreation.

Which of the following groups of states Utilise largest share of groundwater?

The level of groundwater utilization is relatively high in the river basins lying in the north-western region and parts of south India. The groundwater utilization is very high in the states of Punjab Haryana Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.

What is the majority of groundwater used for in the United States quizlet?

-in the United States we use more surface water than groundwater. -groundwater supplies approximately 24% of all fresh water use in the U.S. -Most groundwater is used in irrigation.

What geologic process is responsible for warming the water at Hot Springs National Park?

Hot springs are heated by geothermal heat—heat from the Earth’s interior. In volcanic areas water may come into contact with very hot rock heated by magma.

What is the geology of Yellowstone National Park?

Here Earth’s crust has been compressed pulled apart glaciated eroded and subjected to volcanism. All of this geologic activity formed the mountains canyons and plateaus that define the natural wonder that is Yellowstone National Park.

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What tectonic plate is Yellowstone on?

North America plate

Most volcanoes occur at the boundary between two tectonic plates but Yellowstone is unusual because it lies centrally on the North America plate.

How groundwater creates caverns quizlet?

How does groundwater create caverns? Most caverns are made at or below the water table. Acidic groundwater finds lines of weakness in the rock and slowly dissolves it along those joints. Over much time enough rock is dissolved to create caverns.

What is ground water and how does it relate to the water table quizlet?

What is groundwater and how does it relate to the water table? groundwater is water that occupies the zone of saturation within the ground. the water table is the upper limit of the groundwater.

What is ground water and how does it relate to the water table?

Groundwater. Groundwater is water that has infiltrated the ground to fill the spaces between sediments and cracks in rock. Groundwater is fed by precipitation and can resurface to replenish streams rivers and lakes.

Why is groundwater important quizlet?

Why is groundwater so important? Most of the worlds water is not drinkable. When it comes to fresh water there is more groundwater than surface water (lakes/Rivers).

Why is groundwater important to the water cycle?

Groundwater is an important part of this continuous cycle as water evaporates forms clouds and returns to earth as precipitation. Surface water evaporates from by energy of the sun. The water vapor then forms clouds in the sky. … Other precipitation seeps into the ground and is stored as groundwater.

Which is the most important source of water?


Groundwater which is in aquifers below the surface of the Earth is one of the Nation’s most important natural resources. Groundwater is the source of about 33 percent of the water that county and city water departments supply to households and businesses (public supply).

What affects groundwater?

Industrial discharges urban activities agriculture groundwater pumpage and disposal of waste all can affect groundwater quality. Contaminants from leaking fuel tanks or fuel or toxic chemical spills may enter the groundwater and contaminate the aquifer.

How does geology affect the availability of water?

Geology. Rainfall flows down to the rocks beneath the ground. Some rocks are permeable and allow water to flow through them. Permeable rocks can lead to less surface water.

How can the geology of a watershed impact the water quality?

The physical characteristics of a watershed including geology soil types vegetation topography and slope also influence water– shed water quality. Minerals contained in some rocks can dissolve in water and as a result change the water’s chemistry.

What role does groundwater play in the discharge of a permanent river during the dry season?

Groundwater discharge is believed to dominate dry season flows in perennial river systems and to sustain aquatic biodiversity. … Groundwater discharge is expected to reduce flow variability and sustain flows making flow concentrations lower than rainfall concentrations.

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What movement occurs with groundwater?

The movement of groundwater in the saturated zone is termed percolation. Water moves slowly by percolation through very small pores along parallel threadlike paths. 7. Figure 12.9: Water percolates from areas where the water table is high towards areas where it is lowest (towards surface streams or lakes).

What controls groundwater flow?

Topography and geology are the dominant factors controlling groundwater flow. Storativity describes the property of an aquifer to store water. Hydraulic conductivity is measured by performing a pumping test i.e. by pumping one well and observing the changes in hydraulic head in neighboring wells.

What do mining geologists do?

Mining geologists work in all aspects of the mining industry from exploration to mine design to evaluating ore quality and to assisting in minimizing the impact of mining on the local environment.

What is geology in geography?

Definition: Geology is the study of the Earth. Through studying rocks geochemistry and geobiology we can understand how the Earth has changed through time. We can also understand how the Earth may change in the future for example through erosion and the development of new mountains.

What is field geology?

As the term implies field geology means Field work geology as practiced by direct observation of outcrops exposures landscapes and drill cores. Those engaged in field geology investigate rocks and rock materials in their natural environment.

What is the source of groundwater quizlet?

The ultimate source of groundwater is the oceans. Groundwater will move through any rock/sediment or soil that is porous. Rocks such as limestone granite and gneiss cannot be groundwater reservoirs. A poorly sorted porous rock/sediment is as permeable as a well-sorted porous rock/sediment.

Why is groundwater an important source of freshwater storage A?

Groundwater is an important source of freshwater partly because it accounts for approximately 30% of the Earth’s freshwater. Groundwater is an important source of freshwater for areas that do not have access to other sources of freshwater such as areas that are experiencing droughts.

Which of the following is a source of groundwater pollution quizlet?

Which of the following is a source of groundwater contamination? agricultural products septic tanks and radioactive disposal sites .

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