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What would happen if Germany won ww1?

One thing that could be said if Germany won in the end. The country would have imposed peace on the defeated allies at the treaty of Potsdam and it would not have had the reparations and grievances that were generally inflicted by France and Versailles. As a consequence the rise of Hitler would have been less likely.

Would the world be better off if Germany won ww1?

Originally Answered: Would the world have been better off if Germany won ww1? No the Germans would have set up a system that would have forced France to go to war again a few years later and the communists in the East would still mean a German invasion of Russia.

Is Germany really to blame for ww1?

So Germany kept pushing its ally despite calls for peace from the rest of Europe. Finally Austria agreed and attacked Serbia which caused the Russians to come to Serbia’s aid which forced Germany to back Austria and France to back Russia. … That’s why Germany takes the blame for World War I.

What was Germany’s biggest mistake in ww1?

4) Give Up at Verdun: Verdun was the key French-German conflict and perhaps without wishing to hurt the sensibilities of Dominion British Italian and Russian readers the key battle of the war one that lasted from February to December 1916. Final casualties stood at almost a million and at about 300 000 deaths.

Did Ottomans win ww1?

The Ottoman Empire came into World War I as one of the Central Powers. Ottoman forces fought the Entente in the Balkans and the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I. … The Ottoman Empire’s defeat in the war in 1918 was crucial in the eventual dissolution of the empire in 1922.

Could Germany have won the first World War?

Despite ambitions of becoming a global colonial empire Germany was still a Continental power in 1914. If it won the war it would be through the immense power of its army not its navy. … Or best of all more U-boats the one element of German naval strength that did inflict immense damage on the Allies.

Could Germany have defeated the Soviet Union?

Thus if Hitler had allowed his generals to capture Moscow first the Germans likely have won the war. Due to Hitler’s rosy predictions for a swift Soviet collapse and an end to the war in the East by December 1941 Germany failed to produce winter clothing for his invading troops.

Did France win WWI?

The victory was won at enormous cost for France. Of the 8 million Frenchmen mobilized 1.3 million had been killed and almost 1 million crippled. Large parts of northeastern France the nation’s most advanced industrial and agricultural area were devastated.

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Why did Germany think it could win the war in 1917?

By 1917 what did Germany believe was the only way they could win the war? By resuming unrestricted submarine warfare. … They would use U boats to knock Britain out of the war and then France would have to negotiate peace with Germany and Austria.

How was archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated?

A group of young nationalists hatched a plot to kill the archduke during his visit to Sarajevo and after some missteps 19-year-old Gavrilo Princip was able to shoot the royal couple at point-blank range while they traveled in their official procession killing both almost instantly.

Why did US enter ww1?

On April 2 1917 President Woodrow Wilson went before a joint session of Congress to request a declaration of war against Germany. … Germany’s resumption of submarine attacks on passenger and merchant ships in 1917 became the primary motivation behind Wilson’s decision to lead the United States into World War I.

Who started World war 3?

The general beginning of the war starts on the 28th of October though fighting had started as early as December 23rd between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Turkey and Russia had started their invasions several days earlier before the declarations of war between NATO and its allies against ACMF and its allies.

What country left the Triple Alliance?


In 1914 the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente (France Russia and the United Kingdom) started World War I. In 1915 Italy left the alliance and fought against Austria-Hungary and Germany from 1916.

What was the main reason Russia left ww1?

Russia withdrew from World War I because the Bolsheviks who had promised the Russian people “peace land and bread ” came to power after overthrowing the provisional government. This provisional government headed by moderates had seized power from Tsar Nicholas forcing him to abdicate in March of 1917.

How many men did Germany lose in the first world war?

2 037 000 German soldiers

2 037 000 German soldiers were killed in World War I. These losses were a military and demographic catastrophe which had enormously important political social economic and cultural consequences.

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Who destroyed Ottoman Empire?

The Turks fought fiercely and successfully defended the Gallipoli Peninsula against a massive Allied invasion in 1915-1916 but by 1918 defeat by invading British and Russian forces and an Arab revolt had combined to destroy the Ottoman economy and devastate its land leaving some six million people dead and millions …

Why did Turkey ally with Germany in ww1?

The Germany-Ottoman alliance was ratified by the German and Ottoman Empires on August 2 1914 shortly following the outbreak of World War I. It was created as part of a joint effort to strengthen and modernize the weak Ottoman military and to provide Germany with safe passage into the neighbouring British colonies.

How did Turkey lose ww1?

Siding with Germany in World War I may have been the most significant reason for the Ottoman Empire’s demise. Before the war the Ottoman Empire had signed a secret treaty with Germany which turned out to be a very bad choice. … In October 1918 the empire signed an armistice with Great Britain and quit the war.

What would have happened if the US never joined ww1?

Originally Answered: What would have happened if the US had not entered the WWI? British and French would still have won but more lives would have been lost and the war would have gone until the 1920′s. The US helped turn the ride but the Axis was already on the way to being ground into submission.

Did the US fight in ww1?

When World War I broke out across Europe in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the United States would remain neutral and many Americans supported this policy of nonintervention. … The U.S. officially entered the conflict on April 6 1917.

What if Germany had not invaded Russia?

So what would have happened if Hitler had not invaded Russia? … A more likely possibility is that Hitler could have chosen to move south instead of east. With most of Western Europe under his control after the summer of 1940 and Eastern Europe either subdued or allied with Germany Hitler had a choice by mid-1941.

Why did Germany lose to Russia?

These were: the lack of productivity of its war economy the weak supply lines the start of a war on two fronts and the lack of strong leadership. Following the invasion of the Soviet Union using the Blitzkrieg tactic the German Army marched far into Russia.

How did Russia defeat Germany in ww2?

Soviet forces launched a counteroffensive against the Germans arrayed at Stalingrad in mid-November 1942. They quickly encircled an entire German army more than 220 000 soldiers. In February 1943 after months of fierce fighting and heavy casualties the surviving German forces—only about 91 000 soldiers—surrendered.

Did the US win ww2?

While its 400 000 fatalities were a terrible cost of victory the United States lost the smallest percentage of its population of any major power. … America did not win World War II alone. But without the United States the war against Axis fascism would have been lost.

Why did the French wear red pants?

In 1914 the typical French uniform with its red pants and kepi and blue coat was almost a century old. It was in 1829 that king Charles X had ordered the use of the colour red for military uniforms in order to revive the French culture of the garance des teinturiers or dyer’s madder.

When did Germany declare war on Russia?

August 1 1914

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July 28 1914 Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.
August 1 1914 Germany declares War on Russia.
August 3 1914 Germany declares war on France.
August 4 1914 Britain declares war on Germany.
August 6 1914 Austria declares war on Russia.

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Could the Allies have won ww1 without the US?

Without the backing of American weaponry munitions and loans the Allies would have been forced to abandon their goal of the knockout blow. The war might have ended in 1915 or 1916 with a negotiated peace based on the mutual admission that the conflict had become a stalemate.

Why was Germany so strong in ww1?

They had always had a large army as well (It was in fact their main strength in most wars the Germans had taken part in) and the wealth and arms development that resulted from their industrial capacity expanded and strengthened that army allowing better equipment and movement ability for those same troops (Though …

Is Archduke higher than Duke?

It denotes a rank within the former Holy Roman Empire (962–1806) which was below that of Emperor and King roughly equal to Grand Duke but above that of a Prince and Duke. The territory ruled by an Archduke or Archduchess was called an Archduchy.

What does the word Archduke mean?

Definition of archduke

1 : a sovereign prince. 2 : a prince of the imperial family of Austria. Other Words from archduke Example Sentences Learn More About archduke.

Is Archduke Franz Ferdinand buried in Tennessee?

The town of Gutshot Tennessee boasts that it holds the grave of the Archduke and it is this grave that initially inspires Colin to stop in Gutshot while on his road trip with Hassan.

What did Germany promise Mexico in return for aiding in the war?

The “Zimmerman Telegram” promised the Mexican Government that Germany would help Mexico recover the territory it had ceded to the United States following the Mexican-American War. In return for this assistance the Germans asked for Mexican support in the war.

Which war did the US win?

American Revolutionary War
Date April 19 1775 – September 3 1783 (8 years 4 months and 15 days)
Location Eastern North America North Atlantic Ocean the West Indies
Result show U.S. and Allied victory:

When did the first war end?

July 28 1914 – November 11 1918

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