What Is Inexhaustible Resource


What Is Inexhaustible Resource?

Inexhaustible Natural resources – Inexhaustible resources of energy are those sources which will not exhaust in future. These are unlimited. Bio-mass is one of the inexhaustible sources of energy. Examples – Air water and sunlight.

What are inexhaustible resources 8?

Those natural resources which are present in unlimited quantity in nature and are not likely to be exhausted by human activities are called inexhaustible resources. … For Ex:Coal petroleum natural gas minerals forests etc.

What are inexhaustible and exhaustible resources?

Inexhaustible resource

The resources that get exhausted or replenish after few hundred years are called exhaustible resources. The resources that will not get replenish or never get exhausts are called inexhaustible resources. It is also called non-renewable resources the resources. It is also called renewable …

What is mean by inexhaustible resources?

An inexhaustible resource is a resource that never runs out or gets depleted. Some of such resources include wind sun solar energy tides and geothermal energy.

What is inexhaustible resources examples?

A Snapshot: Inexhaustible resources can be defined as resources that exist in unlimited supply and are impossible to exhaust even with humans exploitation. Examples of such resources are solar wind geothermal water soil air ocean waves and tides.

What are the 4 types of natural resources?

Oil coal natural gas metals stone and sand are natural resources. Other natural resources are air sunlight soil and water. Animals birds fish and plants are natural resources as well.

What do you mean by natural resources Class 9?

Resources which exist in Nature without the intervention of humans are called Natural Resources. Existence of humans and animals depends upon Natural Resources. Example: Sunlight Water Land etc. This blog will help you find complete natural resources class 9 notes.

Is a petroleum exhaustible or inexhaustible?

Petroleum is an exhaustible resource as it is present in limited quantity. It cannot be replenished in a short period of time.

What are exhaustible and inexhaustible resources give two examples?

– Exhaustible natural resources are petroleum coal natural gas forest and minerals. – Inexhaustible natural resources are wind sunlight and water.

Which resources are also called exhaustible resources?

Examples of exhaustible natural resources are fossil fuels such as oil coal and natural gas as well as minerals like iron copper and aluminium.

Is sea water renewable or nonrenewable?

Water is a renewable resource. Note that water is an interesting entity as far as being renewable versus non-renewable.

Is natural gas inexhaustible resources?

Nonrenewable energy resources include coal natural gas oil and nuclear energy.

Which resource is inexhaustible by human activities *?

Air is a natural resource and cannot be exhausted by human activities. It is known as an inexhaustible natural resource.

What are the two types of renewable resources?

Renewable resources include biomass energy (such as ethanol) hydropower geothermal power wind energy and solar energy. Biomass refers to organic material from plants or animals. This includes wood sewage and ethanol (which comes from corn or other plants).

Is renewable resources inexhaustible?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration renewable energy comes from naturally occurring sources such as the sun wind water and plants that are “virtually inexhaustible.”1 This means that any energy source deemed “renewable” cannot ever be used up or depleted.

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Why should inexhaustible resources be cared for?

ANSWER: Though inexhaustible resources are available in abundance it has to be used carefully for future purposes. EXPLANATION: For example water is an inexhaustible resource used for the production of electricity and daily resource.

What are the 7 types of resources?

Every technological system makes use of seven types of resources: people information materials tools and machines energy capital and time. Since there is limited amount of certain resources on the earth we must use these resources wisely.

What are the 3 different types of resources?

Key terms
  • resource.
  • human resource.
  • capital resource.
  • natural resource.

What are the 5 types of resources?

Different Types of Resources
  • Natural resources.
  • Human resources.
  • Environmental resources.
  • Mineral resources.
  • Water resources.
  • Vegetation resources.

What is Biosphere 9th CBSE?

Biosphere : The life-supporting zone of the Earth where the atmosphere hydrosphere and the lithosphere interact and make life possible is known as the biosphere. … Abiotic components : The non-living things air water and soil form the abiotic components of the Biosphere.

What is natural resources Slideshare?

Natural Resources • Natural resources includes air water forests animals fishes marine life biomass fossile fuels like coal petroleum and natural gases wild life renewable energy sources like solar energy wind energy biomass energy geothermal energy etc. •

What do you mean by resources class 8?

Resources: Anything that has some utility to satisfy our needs is known as a resource. Human beings are important resources because their ideas knowledge and skills lead to the creation of new resources.

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Is oxygen exhaustible or inexhaustible?

Oxygen in air is an inexhaustible natural resource as it is present in unlimited quantity in nature and cannot be exhausted by human activities.

What is the full form of CNG?

CNG and LNG as Alternative Transportation Fuels

Two forms of natural gas are currently used in vehicles: compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Is coal an inexhaustible resource?

There’s some confusion on this point because as a naturally occurring resource coal might appear to be an inexhaustible source of energy. … A non-renewable resource won’t be replenished and will eventually run out. Coal is a finite resource because the conditions that were in place to form coal are long gone.

What are Localised resources?

Localised resources can be defined as the resources which are found in a local place or specific area. localised resources are resources are those which are unevenly distributed among the world and are only concentrated in some areas. gold diamonds and silver are some examples.

Is the Forest inexhaustible?

The inexhaustible natural resource is forest.

What is individual resource?

Resources owned by individuals are called individual resources. These resources cannot be shared or can’t be accessed by someone else. Example: Plot Fields and House.

What is known as black gold?

Crude Oil is also known as Black Gold. The word ‘Black’ because of its appearance when it comes out of the ground and the term ‘Gold’ for of its rarity and utility associated with it.

Is gold renewable or not?

Earth minerals and metal ores like gold silver and iron are sometimes also considered to be nonrenewable resources since they’re similarly formed from geological processes that span millions of years. On the other hand renewable resources include solar power wind power and sustainably harvested timber.

Is gold jewelry renewable?

Gold is not a renewable resource. When we have mined all the existing gold from the Earth there will be no more gold.

Is silver renewable?

Because silver is a non-renewable resource silver mining cannot sustain itself forever. For this reason it is important to recover as much silver as possible from scrap byproducts and consumer goods to put back into markets that rely on silver.

Why fossil fuels are called exhaustible resources?

The formation of fossil fuels is a very slow process it takes millions of years. Hence the amount of resources available for use is limited and is being exhausted by human activities like industrialization rapid growth etc. Thus fossil fuels are exhaustible natural resources.

What are advantages of using CNG and LPG as fuels?

They are clean fuels and do not give smoke when burnt. They give a lot of heat energy when burnt. They are more efficient than fossil fuels. They are less polluting than other fossil fuels.

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