What Is Made Up Of

What is made of or made up of?

Made of” is used in the sense composed of one material or one thing. “Made up of” is used in the sense composed of several things. E.g.- This machines is made up of several electronics components.

What is the meaning of be made up of?

to be very happy about something. I’m made up about having a baby daughter.

What things are made up?

What is another word for be made up of?
include incorporate
comprise encompass
cover embrace
involve constitute
contain consist of

What is made up of synonym?

What is another word for made up of?
including inclusive of
containing counting
with which include
which includes among other things

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Which sentence is made up?

Sentences are made up of clauses and phrases. A clause is a group of words that contain at least a subject and a verb (NB: a clause can be a sentence). There are four sentence types: simple compound complex and compound-complex. A simple sentence is made up of one independent clause.

Who made up?

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Up (2009 film)
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How do you write made up?

It’s one word without a hyphen. A way to remember it: a woman wants the makeup on her face to be smooth without empty spaces or hyphens. Make-up functions as an adjective a word or phrase that modifies a noun such as a make-up test.

What does made up mean in England?

made up adjective (HAPPY)

[ after verb ] UK Northern English informal. very happy about something good that has happened: I was made up when she offered me the job. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What is a made up story called?

something feigned invented or imagined a made-up story: We’ve all heard the fiction of her being in delicate health. …

Is made up of two or more elements?

Compounds are made up of two or more elements combined in definite quantities and in definite proportions by chemical bonds. Substances are pure forms of matter that cannot be separated or purified further by physical means include compounds and elements.

Are made up of atom or atoms of the same kind?


Element : A pure substance composed of the same type of atom throughout. Compound : A substance made of two or more elements that are chemically combined in fixed amounts.

What does made up mean in slang?

Made up means two people who had a fight have reconciled and gotten over it. An example of made up is when two people fight but then apologize to each other and move on.

What is the opposite of made up?

What is the opposite of made-up?
actual existent
existing real
original true
genuine factual
sincere veritable

How do you know that something is made up?

A made-up word name or story is invented rather than really existing or being true. It looks like a made-up word.

What is the use of made-up of?

We use made of when we talk about the basic material or qualities of something. It has a meaning similar to ‘composed of’: She wore a beautiful necklace made of silver.

How do you use made-up in a sentence?

formed by fitting or joining components together.
  1. She used a made-up name.
  2. She was beautifully made-up beautifully groomed.
  3. It looks like a made-up word.
  4. She was heavily made-up .

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What does concoct mean in a sentence?

verb (used with object) to prepare or make by combining ingredients especially in cookery: to concoct a meal from leftovers. to devise make up contrive: to concoct an excuse.

When was up made?

July 17 2009 (Vietnam)

What is a make up day?

Make-up Days for Emergency Closings are days that have been built into the school calendar to allow for a fixed graduation date and a more stable end-of-school year date.

What does Im made up for you mean?

“I’m made up” means “I’m having a really good day” or “Something just happened which makes me extremely happy”. “I’m made up for you” means that I’m very happy for you (about what just happened to you or about what you just told me).

What is another word for made-up stories?

What is another word for make up a story?
lie fib
fabricate prevaricate
dissimulate deceive
delude falsify
mislead bluff

What do we call the made-up or created stories?

Fiction stories are based on made-up or imaginary events. … Historical fiction.

Which of these is made up of molecules?

Things that are matter include stars air water tables chairs trees your body your brain and pretty much everything that you see around you. All of these things are made up of molecules – but molecules aren’t the smallest pieces of matter because every molecule is made up of even smaller pieces called atoms.

Are molecules made up of elements?

A molecule is defined as two or more atoms of the same element different element that are bound together. A molecule may be homonuclear which means it consists of atoms of one chemical element as with oxygen (O2) or it may be heteronuclear a chemical compound composed of more than one element as with water (H2O).

Are atoms made up of molecules?

What are atoms made of? … Atoms can join together to form molecules which in turn form most of the objects around you. Atoms are composed of particles called protons electrons and neutrons.

Are all elements made up of the same atoms?

No. Although two such atoms are essentially chemically identical (they will chemically react in the same way) they are not completely identical. … The nucleus of an atom contains neutrons and protons bonded tightly together. The same chemical element can have a different number of neutrons and still be the same element.

What is made up of the same kind of atoms?

The answer is element.

Which of the following substances is made up of atoms?

10 Cards in this Set
Elements A pure substance that is made entirely from one atom Eg:
Compounds Are pure substances made up entirely from two or more elements that are chemically combined
Law of Conservation of Energy Mass cannot be created nor destroyed in ordinary chemical of physical changes

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What is the meaning of the phrasal verb made up?

transitive to invent an explanation for something especially in order to avoid being punished or embarrassed. He made up some excuse about the dog eating his homework. Synonyms and related words. To tell lies and deceive people.

What is the difference between made-up and made out?

If something has been produced from another thing in an unusual or surprising way you usually use made out of. She was wearing a hat made out of plastic bags. If you are mentioning the parts or materials from which something is constructed you use made of or made out of. Don’t use `made from’.

What two parts make up a complete sentence?

The subject and predicate make up the two basic structural parts of any complete sentence. In addition there are other elements contained within the subject or predicate that add meaning or detail. These elements include the direct object indirect object and subject complement.

What does it mean to make up with someone?

to make up (with somebody): to reconcile your differences to become friends (with someone) again. verb.

Which sentence is made-up of two or more independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction?

When we take two or more independent clauses and join them together we form a compound sentence. We usually connect the clauses with a comma and a coordinating conjunction but you can also join them with a semicolon.

How do you spell head concussion?

1a : a stunning damaging or shattering effect from a hard blow especially : a jarring injury of the brain resulting in disturbance of cerebral function The football player suffered a concussion.

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