What Is Plantation Crop

What Is Plantation Crop?

Plantation crops are high-value commercial crops which play a vital role in the agricultural economy and export trade of many developing and developed countries. … Arecanut (betel nut) cardamom cashew cocoa coconut coffee oil palm rubber and tea are the major crops grown on a plantation scale.

What is plantation crop short answer?

Plantation agriculture is a type of commercial farming in which a single crop is grown for the entire year. This type of farming requires large amount of labour and capital. The crop production may be further processed on the farm itself where it is grown or in nearby factories or small scale industries.

What is a plantation crop Class 10?

Complete answer: Plantation agriculture is generally a large scale farming that specializes in cash crops. Plantations are a type of commercial farming in which a single crop is grown on a large scale. The main objective of this farming is generating profit in return.

What is plantation and example?

Plantations are a type of commercial farming where a single crop of tea coffee sugarcane cashew rubber banana or cotton is grown.

What is plantation in geography?

A plantation is the large-scale farmland meant for farming mainly cash crops for international market. … In plantation farming single crops of tea sugarcane coffee rubber cotton and bananas are grown on large fields. Large labour force and capital is required in plantations.

What are plantations Class 4?

Answer : Plantation crops are the crops which are grown in the large area as an interface of agriculture and industry. It acts as a raw material for industries. Tea coffee and rubber are examples of the plantation crops.

What is plantation crop give example?

A plantation is a large-scale estate generally centered on a plantation house meant for farming that specializes in cash crops. The crops that are grown include cotton coffee tea cocoa sugar cane opium sisal oil seeds oil palms fruits rubber trees and forest trees.

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What is plantation Class 8 history?

Plantation – A large farm operated by a planter employing various forms of forced labour. Plantations are associated with the production of coffee sugarcane tobacco tea and cotton.

What is plantation farming class 8?

Plantations are a type of commercial farming where a single crop of tea coffee sugarcane cashew rubber banana or cotton are grown. Large amounts of labor and capital are required. The produce may be processed on the farm itself or in nearby factories.

What is known as plantation?

1 : a usually large group of plants and especially trees under cultivation. 2 : a settlement in a new country or region Plymouth Plantation. 3a : a place that is planted or under cultivation. b : an agricultural estate usually worked by resident labor. Plantation.

Which of these is a plantation crop?

The important plantation crops are tea coffee rubber cocoa sugarcane bananas coconut and oil palm. They are grown to cater to the needs of the market.

Why is it called a plantation?

The settlements required a large number of laborers to sustain them and thus laborers were imported from Africa. African slaves began arriving in Virginia in 1619. The term “plantation” arose as the southern settlements originally linked with colonial expansion came to revolve around the production of agriculture.

What is Estate plantation agriculture?

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes:Agriculture:Farming types in Africa: Plantation (estate) farming. This is the large-scale production usually of one crop on a large piece of land called an estate for an extended period of time.

Where is plantation agriculture?

Explanation: Plantation agriculture is defined by the production of one or more usually cash crops on a large swathe of land. It is most common in tropical climates where cash crops generally grow more naturally.

Is cotton plantation a crop?

Cotton: The cotton is not a plantation crop of India as it has very high local consumption in India as compared to their export value. They are grown in large quantities in the states of where black soil is found.

What is a plantation in history?

a large farm or estate in a tropical or semitropical zone for the cultivation of cotton tobacco coffee sugarcane etc. typically by enslaved unpaid or low-wage resident laborers. a group of planted trees or plants. History/Historical. a colony or new settlement. the establishment of a colony or new settlement.

What is the other name of plantation?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and related words for plantation like: farm ranch colony orchard estate hacienda grove manor sugar-cane woodlet and sugarcane.

What is the importance of plantation agriculture?

Plantation crops help in conserving the soil and ecosystem. Ex : Tea coffee plantations grown in hilly tracks having slopes obstruct the soil erosion. Cashew nut cultivation in waste and barren lands contains soil erosion. Export of coir and coir products earning nearly 260 million rupees/annum.

What are the plantation crops in the Philippines?

The leading crops are rice maize sugarcane coconut banana mango pineapple cassava coffee sweetpotato and eggplant. In terms of harvest area the most extensively grown crops are rice coconut maize sugarcane banana cassava coffee mango sweetpotato and Manila hemp.

What is plantation farming in India?

Plantation is a type of commercial farming. In this type of farming a single crop is grown on a large area. The plantation also includes the processing of that crop in the nearby industries. … All the produce is used as raw material in respective industries. In India tea coffee rubber sugarcane banana etc.

Which are the important plantation crops in India?

tea coffee rubber cocoa coconut arecanut oil palm palmyrah and cashew.

Who were ryots Class 8?

Ryots were the peasants who worked on farms. Under the Ryotwari system these peasants were recognized as ownmers of the land and the revenue settlement was made directly with them by the British government.

Who were Lathiyals Class 8?

Who were the lathiyals? They were the lathi-wielding strongmen maintained by the planters.

What is a patent class 8?

Patent means the exclusive right over any idea or invention.

What is plantation farming Name some plantation crops?

(vi) Examples of plantation crops are tea coffee rubber sugar cane and banana. The crops that are grown include cotton coffee tea cocoa sugar cane sisal oil seeds oil palms rubber trees and fruits.

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Which of the following crops is an example of plantation farming?

Tea cotton coffee tobacco sugarcane sisal some oil seeds and rubber trees are few examples of plantation farming!!

Is rice and maize are plantation crop?

Food grains (Rice Wheat Maize Millets and Pulses) Cash Crops (Cotton Jute Sugarcane Tobacco and Oilseeds) Plantation Crops (Tea Coffee Coconut and Rubber) and Horticulture crops such as Fruits and Vegetables. On the basis of seasons the crops in India have been divided into Rabi Kharif and Zaid crops.

Is wheat a plantation crop?

Wheat” is “not a plantation crop” because plantation crops are usually grown for profits. Wheat is grown in a large scale of heaters worldwide. Wheat is used as a stable food and principle crop worldwide.

What is the purpose of plantations?

Definition of Plantations: Plantations can be defined as large farms in the colonies that used the enforced labor of slaves to harvest cotton rice sugar tobacco and other farm produce for trade and export. Crops were planted on a large scale with usually just one major plant species growing.

What is a plantation or estate?

A Plantation is an estate or a large piece of land in which a certain type of crop or plant is grown and processed. It is a large farm with the cultivation of a limited number of cash crops carried out using scientific and efficient methods.

What are the features of plantation crops?

Characteristics of plantation crops
  • Grown in a vast area of land.
  • Perennial.
  • High-value crops of greater economic importance.
  • Play a vital role in our national economy.
  • Export potential.
  • Must be processed before use.
  • Known as a commercial crop or cash crop.

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Is potato is a plantation crop?

Potato is cultivated from its seeds or piece of potato which means a new plant can be grown from the piece or the seed. It is grown in areas of cool climate conditions fertile soil and good amounts of moisture. The main months of cultivation are from October to December. Thus it is the correct answer.

Is banana a plantation crop?

Most bananas grown worldwide are used for local consumption. … In the past the banana was a highly sustainable crop with a long plantation life and stable yields year round. However with the arrival of the Black Sigatoka fungus banana production in eastern Africa has fallen by over 40%.

Which is not the example of plantation crop?

Sugarcane is not a plantation crop. A plantation is a large farm or estate usually in a tropical or subtropical country where crops that are not consumed for food are grown for sale in distant markets rather than for local consumption.

What is Plantation crops?

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