What Is The Difference Between Athens And Sparta


What Is The Difference Between Athens And Sparta?

The main difference between Athens and Sparta is that Athens was a form of democracy whereas Sparta was a form of oligarchy. Athens and Sparta are two prominent Greek rival city-states. … Athens was the centre for arts learning and philosophy while Sparta was a warrior state.Nov 8 2019

Which is better Sparta or Athens?

Sparta is far superior to Athens because their army was fierce and protective girls received some education and women had more freedom than in other poleis. … The Spartans believed this made them strong and better mothers. Lastly Sparta is the best polis of ancient Greece because women had freedom.

What did Athens have that Sparta didn t?

Sparta had a powerful army and Athens knew that they could not beat them but they had the power of a naval unit which Sparta didn’t have. What the two communities had in common was that they were both thinkers.

How are Athens and Sparta different quizlet?

They are different because Athens was a democracy and Sparta was a strictly-ruled military state. In Athens women had very few rights.

Who won the Persian War?

Though the outcome of battles seemed to tip in Persia’s favor (such as the famed battle at Thermopylae where a limited number of Spartans managed to wage an impressive stand against the Persians) the Greeks won the war. There are two factors that helped the Greeks defeat the Persian Empire.

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Was it better to be a woman in Athens or Sparta?

Sparta was by far the better of the two City-States in Ancient Greece to be woman. They had the freedom to mingle among the men to own property and the education that was not awarded to the women of Athens.

Did Spartans throw babies off cliffs?

The Greek myth that ancient Spartans threw their stunted and sickly newborns off a cliff was not corroborated by archaeological digs in the area researchers said Monday. … “It is probably a myth the ancient sources of this so-called practice were rare late and imprecise ” he added.

Was there slavery in Sparta?

Sparta had the highest number of slaves compared to the number of owners. Some scholars estimate that there were seven times as many slaves as citizens. Q: What did slaves do in Sparta? Slaves in Sparta worked on their lands and produced agricultural products for their masters.

Did Athens have slaves?

Slaves were the lowest class in Athenian society but according to many contemporary accounts they were far less harshly treated than in most other Greek cities. … Lowest of all slaves were those who worked in the nearby Laurium silver mines – where most quickly perished.

Were Sparta and Athens more alike or different?

The main difference between Athens and Sparta is their government economy and society. Athenian society which was based on trade valued art and culture and was ruled under a form of democracy. Spartan society on the other hand was a militant society whose economy was based on farming and conquering.

How did Sparta differ from other city states?

They differed greatly from the each other in governing philosophies and interests. For example Sparta was ruled by two kings and a council of elders. It emphasized maintaining a strong military while Athens valued education and art.

What type of government did the Sparta have?

Sparta had a highly unusual system of government. Two kings ruled the city but a 28-member ‘council of elders’ limited their powers. These men were recruited from the highest social class the aristocratic Spartiates.

Did Persia conquer Sparta?

The Persian forces stayed primarily on land which made Sparta safer than other Greek cities for a period of time because the Persians would have to take to the sea in order to conquer them.

Is the 300 Spartans a true story?

Based on the homonymous comic book by Frank Miller the movie earned a huge fan base around the world. Like the comic book the “300” takes inspirations from the real Battle of Thermopylae and the events that took place in the year of 480 BC in ancient Greece. An epic movie for an epic historical event.

Who stopped the Persian Empire?

Alexander the Great
One of history’s first true super powers the Persian Empire stretched from the borders of India down through Egypt and up to the northern borders of Greece. But Persia’s rule as a dominant empire would finally be brought to an end by a brilliant military and political strategist Alexander the Great.Sep 9 2019

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How did Spartans treat their wives?

To contemporaries outside of Sparta Spartan women had a reputation for promiscuity and controlling their husbands. Unlike their Athenian counterparts Spartan women could legally own and inherit property and they were usually better educated.

What did Spartans do to babies?

If a Spartan baby was judged to be unfit for its future duty as a soldier it was most likely abandoned on a nearby hillside. Left alone the child would either die of exposure or be rescued and adopted by strangers.

How did Sparta treat their slaves?

The Spartans ruled over a group of people called the Helots. The Helots were treated like slaves by the Spartans. They farmed the land and performed other manual labor for the Spartans. … In order to keep control the Spartans had secret police who kept track of the Helots and killed anyone who they thought might rebel.

Does the Spartan bloodline still exist?

So yes the Spartans or else the Lacedeamoneans are still there and they were into isolation for the most part of their history and opened up to the world just the last 50 years.

Why did Spartans bathe babies in wine?

Spartans practiced an early form of eugenics

When a male child was born in Sparta he would be bathed in wine to test his strength. The Spartans believed that weak babies would react poorly to the wine and convulse or cry. Those infants which failed the test would either be left to die or would become a slave.

What were the 300 Spartans called?

Leonidas – King of Sparta 300 & Facts – HISTORY.Dec 2 2009

Who are stronger Vikings or Spartans?

Marx: Put it simply Spartans fought a lot longer than the Vikings they thrived both in war and one on one. … But the Spartans were not helpless or poorly armed volunteer warriors being raided they were bred to kill and topple the enemy no matter how big or small and due to this the Spartan overrules the Viking.

Why did the Spartans fear the helots?

Owing to their own numerical inferiority the Spartans were always preoccupied with the fear of a helot revolt. The ephors (Spartan magistrates) of each year on entering office declared war on the helots so that they might be murdered at any time without violating religious scruples.

What did male slaves do in Athens?

Sometimes they grew close to the woman of the house. This was because in Athens women did not have much of a life outside the home. They often became attached to their slaves. Male slaves usually worked in the fields as craftsmen or as assistants to soldiers.

Why Sparta was called an oligarchy?

Why was Sparta called an oligarchy? Sparta was called an oligarchy because the real power was in the hands of a few people. The important decisions were made by the council of elders. Council members had to be at least 60 and wealthy.

What was the Athens religion?

The religion of Ancient Greece was classified as polytheistic which means that they believed in multiple deities. In fact the gods and goddesses that we know as the Olympian Gods were something that many religious experts accept as being at the core of their belief system.

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Who first started citizenship?

Pocock have suggested that the modern-day ideal of citizenship was first articulated by the ancient Athenians and Romans although he suggested that the “transmission” of the sense of citizenship over two millennia was essentially a myth enshrouding western civilization.

Is Sparta and Greece the same?

Sparta also known as Lacedaemon was an ancient Greek city-state located primarily in the present-day region of southern Greece called Laconia.

What are three facts about Sparta?

Interesting Facts about Sparta
  • Boys were encouraged to steal food. …
  • Spartan men were required to stay fit and ready to fight until the age of 60.
  • The term “spartan” is often used to describe something simple or without comfort.
  • The Spartans considered themselves to be direct descendents of the Greek hero Hercules.

What is the difference between Athenian and Spartan education?

Sparta depended on slaves and other noncitizens to provide for many of its needs. Education In Athens boys were educated to be good citizens. … In Sparta boys and girls alike were educated to protect the city-state. Spartan boys began their military training at age 7 and men served in the army until age 60.

How long did a war between Sparta and Athens once last?

The Great Peloponnesian War also called the First Peloponnesian War was the first major scuffle between them. It became a 15-year conflict between Athens and Sparta and their allies. Peace was decreed by the signing of the Thirty Years Treaty in 445 B.C. effective until 437 B.C. when the Peloponnesian War began.Aug 22 2019

In what area did Sparta differ most from Athens?

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Athens and Sparta differed because Athens was a democracy and Sparta was an oligarchy. Also Spartans focused very much on military and that was the main goal– to raise strong boys to be in the military whereas Athens wanted to raise educated people not just for fighting.

What was Sparta’s focus as a city state?

Sparta’s focus as a city-state was military. They trained young men to become soldiers. They were like the Hikkos and the Assyrians and Unlike the Phoenicians or the Mionaons.

Who was the founder of Sparta?

In Greek mythology the founder of the ancient city was Lacedaemon a son of Zeus who gave his name to the region and his wife’s name to the city. Sparta was also an important member of the Greek force which participated in the Trojan War.

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