What Is The Opposite Of Arrogant

What is the opposite of being arrogant?

Opposite of having an especially high opinion of oneself usually with contempt for others. humble. modest. overmodest. demure.

What is the best antonym for arrogant?

antonyms for arrogant
  • humble.
  • modest.
  • shy.
  • timid.
  • unsure.
  • meek.
  • servile.
  • unconceited.

What is the synonyms and antonyms of arrogant?

Some common synonyms of arrogant are disdainful haughty insolent lordly overbearing proud and supercilious. While all these words mean “showing scorn for inferiors ” arrogant implies a claiming for oneself of more consideration or importance than is warranted.

What is the antonym of arrogant and humble?

What is the opposite of humble?
pompous arrogant
disrespectful submissive
wilful impatient
domineering spirited
gregarious brassy

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Does arrogant mean rude?

unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important than or know more than other people: I found him arrogant and rude.

What do you call someone who’s arrogant?

haughty conceited hubristic self-important opinionated egotistic full of oneself superior. overbearing pompous high-handed swaggering boastful bumptious blustering patronizing condescending disdainful contemptuous imperious. proud vain immodest.

How do I stop being arrogant?

How do I stop being arrogant?
  1. Admit when you’re wrong. …
  2. Learn to laugh at yourself. …
  3. Treat yourself with greater kindness. …
  4. Spend less time worrying about being right. …
  5. Let other people take the lead. …
  6. Ask other people for help. …
  7. Offer meaningful realistic compliments.

What do you call an arrogant woman?

assuming blustering conceited contemptuous disdainful haughty high and mighty (informal) high-handed imperious insolent looking down one’s nose at lordly overbearing overweening pompous presumptuous pretentious proud scornful supercilious swaggering too big for one’s boots or breeches turning up …

What is the opposite rude?

Opposite of impolite or bad-mannered. polite. kind. respectful. considerate.

Does arrogant mean cocky?

4. The definition of cocky is someone who is overly self-confident. Someone who is very arrogant and assumes they know all the answers is an example of cocky. adjective.

What is the opposite general?

Antonym of General
Word Antonym
General Particular Special
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What is the opposite peace?

Opposite of a treaty agreeing to peace. war. conflict. hostility. animosity.

Whats does naive mean?

1 : showing lack of experience or knowledge He asked a lot of naive questions. 2 : being simple and sincere. Other Words from naive. naively adverb. naive.

What is to envy someone?

1 : a feeling of unhappiness over another’s good fortune together with a desire to have the same good fortune He was filled with envy on seeing her success. 2 : a person or a thing that is envied. envy. verb. envied envying.

What’s the difference between arrogance and narcissism?

While an arrogant person might parade around with a clear sense of self satisfaction a narcissist will take it to a whole other level. … “A narcissist believes they’re the most important person and that they deserve special treatment and often demand it whether or not there is any logical reason for it ” Parisi says.

What do you call someone who thinks they deserve everything?

adjective. someone who is arrogant thinks they are better or more important than other people and behaves in a way that is rude and too confident.

What do you call someone who thinks they know everything?

A pantomath is a person who wants to know or knows everything.

What do you call a person who thinks they are never wrong?

The definition of infallible is someone or something that is always perfect and right without any errors or mistakes. … An infallible person or thing.

Are Narcissists arrogant?

Narcissistic personality disorder involves a pattern of self-centered arrogant thinking and behavior a lack of empathy and consideration for other people and an excessive need for admiration. Others often describe people with NPD as cocky manipulative selfish patronizing and demanding.

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How can I be confident but not arrogant?

6 Ways to Be Confident Without Being Arrogant
  1. Watch your words. Speaking as if you are better than anyone else is arrogance not confidence. …
  2. Acknowledge your areas of weakness. …
  3. Own your mistakes. …
  4. Celebrate other people’s successes. …
  5. Notice your body language. …
  6. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Is it better to be humble or arrogant?

Humble leaders teach others the best of what they know they help others achieve. Arrogant leaders put themselves their personal agendas ahead of organizational objectives and the common good. Humble leaders have high self-esteem and self-awareness and continue to push themselves to do better.

What is aplomb?

Definition of aplomb

: complete and confident composure or self-assurance : poise She played several roles with equal aplomb.

What does kroner mean in the dictionary?

krone 1. / (ˈkrəʊnə) / noun plural -ner (-nə) the standard monetary unit of Denmark the Faeroe Islands and Greenland divided into 100 øre. the standard monetary unit of Norway divided into 100 øre.

What is being zealous?

1 : filled with or showing a strong and energetic desire to get something done or see something succeed The police were zealous in their pursuit of the criminals. 2 : marked by passionate support for a person cause or ideal a zealous fan. Other Words from zealous.

What is a stronger word for disrespectful?

discourteous rude impolite uncivil unmannerly ill-mannered bad-mannered ungracious irreverent inconsiderate. insolent impudent impertinent cheeky flippant insubordinate churlish. contemptuous disdainful derisive scornful disparaging insulting abusive.

What is the opposite Safe?

“You are in danger so come with me if you want to live!”

What is the opposite of safe?
unsafe insecure
at risk dangerous
exposed harmful
risky unguarded
unprotected vulnerable

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How do you call someone rude in a nice way?

Be super polite! Sometimes being extra polite and super sweet can really highlight someone else’s rudeness. Demonstrating your own kindness can really make their rudeness stand out like a sore thumb. By the way stick out or stand out like a sore thumb is a great idiom to say something is really noticeable or obvious.

What does simp mean in slang?

Simp is a slang insult for men who are seen as too attentive and submissive to women especially out of a failed hope of winning some entitled sexual attention or activity from them.

What does overbearing mean?

Definition of overbearing

1a : tending to overwhelm : overpowering had to deal with his overbearing mother. b : decisively important : dominant didn’t think it was the overbearing consideration here— J. S. Cooper. 2 : harshly and haughtily arrogant the mayor’s overbearing manner of dealing with employees.

What does it mean to be quirky?

Full Definition of quirky

: having many quirks : unusual in especially an interesting or appealing way a quirky sense of humor quirky ideas/behavior a quirky and creative artist

What is a better word than great?

1 immense enormous gigantic huge vast grand. 6 noteworthy. 7 weighty serious momentous vital critical. 8 famed eminent noted notable prominent renowned.

What is a word for not detailed?

Opposite of having many details. vague. compendious. concise. brief.

What is the opposite ordinary?

Opposite of usual routine or normal in nature. unusual. abnormal. rare. uncommon.

Is violence opposite of peace?

The opposite of violence is not peace it is not love for peace cannot be earthed without the acorn of innocence and love is always sitting on the slippery verge of selectivity. The opposite of violence is childhood. Childhood with its universal acceptance and all embracing smiles.

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