What Is The Opposite Of Detailed


What is a word for less detailed?

Opposite of having many details. vague. compendious. concise.

Which is the closest antonym for the word detailed?

antonyms for detailed
  • needy.
  • incomplete.
  • vague.
  • uncertain.
  • indefinite.
  • questionable.
  • inexact.
  • inaccurate.

What’s the opposite of detail oriented?

The opposite of detail oriented is ‘visionary‘ that is if you want to focus on the positive connotations of someone that looks at the big picture. If you are looking to focus on the negatives then you might want to go with careless or thoughtless.

What is the synonym of detailed?

accurate complicated comprehensive definite exact exhaustive intricate meticulous precise specific thorough amplified circumstantiated complete described developed disclosed elaborate enumerated exhausting.

What is Non detail?

Adjective. nondetailed (not comparable) Not detailed. quotations ▼

What is another word for non specific?

Words related to nonspecific

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comprehensive expansive extensive far-reaching sweeping universal wide wide-ranging careless indifferent lenient negligent sloppy soft vague general all-embracing all-inclusive copious encyclopedic.

What are synonyms for detail?

Frequently Asked Questions About detail

The words item and particular are common synonyms of detail. While all three words mean “one of the distinct parts of a whole ” detail applies to one of the small component parts of a larger whole such as a task building painting narration or process.

What is difference between detail and detailed?

) In general detail is a noun and detailed is an adjective so in that sentence detailed would be better.

What does finely detailed mean?

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] A fine detail or distinction is very delicate small or exact. finely adverb [usually ADVERB -ed oft ADVERB after verb]

How do you say lack of attention to detail?

  1. inattentive. adjective. not giving much attention to someone or something.
  2. neglectful. adjective. not giving someone or something enough care or attention.
  3. preoccupied. adjective. …
  4. distant. adjective. …
  5. absent. adjective. …
  6. neglect. noun. …
  7. negligence. noun. …
  8. detachment. noun.

What is another word for detail oriented?

Some common synonyms of meticulous are careful punctilious and scrupulous. While all these words mean “showing close attention to detail ” meticulous may imply either commendable extreme carefulness or a hampering finicky caution over small points.

What do you call someone who is very detailed?

meticulous Add to list Share. Someone who is meticulous pays extreme attention to detail. If that person is say your surgeon or your accountant you’ll definitely want them to be meticulous!

What is an antonym for description?

Antonyms. falsehood overstatement truth pro con. sort kind form. description (English)

Does Do antonym?

Antonyms. leader disobey disoblige violate predate literalize spiritualize. make out come proceed go get along.

What is the adjective of detail?

full thorough complete comprehensive exhaustive minute specific elaborate exact meticulous particular particularised particularized all-inclusive circumstantial itemised itemized accurate precise all-embracing blow-by-blow definite explicit extensive painstaking developed encyclopaedic …

What is a non detailed book?

: a book of little literary merit which is often a compilation (as of pictures press clippings or speeches)

Is Undetailed a word?

Lacking in detail broad and general.

What is opposite of non specific?

Opposite of stated in indefinite terms or without specifics. close-up. delineated.

What is non specific noun?

Non-specific nouns refer to a category or to an undefined member of a category they point to a broader group of persons or things. If the noun is specific use “the”.

Is it unspecific or nonspecific?

As adjectives the difference between unspecific and nonspecific. is that unspecific is not specific while nonspecific is not specific.

What do you mean by detail?

The definition of detail is to describe or give information about something or to clean and shine all parts of an automobile. … A detail is defined as an individual fact or feature or is a small or minor part of something or a small group of people assigned to a specific task.

What is Word details?

noun. an individual or minute part an item or particular. particulars collectively minutiae. attention to or treatment of a subject in individual or minute parts: to postpone detail and concentrate on a subject as a whole. intricate finely wrought decoration.

What word means to explain in more detail?

1 clarify clear up define demonstrate describe disclose elucidate explicate (formal) expound illustrate interpret make clear or plain resolve solve teach unfold.

Should we use detail or details?

A “Detail” (used as a noun) is an individual feature or characteristic and therefore the plural “details” is used when you are talking about multiple individual features/characteristics.

What is the difference between detail and example?

As you can see here an example gives a single instance of something while details give further explanation of something.

How do you use detail?

With close attention to particulars thoroughly. For example She explained her theory in detail. It is also put as go into detail meaning “to investigate thoroughly ” as in You know what I mean so I needn’t go into detail.

What is a fine detail?

A fine detail or distinction is very delicate small or exact.

What is a synonym for comprehensive?

all-inclusive broad complete encyclopedic exhaustive extensive far-reaching full global overall sweeping thorough absolute blanket catholic general infinite umbrella whole across the board.

What does it mean to particularize?

Definition of particularize

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transitive verb. : to state in detail : specify. intransitive verb. : to go into details.

What do you call someone who doesnt pay attention to detail?

It is defined as: not paying enough attention to what one does: a careless typist not exact accurate or thorough: careless work.

Why do people not pay attention to detail?

One of the reasons why we tend to not pay better attention to detail is because we are distracted all the time. … Most of us work in open-plan workspaces which make distractions inevitable there’s always someone getting up or talking to someone.

What is another word for not paying attention?

What is another word for not paying attention?
unmindful careless
foolhardy forgetful
improvident imprudent
inattentive lax
neglectful negligent

What can I put on my resume instead of detail-oriented?

Detail-oriented can easily become overused especially when it comes to writing a resume.

Here are 10 great synonyms for the term detail-oriented:
  • Accurate.
  • Attentive.
  • Comprehensive.
  • Exacting.
  • Fastidious.
  • Meticulous.
  • Precise.
  • Scrupulous.

What is detail-oriented mean?

Being detail-oriented means paying close attention to all of the small particulars when working on a task or project. … Detail-oriented employees focus closely on each project and constantly find ways to finish their tasks efficiently.

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