What Is The Term For A Chain Of Events Linked By Cause And Effect And Occurring In Time And Space?


What Is The Term For A Chain Of Events Linked By Cause And Effect And Occurring In Time And Space??

A narrative in film is “a chain of events linked by cause and effect and occurring in time and space” to tell a story (Bordwell/Thompson). Characters are typically the vessels which through personality traits and drives facilitate action and reaction.

What is the term for how often a story event is presented in a plot quizlet?

Frequency. how often a story event is presented in a plot. You just studied 46 terms!

What is temporal order in film?

Temporal order: film plots can present events out of story order by way of flashbacks or flashforwards. … This reordering of events by way of the plot structure can can add elements of surprise suspense and emphasis to a story.

What is the term that refers to a group of shots organized around the same time place action and characters?

While the terms refer to a set sequence and continuity of observation resulting from the handling of the camera or by the editor the term “scene” refers to the continuity of the observed action: an association of time place or characters. … The division of a movie into scenes is usually done in the script.

At what point in a film does most of the exposition usually take place?

Exposition includes anything from character introductions to set details and dialogue and is most common at the beginning of the story.

What is the term for the relationships among the parts of a film quizlet?

Film Form. The overall system of relationships among the parts of a film. Film Style. The repeated and salient uses of film techniques characteristic of a single film or group of films. You just studied 53 terms!

What is implicit meaning quizlet?

Implicit Meaning. Meaning that is not stated but implied. When you apply implicit meaning to a work of art you are interpreting it. Symptomatic meaning. Set of values that a film emphasizes.

What is narrative depth?

Narrative depth means how complex the story is how many levels it has etc. A story with a lot of narrative depth would contain several themes have complex plotting probably contain several subplots and possibly several meanings.

What are the agents of cause and effect?

the agents of cause and effect are usually characters film characters usually have a visible body they also have traits–many of which are assigned by the viewer as part of the formal expectations. a character’s role in the film’s chain of cause and effect.

What is temporal frequency?

The term temporal frequency is used to emphasise that the frequency is characterised by the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time and not unit distance.

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What does an eyeline match do?

Eyeline match is a film editing technique to indicate to the audience what a character is seeing. Eyeline match allows the audience to believe that they’re looking at something through the eyes of the character. For example you might see a character looks at someone or something outside of the frame.

What is the sequencing of events in a film called?

In a literary work film or other narrative the plot is the sequence of events where each affects the next one through the principle of cause-and-effect. The causal events of a plot can be thought of as a series of events linked by the connector “and so”.

What is another name for unrestricted narration?

With unrestricted narration also called omniscience the audience knows more than the characters in the film.

Which of the following refers to the purpose of an exposition?

Exposition is designed to convey information that provides insight into a character or advances the story. The background information provided by exposition helps connect to the reader to the emotional stakes of the narrative. As far as literary terms go exposition may be one of the simplest to understand.

What is exposition of a story?

Narrative exposition is the insertion of background information within a story or narrative. This information can be about the setting characters’ backstories prior plot events historical context etc. In literature exposition appears in the form of expository writing embedded within the narrative.

What is movie climax?

The climax is the high point of the movie where the protagonist based on the knowledge gained from the rising action determines what the final action needs to be taken in order to resolve the conflict. … The denouement is the ending of the movie.

What is a motif quizlet?

A motif can be a repeated pattern or idea the use of color to add meaning or a recurring verbal pattern. … A motif can be a repeated pattern or idea the use of color to add meaning or a recurring verbal pattern. Motifs are often intangible.

What is a motif in film?

The motif refers to the recurring thematic elements in a film. These elements must be repeated in a significant way or a way that conveys a purposeful pattern.

When a documentary is referred to as synthetic It means it’s a false documentary or a mockumentary?

When a documentary is referred to as synthetic it means it’s a false documentary or a mockumentary. … Films that present strong opinions and make weak arguments without reliable research cannot be considered documentaries instead they are considered fiction.

What is explicit meaning quizlet?

Terms in this set (7)

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explicit meaning. signifigance openly presented in a film thru visual and sound cues. implicit meaning. signifigance left tacit or implied viewer must discover thru reflection or anaylsis. theme.

What is the difference between implicit and explicit quizlet?

1. b. What is the difference between explicit and implicit attitudes in terms of how they influence behavior? Implicit attitudes automatically influence behavior explicit attitudes require thought so the more we think about it the more influence it has.

What is the difference between implicit and explicit meaning quizlet?

Implicit meaning relates to the meaning of a scene while explicit meaning focuses on what is happening at the surface of the scene.

What is range of narration?

Range of Narration. The spectators range of knowledge about story events. Unrestricted narration: omniscient or all-knowing narration spectator knows more than the characters. Restricted narration: spectator knows no more than the character knows. or – the spectator knows less than the characters7.

What is depth in a novel?

“Depth” is where paying attention to the story gives the reader information about and a better understanding of the story. Managing “depth” can be a difficult adjustment to get right. At one extreme you can demand perfect attention to and deep analysis of every detail for a story to make sense.

What is perceptual subjectivity?

perceptual subjectivity. we seem to see/hear through the character’s physical eyes/ears. -this is through there PHYSICAL features you can see!!! mental subjectivity. we see/hear character’s memories fantasies dreams hallucinations interpretation.

What is a cause and effect narrative?

Cause and effect is one of those academic terms we use to discuss narrative. … Cause and effect draws our attention to the causal nature of narratives: one event leads to another then another until… until eventually the narrative is resolved. Stories typically omit those scenes that are irrelevant to this causal chain.

What is cause & and effect story convention?

Causation or cause and effect is simply an action with a reaction. When an event occurs its effect impacts the course of the story often changing the character or later events of a story dramatically. Cause and effect are also very important to plot moving the action forward.

What is cause and effect?

The first action is the cause of the second action that is the effect. A cause is a source or producer of effects. An effect is the result or consequence of a cause. The two actions have a cause-and-effect relationship.

What is time period and frequency?

Period refers to the time it takes something to happen. Frequency is a rate quantity. Period is a time quantity. Frequency is the cycles/second. Period is the seconds/cycle.

What is relation between frequency and time period?

Solution: The number of times a cycle is completed in a second is the frequency. The time taken to complete one vibration is called time period. Frequency and time period is inversely proportional the number of vibrations per second is frequency.

How is time period related to frequency?

Frequency f is how many cycles of an oscillation occur per second and is measured in cycles per second or hertz (Hz). The period of a wave T is the amount of time it takes a wave to vibrate one full cycle. These two terms are inversely proportional to each other: f = 1/T and T = 1/f.

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What is the definition of eyeline?

1 : the level of the eyes : eye level above his eyeline he saw her frown— Richard Llewellyn. 2 : a linear ridge connecting each eye with the glabella in most early trilobites.

What is the axis of action?

AXIS OF ACTION: In CONTINUITY EDITING the imaginary line that passes from side to side through the main actors defining the spatial relations of the scene. The camera is not supposed to cross the axis at a cut and reverse the spatial relations. Ensures constant screen space and constant screen direction.

What is the purpose of an eyeline match quizlet?

A term used to point to the continuity editing practice ensuring the logic of the look or gaze. In other words eyeline matching is based on the belief in mainstream cinema that when a character looks into off-screen space the spectator expects to see what he or she is looking at.

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