What Is The Total Mass Of The Earth’S Atmosphere

What Is The Total Mass Of The Earth’s Atmosphere?

about 5.5 quadrillion tons

How do you calculate the total mass of the Earth’s atmosphere?

Divide atmospheric pressure A = 101.3 kPa by g = 9.8 m/s2 to give the mass per unit area (kg/m2). Multiply this by the area of the earth and you’re done.

What is the total mass of Earth’s atmosphere you may use the fact that 1 bar?

A bar has units of 10 000 kilograms per square meter in Earth’s gravity therefore multiplying a bar by the surface area of Earth (4πr2) which has units of square meters the total mass of Earth’s atmosphere is 5.1×1018kg.

Where is most of the mass of Earth’s atmosphere?

The majority of the mass of the entire atmosphere is contained in the troposphere—between approximately 75 and 80 percent. Most of the water vapor in the atmosphere along with dust and ash particles are found in the troposphere—explaining why most of Earth’s clouds are located in this layer.

What is the mass of Mars atmosphere?

2.5 1016 kg

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