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What is a stable air?

Stable air means that the weather is likely to be calm. It may rain or snow slowly and steadily it may be sunny but the weather will not change quickly. Unstable air means that the weather might change quickly with very little warning. Unstable air leads to sudden thunderstorms.

What is a characteristic of stable air?

Stable air masses are also characterized by smooth undisturbed air. This quality can be seen mainly by pilots or air travelers. People flying through stable air masses will not experience violent turbulence or disturbances as they would in unstable air masses.

What are four characteristics of stable air?

Air mass having a stable stratification in its lower layer and consequently free from convection having a low degree of turbulence and containing either stratiform clouds fog or no clouds at all.

How do you know if air is stable?

The clearest way to observe the difference between a stable and an unstable air mass is to look at the clouds: A stable atmosphere will have largely flat layers of cloud which although they may exhibit some lumpiness will not extend far upwards. There may be several such layers or occasionally clear skies.

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How does stable air differ from unstable air?

How does stable air differ from unstable air? … Stable air resists upward movement whereas unstable air does not. Clouds formed when stable air is forced to rise are generally thin and precipitation if any is moderate or light.

Is stable air turbulent?

The stability characteristics are: Unstable air becomes or is turbulent (irregular gusty stormy). Stable air becomes or is laminar (non-turbulent smooth non-stormy).

What is meant by stable conditions in the atmosphere?

Stability (or atmospheric stability) refers to air’s tendency to either rise and create storms (instability) or to resist vertical movement (stability). … Since air pressure decreases with altitude the balloon will relax and expand and its temperature will therefore decrease.

What conditions cause stable air mass?

A stable air mass is one in which there is warm air overlying cold air. Why is that called stable? It is stable because if something should bump the underlying cold air and push it up the colder air being more dense than the air above it will sink right back down to the ground.

What does unstable air tend do?

To be “unstable” the lowest layers of an air mass must be so warm and/or humid that if some of the air rises then that air parcel is warmer than its environment and so it continues to rise. … This condensation releases heat which warms the air parcel which can cause the parcel to rise higher still.

What type of clouds are associated with a stable air?

Any clouds that form as a result will be thin and horizontal such as cirrostratus altostratus nimbostratus and stratus clouds. All of these cloud types are associated with stable air.

What are characteristics of unstable air group of answer choices?

What are characteristics of unstable air? Turbulence and good surface visibility.

How does unstable air create thunderstorms?

Unstable air forms when warm moist air is near the ground and cold dry air is above. Lift comes from differences in air density. It pushes unstable air upward creating a tall thunderstorm cloud.

How is the stability of air determined quizlet?

Stability is determined by comparing the density of air parcel to the environmental air surrounding the parcel. Air parcels displaced upward that become more dense than their environment will return to their original position indicating a stable environment.

What is a stable atmosphere and how can it form?

What is a stable atmosphere and how can it form? The atmosphere is stable when the environmental lapse rate is small. Consequently the atmosphere tends to become more stable as the air aloft warms or the surface air cools. Describe the general characteristics of clouds associated with stable and unstable atmospheres.

How does stable air differ from unstable air quizlet?

stable air – happens when warm air stays above cold air. The weather is likely to remain calm. unstable air – happens when there is a quick change in temperature.

Is cold air more stable?

If parcel is colder than its environment it is denser and will descend which is stable. If a parcel is warmer than the surrounding air it will rise and this is unstable. If warm air is over cold air this is stable.

What is stable unstable and neutral environment?

A stable atmosphere will tend to resist vertical motion while an unstable atmosphere will assist it. When the atmosphere neither resists nor assists vertical motion it is said to have neutral stability. Vertical motion and instablity are responsible for atmospheric turbulence and cloud formation.

How does atmospheric stability affect air pollution?

Atmopsheric Stability

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An unstable atmosphere enhances turbulence whereas a stable atmosphere inhibits mechanical turbulence. The turbulence of the atmosphere is by far the most important parameter affecting dilution of a pollutant. The more unstable the atmosphere the greater the dilution.

What is air stability and instability?

Stability is the state in which an air parcel finds itself colder than the air surrounding it at the same pressure (elevation). … Instability is the state in which an air parcel finds itself warmer than the air surrounding it at the same pressure (elevation).

Is the atmosphere stable or unstable?

The atmosphere is conditionally unstable. A rising parcel of unsaturated air ends up cooler and denser than the surroundings. A parcel of saturated air which cools at a slower rate ends up warmer than the air around it.

What conditions might you encounter when flying into unstable air?

Smooth air but poor visibility due to haze fog or stratus clouds. What types of clouds precipitation and visibility are usually associated with unstable air? B. Cumuliform clouds rain showers and good visibility outside of shower areas.

What causes air instability?

Air is considered unstable in the lowest layers of an air mass when the air is warmer and or more humid than the surrounding air. When this occurs the air will rise as that air parcel is warmer than the air surrounding it. In an unstable environment the weather can change suddenly and can be violent.

Which of the following would be associated with stable atmospheric conditions?

Chapters 12 & 13 & 14
Question Answer
Which of the following would NOT be associated with stable atmospheric conditions? afternoon thunder showers
A parcel of air has a temperature of 0˚C as it crosses a mountain range at 3000 meters. If it descends what will its temperature be when it reaches sea level? 30˚C

Can cumulus clouds produce rain?

Normally cumulus clouds produce little or no precipitation but they can grow into the precipitation-bearing congests or cumulonimbus clouds. Cumulus clouds can be formed from water vapour supercooled water droplets or ice crystals depending upon the ambient temperature.

Why is atmospheric stability important?

Atmospheric Stability. Concepts: Atmospheric stability determines whether or not air will rise and cause storms sink and cause clear skies or essentially do nothing. Stability is dependent upon the Dry and Saturated Adiabatic Lapse Rates and the Environmental Lapse Rate.

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Why is knowledge of air stability important?

A knowledge of air stability is important because: it determines the vertical movement of air. A rising parcel of air that does not exchange heat with its surroundings is an example of: … the environmental lapse rate with respect to both the dry adiabatic rate and the moist adiabatic rate.

What type of weather is associated with unstable air choose all that apply?

Describe the weather associated with unstable air. Unstable air tends to generate thunderstorms towering clouds and possibly tornadoes.

What will happen if a stable air mass is forced aloft quizlet?

What will happen if a stable air mass is forced aloft? It will sink back toward Earth’s surface. Under what condition is air said to be conditionally unstable? The environmental lapse rate is between the dry adiabatic rate and the saturated adiabatic rate.

Which would decrease stability of an air mass?

Warming from below decreases the stability of an air mass. Unstable air forced upward will cause clouds with considerable vertical development and associated turbulence.

What is true regarding a cold front occlusion?

Which statement is true regarding a cold front occlusion? … The air between the warm front and cold front is colder than either the air ahead of the warm front or the air behind the overtaking cold front.

How is Thunder made?

Thunder is caused by the rapid expansion of the air surrounding the path of a lightning bolt. … From the clouds to a nearby tree or roof a lightning bolt takes only a few thousandths of a second to split through the air. The loud thunder that follows the lightning bolt is commonly said to come from the bolt itself.

Why cold air mass is unstable?

A cold air mass flowing away from its source region over a warmer surface will be warmed from below making the air more unstable in its lowest layers. A warm air mass flowing over a colder surface is cooled from below and becomes stable in its lowest layers.

What is true about warm saturated air?

What is true about warm saturated air? It contains more water vapor than cold air. The ratio of air’s water-vapor content to its capacity to hold water vapor at that same temperature is the… … It indicates how near the air is to saturation.

What is a stable atmosphere quizlet?

absolutely stable atmosphere. An atmospheric condition that exists when the environmental lapse rate is less than the moist adiabatic rate. This results in a lifted parcel of air being colder than the air around it.

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