What Natural Resource Of Latin America Did The First European Explorers Most Desire?


What natural resource of Latin America did the European explorers most desire?

Causes of European migration: After 1492 the motivations for European migration to the Americas centered around the three G’s: God gold and glory. Gold refers to the desire to extract natural resources like gold and sugar from the New World.

What natural resource of Latin America did?


Oil coal natural gas uranium and hydroelectric power are all plentiful in Latin America. Venezuela and Mexico have major oil reserves. Brazil is rich in hydroelectric power because of its many rivers (including the mighty Amazon) and waterfalls. It is also rich in oil and gas.

What resources in Latin America were important to the United States?

Production of precious metals sugar rubber grains coffee copper and oil have at various periods of history made countries in Latin America-and their colonial powers-some of the most prosperous in the world.

What are Europe’s natural resources?

There are many different natural resources found in Europe. These include wood soil water fish natural gas coal and iron. The resource of fish and water can be found in the Mediterranean Sea. Water is an abundant resource in Europe because there are so many bodies of water in/near Europe.

Which Latin American country has the most natural resources?

The extensive forests that cover about half of the continent constitute South America’s richest natural resource. With more than 1.5 million square miles of tropical rain forest Brazil is the most densely forested country in the region.

What are America’s natural resources?

The U.S. has abundant supplies of coal copper lead iron natural gas timber bauxite and uranium. 18% of the land in the U.S. is arable land. The U.S. is a major exporter of technology consumer goods information systems and foodstuffs.

What are the natural resources in Central America?

The region contains some valuable natural resources including nickel iron ore fish timber and oil. Unfortunately the digging and mining of some of these resources has created environmental problems. For example mining in Honduras has led to water pollution.

What natural resources are in South America?

South America’s major mineral resources are gold silver copper iron ore tin and petroleum. These resources found in South America have brought high income to its countries especially in times of war or of rapid economic growth by industrialized countries elsewhere.

What is the most used natural resource in Europe?

Zinc and copper are the primary resources shared by almost all European countries.

Which European country has the most natural resources?

Russia has some of the largest oil deposits on the planet although most of them are in the remote Asian part of the country. Russia is also the world’s largest exporter of natural gas. Norway has significant oil deposits and is the world’s second-largest exporter of natural gas.

What natural resources does Eastern Europe have?

Eastern Europe

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Poland is blessed with substantial coal reserves as well as natural gas iron ore and copper reserves as well as some limited supplies of silver (and has historically been a target of larger powers for this reason).

Which South American country has the most natural resources?


The extensive forests that cover about half of the continent constitute South America’s richest natural resource. With more than 1.5 million square miles of tropical rain forest Brazil is the most densely forested country in the region.

What are Antarctica natural resources?

Overview of Resources

The possible resources include silver copper gold nickel platinum iron ore chromium cobalt molybdenum zinc manganese lead titanium nickel and uranium. Coal and hydrocarbons have been located in minimal non-commercial quantities. All these resources are yet to be exploited.

Why was Latin America colonized by Spanish and Portuguese explorers?

History. Latin America came to fruition in the 1500’s after European “discovery” of the New World. Countries such as Spain France and Portugal colonized the region. … The European countries’ demand for free labor led them to engage in the African slave trade.

What are the natural resources?

Natural resources are materials from the Earth that are used to support life and meet people’s needs. Any natural substance that humans use can be considered a natural resource. Oil coal natural gas metals stone and sand are natural resources. Other natural resources are air sunlight soil and water.

What is the most important natural resources?

Soil is one of the most important natural resources on Earth being required both directly and indirectly for food production manufacturing of industrial raw materials and for generation of energy sources. Soil is essential for the function of ecosystems providing nutrients oxygen water and heat.

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What are the natural resources found in North America?

North America produces most of the world’s corn meat cotton soybeans tobacco and wheat along with a variety of other food and industrial raw material crops. Mineral resources are also abundant the large variety includes coal iron ore bauxite copper natural gas petroleum mercury nickel potash and silver.

Which resource is most abundant in Latin America north of the equator?

Oil is the most abundant resource in Latin America (north of the equator.) Mexico and Venezuela have the most of this resource.

What makes Latin America’s natural resources so hard to harvest?

South America’s temperate climates are home to a number of industrial crops and livestock. … Some of these climates are extremely cold while others are extremely hot—but they all receive very little precipitation. This makes agricultural production difficult.

What the most important natural resource in Central America and the Caribbean is and why?

The Central American resources that are important to the world’ss economy are nickel iron ore fish timber and petroleum. Guatemala and certain islands refine petroleum while Belize extracts crude oil. The Caribbean is a major hub for commercial fishing.

What natural resources are found in the mountains?

Mountains are an important source of water energy and biological diversity. Furthermore they are a source of such key resources as minerals forest products and agricultural products and of recreation.

What are the 4 major minerals of Latin America?

While most countries in the region have some mineral resources Chile Peru Brazil and Mexico account for 85% of mineral and metal exports overall. Probably the most widely exploited metals in Latin America are copper iron ore gold and silver.

What is Latin America rich in?

Latin America’s economy is composed of two main economic sectors: agriculture and mining. Latin America has large areas of land that are rich in minerals and other raw materials. … The main economies of Latin America are Brazil Argentina Colombia Mexico and Chile.

How did natural resources help Europe to become industrialized?

European countries had coal. Coal was used as fuel that caused lighting steam trains and brought about better transportation. With better transportation brought more trade with other areas. Electricity and fuel meant more manufaturing better output.

What are the mineral resources of Europe?

The EU is an important producer of chromium copper lead silver and zinc. However most metallic ores that supply the European metallic industry are imported. Only a few EU countries have active mines.

How did European exploration influence the distribution of natural resources?

How did European exploration influence the distribution of natural resources? European nations took resources from indigenous peoples. Enslaved people in Africa fought back to control natural resources. Leaders in South America began to control most of the world’s goods.

Which country has the highest natural resources?

China has the most natural resources estimated to a staggering $23 trillion. 90% of the country’s resources consist of coal and rare earth metals.

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Which continent has the most natural resources?


Africa is the richest continent in the world in terms of its natural and mineral resources… Africa supplies up to 31 percent of the world’s demand for bauxite cobalt gold manganese phosphate and uranium.

Which countries in Europe have relatively few natural resources?

Which countries in Europe have relatively few natural resources ? Italy Ireland and Norway . steep U-shaped valleys that connect to the sea and that filled with seawater after the glaciers melted . are hills or very low mountains that may also contain mesas and high plateaus.

What is the most important natural resource in the Middle East a coal B Lumber C silver D oil?

oil. The most important natural resource in the Middle East is oil. The most important natural resource in the Middle East is oil. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

What are the main natural resources in Africa?

Africa is rich in natural resources ranging from arable land water oil natural gas minerals forests and wildlife. The continent holds a huge proportion of the world’s natural resources both renewables and non-renewables.

What is the geography of Eastern Europe?

Geography. Eastern Europe is generally considered to be bordered by the Baltic and Barents seas on the north the Adriatic Black and Caspian seas and the Caucasus Mountains on the south and the Ural Mountains on the east. The western area of the region is largely glaciated plains.

Where are natural resources found?

Natural resources are those that occur in an environment in their natural form unchanged by human tinkering and industry. Air and water are certainly the top two that are key for human survival. Other biggies—coal gas and oil—are now mega industries in our developed world.

Which state has the most natural resources?

Hawaii is the top state for natural environment. It’s followed by New Hampshire South Dakota Minnesota Massachusetts and New York to round out the top five. Four of the 10 states with the best natural environments also rank among the top 10 Best States overall.

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