What other arthritis symptoms are worth noting?

Tell your doctor about any other symptoms you have. Let your doctor decide how important they are. Symptoms such as overall tiredness, fever, weight loss, chills, or rash may indicate problems with other organs in your body. These symptoms rarely, if ever, occur in osteoarthritis. Instead, they are more commonly found with a bodywide, or systemic, type of arthritissuch as rheumatoid arthritis.

What to Tell About Your Lifestyle

Depending on its severity, osteoarthritis can have a significant impact on your ability to perform normal, daily activities including working, bathing, dressing, and doing household chores. It can also affect your social and leisure life by limiting your ability to go out or participate in physical activities. These limitations can lead to depression, anxiety, and a loss of self-confidence, most of which are related to a loss of independence. Your doctor will likely ask you about these and other limitations brought on by your condition. Make sure you give your doctor plenty of details regarding your symptoms.




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