What Questions Do Archaeologists Ask

What Questions Do Archaeologists Ask?

In order to learn about them archaeologists ask questions like:
  • Who were these people? …
  • Where did they live and in what kind of environment?
  • What did they eat?
  • What tools and equipment did they use?
  • What contact did they have with other people?
  • How did they organise themselves and their society?

What do archaeologists want to know?

Archaeologists use artifacts and features to learn how people lived in specific times and places. They want to know what these people’s daily lives were like how they were governed how they interacted with each other and what they believed and valued.

What is a research question in Archaeology?

Patterning. What kinds of differences are there in the social experience of sound between different types of archaeological context? Are there evolutionary and or geographical/cultural distinctions? Do religious sites share different types of acoustics properties?

What evidence do archaeologists look for?

A team of archaeologists will walk in straight lines back and forth across the study area. As they walk they look for evidence of past human activity including walls or foundations artifacts or color changes in the soil that may indicate features.

Do archaeologists get to keep what they find?

Professional archaeologists do not keep buy sell or trade any artifacts. Quite simply they don’t get to keep what they find because it doesn’t belong to them. If archaeologists kept what they found they would be the only ones to know the story behind the object. Archaeologists want to share their discoveries.

What methods do archaeologists use?

Archeologists use several methods to establish absolute chronology including radiocarbon dating obsidian hydration thermoluminescence dendrochronology historical records mean ceramic dating and pipe stem dating. Each of these methods is explained in this section.

What do archaeologists wear?

So what exactly does a field archaeologist look like? For most people the term “archaeologist” conjures up the image of a stubbly man wearing a button-down shirt with pockets chinos a leather jacket a wide-brimmed hat a saddle-bag a bull-whip and a holster with revolver.

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How do you write an archaeological research question?

Writing Tips
  • Decide on the research paper’s main thesis (focus) and main points first.
  • Everything in your research paper should point back to the thesis statement.
  • Use the questions under Use Your Sources to build your arguments and conclusions.

What is studied in underwater Archaeology?

Underwater archaeology is the study of the remains of past human activity through the exploration of a variety of submerged sites from shipwrecks in saltwater to freshwater caves and springs.

What is the study of animal bones called?

Zooarchaeology is the study of non-human animal remains specifically this involves the identification of animal species from archaeological contexts. … However it’s not as simple as just looking at a bone and easily knowing what it is right away!

How do you speak Archaeology?

How deep do archaeologists dig?

The number of levels we dig for each excavation unit varies depending on the site. Sometimes a finished unit will be fairly shallow maybe 30cm down. Sometimes it will be deep up to 1 meter in depth. Archaeologists use many types of tools to excavate.

How much do archaeologists make?

How Much Does an Archaeologist Make? Archaeologists made a median salary of $63 670 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $81 480 that year while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $49 760.

Where do archaeological finds go?

Once reports have been produced for all the finds on site the physical evidence is sent to an archive usually at a local or regional museum where they are available for future study. Exceptional finds are usually put on display in a museum.

Can archeologists keep artifacts?

No real archaeologist would keep or sell items retrieved. The ethics of the profession require archaeologists to place artifacts in a professional repository for future analysis/research. Conditions of permitting require this to occur as well.

Is it illegal to sell ancient artifacts?

While there are indeed a number of laws governing the sale and purchase of items of cultural patrimony (antiquities) as long as an item has been legally imported into the United States it’s legal to sell and purchase.

What skills do archaeologists need?

Archaeologists need excellent research and writing skills—they write more than they dig! They also apply mathematical and statistical concepts in the field and data analysis. Studying foreign languages can also be helpful as could gaining skills in programming chemistry or physics.

Why do archaeologists use brushes?

Archaeologists use smaller tools such as brushes to carefully remove dirt from artifacts. Generally during an excavation an archaeologist’s tool box consists of some basic tools regardless of the type of excavation.

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What tools does an archaeologist need?

equipment they need to perform precise excavations. Tools found in a typical archaeological toolbox include dental picks trowels brushes measuring tapes line levels storage bags pens and pencils. conjunction with a tape measure that allows for more precise measurements to be taken on an archaeological site.

What do archaeologists look like?

Archaeologists look for lots of different things when they begin a dig: … Archaeologists also look for clues about past environments in things like seeds animal bones and soil types. These types of finds are sometimes called “eco-facts.” They also look for features or things that people made or did that can’t be moved.

Do archeologists wear gloves?

Is it necessary to use gloves to handle artefacts during our glacial archaeological fieldwork? The answer to that is no unless it is freezing and we keep our gloves on for protection against the cold. We like to keep it simple in the field as conditions can be rough.

What should I bring to Archaeology field school?

A Guide to Finding Your Archaeological Field School: Gear Guide
  • Sensible work clothes. A short sleeve shirt long sleeve shirt work pants belt hat socks and boots.
  • Trowel.
  • Compass.
  • Tape measure in metric and English.
  • Clipboard.
  • Notebook.
  • Writing tools.
  • Gloves.

What is a archaeological report?

Archaeologists use data compiled from archival research field work and laboratory analysis to document an archaeological site. … An archaeologist uses this documentation to compile an archaeological report. Delineate the project area. The report must describe the geographic boundaries of the site.

How do you write an introduction for an Archaeology essay?

The first paragraph of your paper is important. It must introduce your subject topic and hypothesis discuss the significance of the problem describe your research and give an outline of your conclusions. The introduction must get the reader’s attention and let the reader know what is in the paper.

Why is underwater archaeology difficult?

Water is dynamic and objects are susceptible to its ebb and flow. It can break up materials and jumble them in a way that makes interpretation difficult. Conservation can be even trickier water can be hard on already delicate objects and moving a newly recovered object is even harder when it’s underwater.

What is salvage archaeology?

the collection of archaeological data and materials from a site in danger of imminent destruction as from new construction or flooding.

What do prehistoric archaeologists do?

Prehistoric archaeology is the study of the human past before historical records began. … A more common definition of prehistoric archaeology is the study of human hunter and gathers groups prior to sedentary (permanent) settlements.

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What is a zoo archaeologist?

Zoo-archaeology (or archaeo-zoology) also known as faunal analysis is a branch of archaeology that studies remains of animals from archaeological sites. … Therefore zooarchaeologists may also be: anthropologists paleontologists archaeologists zoologists ecologists etc.

Is biology used in archaeology?

Archaeology is the systematic study of the human past through material remains. … Bioarchaeologists use the methods of skeletal biology mortuary archaeology and the archaeological record to answer questions about the lives and lifestyles of past populations.

What is fauna analysis?

Faunal analysis identifies the kinds of animal remains (bones shells antler) found at a site. From this information archaeologists can tell the environment around the site what the people ate and where and sometimes how they obtained their food.

What kinds of questions do Archaeologists ask?

Archaeology Questions Answered

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