What Single Factor Is Most Responsible For The Severity Of Environmental Problems In East Asia?

What are the major factors that affect climates in East Asia?

What major factors that affect climates in East Asia? –Latitude: The region spans a great distance from north to south. -Elevation: Two areas at the same latitude can have very different climates if one is higher than the other. -Air Masses: Cold dry polar air spreads from northern Asia in colder months.

What is the main reason that several countries in East Asia claim the Senkaku Diaoyu islands northeast of Taiwan?

What is the main reason that several countries in East Asia claim the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands northeast of Taiwan? These islands may hold petroleum reserves.

What country in East Asia has resorted to pollution exporting as a way to improve its environment quizlet?

The Three Gorges Dam is being constructed on which river in China? Which country has resorted to “pollution exporting” because of strict environmental laws within the country? southern and central China. How is East Asian writing system unique to other world writing systems?

What is the most likely effect for Southeast Asia as global climate changes?

The first major assessment from climate experts in nearly a decade predicts no end to rising temperatures before 2050 unless greenhouse gas emissions are slashed. Vulnerable Southeast Asia needs to mount stronger climate defences. Climate change is likely to worsen extreme weather events like flooding and droughts.

What factors affect climate in Asia?

Answer: Following factors affect the climate of Asia: Large latitudinal Extent: The continent of Asia has a large latitudinal extent. … Winds: The Monsoon winds influence the climate of large parts of Asia by affecting the distribution of rainfall over many countries.

What factor causes great diversity in climate condition in Asia?

Asia’s climates differ from region to region because of variations in the amount intensity and spatial distribution of solar energy temperature humidity and precipitation atmospheric pressure and winds and storms but there is unity in Asia’s climatic diversity that is provided by the monsoon effect.

What actions are partially responsible for North Korea’s failure to develop with the rest of East Asia?

What actions are partially responsible for North Koreas’ failure to develop with the rest of East Asia? – They rejected globalization.

Why does China claim Senkaku?

However supporters of China’s claim that the sovereignty dispute is a legacy of Japanese imperialism and that China’s failure to secure the territory following Japan’s military defeat in 1945 was due to the complexities of the Chinese Civil War in which the Kuomintang (KMT) were forced off the mainland to Taiwan in …

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Which country of East Asia had the most laissez faire economy in the region?

Hong Kong has one of the most laissez-faire economic systems in the world.

Which country of East Asia has the strongest forest preservation efforts in the region Group of answer choices?

As mandated in its constitution Bhutan preserves (at all times) 60 percent of its land under forest cover. Bhutan has succeeded in doing so. More than 51% of the country is protected—the largest percentage of any Asian country.

In which nation of East Asia is the Loess Plateau located?

Loess Plateau Chinese (Pinyin) Huangtu Gaoyuan or (Wade-Giles romanization) Huang-t’u Kao-yüan highland area in north-central China covering much of Shanxi northern Henan Shaanxi and eastern Gansu provinces and the middle part of the Huang He (Yellow River) basin.

Which countries in East Asia are known for their urban primacy?

South Korea is known for its urban primacy.

What are three factors that affect climate in Southeast Asia?

Factors that Influence Climate
  • Elevation or Altitude effect climate. Normally climatic conditions become colder as altitude increases. …
  • Prevailing global wind patterns. …
  • Topography. …
  • Effects of Geography. …
  • Surface of the Earth. …
  • Climate change over time.

Which country in South Asia is most at risk of global warming?

Among the countries of South Asia Bangladesh is likely to be the worst affected by climate change.

What climate is experienced by the region of Southeast Asia?

In the higher mountains of Southeast Asia the cooler humid-tropical climate gives rise to deciduous and coniferous temperate forest at elevations of between about 4 250 and 10 000 feet (1 300 and 3 000 metres).

What are the factors affecting Asia?

The main factors that affect the climate of Asia are :
  • Size and latitudinal extent: Asia is the largest continent with a large east-west extent. …
  • Distance from the sea: Many parts of Asia are far away from the maritime influence of the seas and oceans and experience extreme conditions and continental climate.

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What is the climate of East Asia?

Eastern Asia is home to three main climates. … Humid subtropical climates are characterized by hot humid summers and mild to cool winters. Humid continental climates on the other hand have large seasonal temperature differences with warm to hot humid summers and cold wet winters.

Which terms best describe East Asia’s two climate zones?

test 3
Question Answer
30. What terms best describe East Asia’s two climate zones? dry interior west and the wet monsoon east
31. Which two East Asian countries have wet climates year-round because of their proximity to the sea? Korea and Japan

Which factors lead to diversity in climatic conditions in India?

The diversity in the climate is caused by differing topography across the vast nation varying from the Glaciers in the north Deserts in the west humid tropical forests in the south west and the various Islands in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

How does physiography of Asia influence its climate?

The central Asia eastern Asia and the southern and the southeast Asia and the north asis and the western Asia the monsoon climate dominates the southern and the eastern section due to the presence of the Himalayas that forms thermal low and withdraw the moisture during the summer and the southern parts of the

Why does the climate in Asia differ from other regions in Asia?

Continental climate

The enormous expanse of Asia and its abundance of mountain barriers and inland depressions have resulted in great differences between regions in solar radiation atmospheric circulation precipitation and climate as a whole.

What was the consequence of China’s one child policy?

The one-child policy has had three important consequences for China’s demographics: it reduced the fertility rate considerably it skewed China’s gender ratio because people preferred to abort or abandon their female babies and resulted in a labor shortage due to more seniors who rely on their children to take care of …

Which mountain range is responsible for the precipitation patterns found in northwestern Africa?

1 MOUNTAINS The Atlas Mountains sit on the far western edge of the region. Their northern slopes receive rain mak- ing them much greener then the dry desert to the south. 2 LAKES AND RIVERS The Nile River flows north through Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea.

Why did North and South Korea split?

In 1950 after years of mutual hostilities North Korea invaded South Korea in an attempt to re-unify the peninsula under its communist rule. The subsequent Korean War which lasted from 1950 to 1953 ended with a stalemate and has left Korea divided by the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) up to the present day.

Who controls the East China Sea?

The East China Sea is shared among the People’s Republic of China Japan and South Korea the three major East Asian countries whose diplomatic and economic interactions are some of the most important international relations in the world.

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What was the prevailing issue regarding the China Japan conflict over the East China Sea?

Japan has objected to PRC development of natural gas resources in the East China Sea near an area where the two countries Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) claims overlap.

What flows into the East China Sea?

The Yangtze River

The Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) is the largest river flowing into the East China Sea.

Which country of East Asia is the most rigidly Marxist Communist?

For decades North Korea has been one of the world’s most secretive societies. It is one of the few countries still under nominally communist rule. North Korea’s nuclear ambitions have exacerbated its rigidly maintained isolation from the rest of the world.

What has caused East Asia’s economic miracle?

Prior to the 1997 Asian financial crisis the growth of the Four Asian Tiger economies (commonly referred to as “the Asian Miracle”) has been attributed to export oriented policies and strong development policies. Unique to these economies were the sustained rapid growth and high levels of equal income distribution.

Which country has the highest population in both East Asia and the world quizlet?

Terms in this set (44) Which country in East Asia has the largest population? The country that has the largest population is China with 1.3 billion people.

In which country of East Asia does the greatest linguistic diversity exist?

eventually converted to Hinduism. founded Islam. South Asia is at such a low elevation that 50% of its land area will be under water. What is the second most widely spoken language in South Asia?

Which country in East Asia is rapidly Ageing and facing population decline?

TOKYO — East Asia has entered an era of population decline. Japan was the first to show a clear trend of sustained falls but now China South Korea and Taiwan are too.

What is China’s rationale for constructing the massive Three Gorges Dam project?

When construction began in 1994 it was designed not only to generate electricity to propel China’s breakneck economic growth but also to tame China’s longest river shield millions of people from fatal floods and as a symbol of technological prowess become a searing point of national pride.

What caused degradation of Loess Plateau in China?

The Chinese Loess Plateau is considered to be one of the most severe soil and water loss areas in the world [19] and has been largely degraded by deforestation and cultivation combined with the effects of heavy rainfalls in summer steep topography and highly erodible loess soil [20].

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