What State Is West Of The Mississippi River

What State Is West Of The Mississippi River?

US States West of the Mississippi River
Iowa Des Moines
Minnesota St. Paul
Arkansas Little Rock
Louisiana Baton Rouge

What states are on the west side of the Mississippi River?

State boundaries

The Mississippi River runs through or along 10 states from Minnesota to Louisiana and is used to define portions of these states borders with Wisconsin Illinois Kentucky Tennessee and Mississippi along the east side of the river and Iowa Missouri and Arkansas along its west side.

How many states are west of the Mississippi River?

24 states
The 24 states located west of the Mississippi River can be slightly harder to identify than the eastern states—several are shaped like rectangles.

What two states are west of Mississippi?

Mississippi is bordered to the north by Tennessee to the east by Alabama to the south by Louisiana and a narrow coast on the Gulf of Mexico and to the west across the Mississippi River by Louisiana and Arkansas.

Is Arizona west of the Mississippi River?

The portion of the United States that is west of the Mississippi River has more cities with over one million inhabitants than the east does. The west has about seven such cities while the east only has three.

List of largest cities west of the Mississippi River.
City Phoenix
State Arizona
Population 1 680 992
Density per square mile. 2 798 per sq mile

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Is Kansas City Missouri east or west of the Mississippi River?

With the exception of Tennessee Missouri has more neighbouring states than any other U.S. state. Bisecting the state is the Missouri River flowing from Kansas City in the west through the state’s capital Jefferson City in the centre to just above St. Louis in the east where it joins the Mississippi.

Is Utah west of the Mississippi?

The frontier moved westward and eventually the lands west of the Mississippi River were considered the West.

Major metropolitan areas.
Rank (West) 12
Rank (USA) 48
MSA Salt Lake City MSA
Population 1 170 266
State(s) Utah

What is the smallest state west of the Mississippi River?

Arkansas ranks 29th among the 50 states in total area but except for Louisiana and Hawaii it is the smallest state west of the Mississippi River. Its neighbours are Missouri to the north Tennessee and Mississippi to the east Louisiana to the south Texas to the southwest and Oklahoma to the west.Oct 14 2021

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Is New York east of the Mississippi River?

All states located east of the Mississippi River including the state capital city are included in this activity….Enjoy!!!!

US States East of the Mississippi River.
New York 19.3 million population Albany NY
Vermont 600 00 population Montpelier VT
New Hampshire 14th State 1.3 million population Concord NH

Is Alabama east or west of Mississippi?

Alabama has four borders each of which separates Alabama from another U.S. state. With Mississippi to the west and Georgia to the east Alabama is south of Tennessee and north of a small percentage of Florida.

What river connects to the Mississippi River?

The Mississippi is joined by the Illinois River and the Missouri River near St. Louis Missouri and by the Ohio River at Cairo Illinois. The Arkansas River joins the Mississippi in the state of Arkansas. The Atchafalaya River in Louisiana is a major distributary of the Mississippi.

What is the largest state east of the Mississippi River?


Of the states entirely east of the Mississippi River Georgia is the largest in land area.

Georgia (U.S. state)
U.S. House delegation 8 Republicans 6 Democrats (list)
• Total 59 425 sq mi (153 909 km2)
• Land 57 906 sq mi (149 976 km2)

What states are left of Mississippi?

Mississippi is smaller than most of the U.S. states and is bounded on the north by Tennessee on the east by Alabama on the south by Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico and on the west by Louisiana and Arkansas.

What states are west of Missouri?

Missouri is bordered by Iowa in the north Illinois Kentucky and Tennessee in the east Arkansas in the south and Oklahoma Kansas and Nebraska in the west.

Which US state is known as the Jayhawk State?


List of U.S. state nicknames
State Nickname(s)
Iowa Hawkeye State
Kansas Bleeding Kansas Jayhawk State Sunflower State Wheat State
Kentucky Bluegrass State
Louisiana Bayou State Child of the Mississippi Creole State Pelican State Sportsman’s Paradise Sugar State

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What state is west of the Mississippi River and due south of Missouri?

Bordering states are Iowa in the north Illinois in the east across the Mississippi River Kentucky in southeast Tennessee and Arkansas in the south Oklahoma and Kansas in the west and Nebraska across the Missouri River in the northwest. General Map of Missouri United States.

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What states are considered West?

the West region western U.S. mostly west of the Great Plains and including by federal government definition Alaska Arizona California Hawaii Idaho Montana Nevada New Mexico Oregon Utah Washington and Wyoming.

Is Texas considered the West?

Texas is neither West Coast nor East Coast – the U.S. Census Bureau places it in the South Region and it is in the Central timezone. Geographically it can be argued to be East Coast due to its Gulf of Mexico coastline but culturally it is much closer to the West Coast.

Is Colorado considered West?

THE WEST. The West consists of Montana Idaho Wyoming Colorado New Mexico Arizona Utah Nevada California Oregon Washington Alaska and Hawaii.

Does Arkansas border Louisiana?

Generally Arkansas is bordered on the north by Missouri on the east by Tennessee and Mississippi on the south by Louisiana and on the west by Texas and Oklahoma but that is not entirely correct. …

Is Arkansas near Texas?

Arkansas borders Louisiana to the south Texas to the southwest Oklahoma to the west Missouri to the north and Tennessee and Mississippi to the east. The United States Census Bureau classifies Arkansas as a southern state sub-categorized among the West South Central States.

When was Arkansas made a state?

June 15 1836

Is Louisiana east or west coast?

Known as the Bayou State Louisiana is located along the Gulf of Mexico. As part of the Deep South Region of the United States Louisiana is a southeastern state.

Percentage of Water Versus Land Areas.
State Name Louisiana
Capital Baton Rouge
Statehood Year 1812
Timezones America/Chicago
Postal Abbreviation LA

Is Ohio East Coast?

The Eastern United States – also known just as the East – is a region that is located on the eastern side of the nation. … Finally part of the Midwest region is also considered part of the Eastern U.S. Those states are: Illinois Indiana Iowa Michigan Minnesota Ohio and Wisconsin.

How many states are there east of Mississippi?

28 states
In 2011 the 28 states east of the Mississippi (in addition to Washington D.C. but not including the small portions of Louisiana and Minnesota east of the river) had an estimated population of 179 948 346 or 58.28% of the total U.S. population of 331 745 358 (excluding Puerto Rico).

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Is America in the West?

The Western world also known as the West refers to various regions nations and states depending on the context most often consisting of the majority of Europe Northern America and Australasia. …

Which state is two states east of Mississippi?

Mississippi is bordered by the state of Tennessee in the north by Arkansas in the northwest by Alabama in the east by Louisiana in the southwest and by the Gulf of Mexico in the south. The Mississippi River flows along the state’s entire western border.

Does the Mississippi river run through Tennessee?

The Great River Road follows the Mississippi River as it runs along the western side of Tennessee. This scenic portion of the Lower Mississippi River offers diverse landscapes. See the Chickasaw Bluffs rising high above the flood plain.

Can you swim in the Mississippi river?

He said the Mississippi is safe to swim and fish in as long as people are safe about it. Showering after swimming in the river and wearing a life vest are recommended. “It’s safe. In every river you’re going to have a little bit of pollution and the Mississippi is no different ” said Kean.

Where is the widest part of the Mississippi river?

Lake Winnibigoshish
Width. At Lake Itasca the river is between 20 and 30 feet wide the narrowest stretch for its entire length. The widest part of the Mississippi can be found at Lake Winnibigoshish near Bena MN where it is wider than 11 miles.Sep 28 2021

What is the largest state in the eastern US?


By area the largest state on the East Coast in Florida has over 65 000 square miles. Rhode Island is the smallest East Coast state by area at just over 1 544 square miles. Rhode Island is also the smallest state in the U.S.

East Coast States 2021.
State 2021 Pop.
South Carolina 5 277 830
Virginia 8 603 985

Is Michigan the biggest state east of Mississippi?

Michigan is the largest state east of the Mississippi with 97 990 000 sq miles.

Is Georgia largest state east of Mississippi?

Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River. Georgia has 159 counties more than any other state east of the Mississippi.

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