What Substance Is The Only One That Has A Higher Density In Liquid Form Than Solid?


What liquid is more dense than a solid?

Mercury a metallic element that is a liquid at room temperature is denser than many solids.

Which one has the highest density water solid liquid?

At 39°F (or 3.98°C to be exact) water is the most dense. This is because the molecules are closest together at this temperature.

What is the liquid with the highest density?


So in that the liquid which has the highest density is mercury. It is the only metal which exists as liquid in room temperature other metals are hard and rigid and exist in solid phase. It has a density of about 13.546 grams per cubic centimeter.

What has a greater density liquid or solid water?

Solid water or ice is less dense than liquid water. Ice is less dense than water because the orientation of hydrogen bonds causes molecules to push farther apart which lowers the density.

Do liquids have high density?

Liquids. The particles in liquids are close together. Although they are randomly arranged they are still tightly packed giving liquids high densities. The density of a substance as a liquid is usually only slightly less than its density as a solid.

What is liquid density?

The density of a liquid is a measure of how heavy it is for the amount measured. If you weigh equal amounts or volumes of two different liquids the liquid that weighs more is more dense. If a liquid that is less dense than water is gently added to the surface of the water it will float on the water.

What liquid has a density of 1?


Note that the density of pure water is defined to be 1 gram per cubic centimeter (or g/ml). Unlike most substances water is denser as a liquid than as a solid.

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Which of these substances has the highest density?

Detailed Solution
  • Gold has the highest density among the given elements.
  • Density of Gold= 19.32 g/cc.
  • The density of a substance is its mass per unit volume.
  • Osmium is the densest element in the periodic table.
  • Density of osmium= 22.6 g/cc.

What is the density of common liquids?

Density of common fluids
Fluid Density (g/cm3) at 20C and 1 atm unless noted
water (0 C) 0.99984
water (4 C) 0.99997
water (100 C) 0.95836
gasoline 0.66-0.69

Which liquid has least density?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is Petrol. Petrol has the lowest density among the given liquids.

Which has more density solid or liquid explain?

A solid has more density than the liquid because in solids the particles are tightly packed with each other with a great interparticle force as compared to liquid whose particles are less tightly packed with a interparticle force less than the solids.

Which has more density oil or water?

Water is more dense (heavier) than oil so they can’t mix. Oil floats above the water.

Why are solids denser than liquids?

Solids are marked by their definite shape and volume. … On the other hand the particles in solids are present very close to each other and the intermolecular gaps are very less. The intermolecular forces are thus high giving them making them rigid and dense. Thus solids are denser than liquids and gases.

What substance is less dense as a solid than as a liquid?


Water is one of the few substances on Earth that is less dense as a solid than a liquid. As ice water molecules form four hydrogen bonds that lock them into a rigid crystalline structure.

What liquids are denser than water?

Glycerol (or Glycerin) is more dense than water (1.26 g/cc). One could argue that glass is a very slow-moving viscous liquid (although it has lots of properties of a solid like rigidity). It’s more dense than water. Even saltwater is more dense than water.

What is the density of the solid?

What Is Density. Density is a measure of how compact the mass in a substance or object is. The density of an object or substance can be calculated from this equation: density in kilograms per meter cubed is equal to mass in kilograms divided by volume in meters cubed (p = m / v).

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What is the density of a solid liquid and gas?

Liquids and gases
State Distance between particles Density in g/cm 3
Solid Very close together Solid iron = 7.8
Liquid Slightly further apart than a solid Liquid iron = 6.9
Gas Very much further apart than a solid or liquid Oxygen gas = 0.0014

Why is solid water less dense than liquid water?

Ice actually has a very different structure than liquid water in that the molecules align themselves in a regular lattice rather than more randomly as in the liquid form. It happens that the lattice arrangement allows water molecules to be more spread out than in a liquid and thus ice is less dense than water.

What has a density of 1?


Density of Elements Chart
Density Name #
0.0899 g/L Hydrogen 1
0.1785 g/L Helium 2
0.9 g/L Neon 10
1.2506 g/L Nitrogen 7

What does a greater density mean?

Density is a derived unit from two other units: mass and volume. Density is by definition the amount of mass per unit volume. … Density tells scientists how “heavy” a substance is. If a substance has a higher density it is heavier. Likewise a lighter density means it is much lighter.

Which substance is the densest which is the least dense?

Meaning that the densest (heaviest) liquid will be on the bottom of the jar and the least dense (lightest) liquid will be on top. The order of the liquids from heaviest to lightest will be syrup glycerin water oil and then alcohol will be on top.

Which has least density?

The elements of the periodic table sorted by density
Density Name chemical element Atomic Number
0.09 Hydrogen 1
0.18 Helium 2
0.53 Lithium 3
0.86 Argon 18

What is the least dense solid?

graphene aerogel

Aerographene or graphene aerogel is as of April 2020 the least dense solid known at 160 g/m3 (0.0100 lb/cu ft 0.16 mg/cm3 4.3 oz/cu yd) less than helium. It is approximately 7.5 times less dense than air.

Which of the following substances will have the lowest density?

Water has the lowest density under the normal condition because the tightly the particles are packed higher will be the density. In the case of water the particles move around freely without any disturbance.

Which has more density liquid or state?

In general solids are denser than liquids which are denser than gases. . The particles in the solid are touching with very little space between them. The particles in a liquid usually are still touching but there are some spaces between them.

Which will have more density *?

A solid would have more density as its particles are compact / tightly packed there positions are fixed and their intermolecular attraction is higher than that of liquid it results in a heavy weight thus making them more denser than liquids.

Is syrup more dense than water?

Lighter liquids (like water or vegetable oil) are less dense than heavier liquids (like honey or corn syrup) so they float on top of the heavier liquids.

How Does It Work.
Material Density (g/cm3)
Light Corn Syrup 1.33
Dish Soap 1.06
Milk 1.03
Water 1.00

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Are hydrocarbons more or less dense than water?

Hydrocarbons (i.e. molecules containing carbon and hydrogen only) are generally less dense than water. Yet chloroform which is a halogenated hydrocarbon is more dense.

Which one has the higher density pure water or brine solution?

Salt water is more dense than pure water because the salt in it contributes to the mass of the entire solution. Given equal parts salt water and pure water the salt water will be more massive therefore salt water is more dense than pure water.

Why is density of solids higher than gases?

In solid state the solid particles are very close to each other due to strong intermolecular force of attraction between them. Therefore they have least intermolecular space that makes them denser compare to liquids and gases. Hence solids have high densities.

Is water more dense than solid?

Under normal ambient conditions water is less dense as a solid than as a liquid so ice floats on water. Most materials are more dense as solids.

Is ice the only solid that floats?

Q: What other substances besides Water will in their solid state float in their liquid state? Example Ice is a solid and floats in its liquid state water. … So any substance that has a lower density in its solid state than in its liquid state will float.

What is the density of maple syrup?


Sugar maple sap is boiled down and as the water evaporates the sugar concentration rises to 1333 kg/m3 the proper density which corresponds to at least 66% sugar.

Useful Density Values.
Substance Density / g cm3
Water 1.000
Honey 1.44
Corn Syrup 1.48
Maple syrup 1.33

Is alcohol denser than water?

Alcohol is less dense than water so spirits can float on top of water or juices.

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