What Technologic Advantage Did They Have?


What Technologic Advantage Did They Have??

What technologic advantage did Britain have? They had the Enigma Radar which helped them detect Nazi movement.

What technologic advantage did they have in the Battle of Britain?

The Dowding System’s pioneering use of radar (which could warn the RAF of enemy attacks) aircraft and ground defense gave Great Britain a competitive advantage.

What technologic advantage did the Royal Air Force have in ww2?

The RAF did enjoy one major advantage: since the battle was fought mainly over British territory pilots who baled out or crash-landed were often able to rejoin their units. Damaged aircraft could also sometimes be recovered.

What advantages did the British have in ww2?

They could spend a long time in combat without having to expend fuel getting to and from the combat area. Their ability to get quickly to the combat area was helped along by their radar stations operating on the coasts. This allowed them to be more effective in defense than the Germans were on offense.

How did radar win the Battle of Britain?

Radar – or radio detecting and ranging – was one of the most important factors in the success of Britain’s air defences during the Battle of Britain. … Radar gave early warning of approaching raids. This information filtered through Fighter Command HQ and was then communicated throughout the defence network.

What was the Dowding system and how did it give the British navy an advantage over the German Luftwaffe?

It gave Britain’s fighter defences enough advanced warning to prepare for and intercept raids and allowed Fighter Command to manage its valuable – and relatively limited – resources making sure they were not wasted.

How did radar help in ww2?

Radar which is essentially “seeing” with radio waves found dozens of other uses in the war. It was used to aim searchlights then to aim anti-aircraft guns. It was put on ships where it was used to navigate at night and through fog to locate enemy ships and aircraft and to direct gunfire.

How did radar help Britain in ww2?

Radar could pick up incoming enemy aircraft at a range of 80 miles and played a crucial role in the Battle of Britain by giving air defences early warning of German attacks. The CH stations were huge static installations with steel transmitter masts over 100 metres high.

What was significant about the battle of Stalingrad?

The Battle of Stalingrad was a significant factor that supported an Allied victory during World War Two. … The first reason is that the Battle of Stalingrad marked the end of Germany’s advances into eastern Europe and Russia. The second reason is that this battle was the first major German loss during World War II.

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What was the outcome of the fighting at Tobruk?

Outcome: The Australian British and Polish divisions under siege in Tobruk were twice attacked by Rommel’s forces and both times retained control of the Libyan port. The siege was lifted after nearly eight months.

What were British advantages?

Britain’s military was the best in the world. Their soldiers were well equipped well disciplined well paid and well fed. The British navy dominated the seas. Funds were much more easily raised by the Empire than by the Continental Congress.

What advantages did the colonists have?

British soldiers were fighting because it was their job while Americans were fighting for freedom. Another advantage the colonists had was the fact that American forces were fighting on their own ground. They knew the terrain roads mountain passes and swamp lands of the colonies.

What were the advantages and disadvantages of Britain on the eve of the American Revolution?

the british had to fight from thousands of miles from home. the americans had no regular army and a very weak navy. it took time and money for britian to send troops and supplies to the british army. the americans lacked expierience and weapons for fighting.

Why were the British able to win the Battle of Britain their radar equipment was effective?

Why were the British able to win the Battle of Britain? Their radar equipment was effective. Their leader urged them to keep fighting Germany. Their air force was more determined and powerful than Germany’s.

When was radar first used?

It is historically correct that on June 17 1935 radio-based detection and ranging was first demonstrated in Britain. Watson Watt Wilkins and Bowen are generally credited with initiating what would later be called radar in this nation.

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How does a radar work?

Radars send out electromagnetic waves similar to wireless computer networks and mobile phones. The signals are sent out as short pulses which may be reflected by objects in their path in part reflecting back to the radar. … In that same way the pulse reflects off precipitation and sends a signal back to the radar.

What did the Dowding system do?

The Dowding System relied on the world’s first RADAR to detect incoming aircraft. Called Radio Direction Finding (RDF) it used radio waves to detect aircraft entering British airspace. An operator located at an RDF station could determine range and bearing of the enemy plane.

Is Luftwaffe better than RAF?

The RAF proved to be a better combat force than the Luftwaffe in almost every respect. The decisive factors were British capability and determination but German mistakes before and during the battle contributed significantly to the outcome. … German pilots honed their skills in the Spanish Civil War.

What was RAF vs Luftwaffe?

The Battle of Britain also known as the Air Battle for England (German: die Luftschlacht um England) was a military campaign of the Second World War in which the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Fleet Air Arm (FAA) of the Royal Navy defended the United Kingdom (UK) against large-scale attacks by Nazi Germany’s air

Why is a radar important?

Radars today are used to detect and track aircraft spacecraft and ships at sea as well as insects and birds in the atmosphere measure the speed of automobiles map the surface of the earth from space and measure properties of the atmosphere and oceans.

How did the radar impact society?

Radar has affected society quite a bit. … Radar makes it almost impossible for the enemy to deploy sneak attacks. The environment has also been affected by radar. These days weather radar is used to detect hurricanes and tornadoes.

How did radar technology help the British?

The radar invented by Robert Watson-Watt was invaluable to the men who fought the Battle of Britain. The radar allowed Britain to track incoming German warplanes and gave Fighter Command led by Sir Hugh Dowding sufficient time to get airborne and attack them.

What was radar originally developed for?

RAdio Detection And Ranging

Radar (for RAdio Detection And Ranging) was developed over the years with input from many sources but it was Robert Watson-Watt a Scottish physicist looking for a reliable method to help airmen locate and avoid approaching thunderstorms who designed the first set put into practical use.

What effect did the development of radar have during the war?

What effect did the development of radar have during the war? It was used to generate electricity. It was used to find enemy planes and ships. It restricted the amount of goods a person could buy.

How did Computers help in ww2?

During WWII there were many kinds of specialized computers designed to use mechanical methods to make calculations. True airspeed calculators firing tables and dead reckoning computers are the most common examples.

Why was the Soviet victory at Stalingrad the most important?

Russians consider it to be one of the greatest battles of their Great Patriotic War and most historians consider it to be the greatest battle of the entire conflict. It stopped the German advance into the Soviet Union and marked the turning of the tide of war in favour of the Allies.

How did Stalingrad change the war?

Army Groups A and B were well on their way to the Caucasus in south-west Russia when Hitler ordered an attack on Stalingrad.

The Battle of Stalingrad.
German Army Russian Army
1 011 500 men 1 000 500 men
10 290 artillery guns 13 541 artillery guns
675 tanks 894 tanks
1 216 planes 1 115 planes

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What was the importance of the Battle of Saratoga?

The American victory in the Battles of Saratoga helped persuade the French to recognize American independence and to openly provide military assistance. It also increased Gates’s popularity—so much so that he was being considered to replace George Washington as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army.

What was the outcome of the fighting at Tobruk and what was its purpose?

On June 21 1942 General Erwin Rommel turns his assault on the British-Allied garrison at Tobruk Libya into victory as his panzer division occupies the North African port. Britain had established control of Tobruk after routing the Italians in 1940.

What was the outcome of the fighting at Tobruk quizlet?

What was the outcome of the fighting at Tobruk? Rommel was driven out the first time but returned and attacked Egypt and Suez Canal.

What did Rommel say about the Australians?

German commander Erwin Rommel was even quoted as saying: “If I had to take hell I would use the Australians to take it and the New Zealanders to hold it. “If I’d had one division of Māori I would have taken the canal in a week. If I’d had three I’d have taken Baghdad.”

What three major disadvantages did the British face in the American Revolution?

What key disadvantages did the British have in the American Revolution?
  • They had a long distance from home which made soldiers less effective due to lack of sleep home sickness exhaustion etc.
  • They never adapted their fighting style which hurt them.

What advantages did the colonists have in battling Britain for independence?

The advantages that they had were being familiar with land having a strong leader (George Washington) and having the determination to fight their liberty.

What advantages did the British have in the French and Indian War?

The British had won the French and Indian War. They took control of the lands that had been claimed by France (see below). France lost its mainland possessions to North America. Britain now claimed all the land from the east coast of North America to the Mississippi River.

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