What technologies are we now using in day-to-day life that we would have never seen coming 10 years ago?

Technology is a key part of modern life and something that has been with us for quite a while now. It is true to say though that the last decade has been a period of immense change for tech in day-to-day life. Although there are some things such asthe internet or mobile phones thathave been crucial to us for longer than this, some of the technologies that we use every day now would not have been seen coming a decade ago.

What are some great examples of technologies like this?

Online casino platforms

Although the rise of online casino gaming has been rapid in the last few years, not many people would have predicted how key it would become to daily life a decade ago. Although online casinos were about in the early 2010s, they had not become a regular part of life for many people globally.

This has all changed lately though and online casino platforms plus the games they carry have been seamlessly integrated into daily life. Much of this comes down to the range of safe iGaming platforms to play at now and also their wide choice of exciting games. 10CRICWild Wickets is a case in point and is a great slot game for cricket lovers. For more information on this game and the best Indian online casinos to sign-up with, visit India Slots today.

Virtual assistants

Although we could mention fitness trackers (such as the Ultrahuman ring for checking metabolic health), virtual assistants are key daily tech that not many would have seen coming 10 years ago. 2014 was the year that Amazon launched Alexa, which was the world’s first virtual assistant and a tech leap that no one had predicted. Since then, not only has Alexa become a staple of daily life across the world, but other virtual assistants such as Siri and Cortana have too.

VR headsets

While the concept of VR is nothing new, not many people were talking about virtual reality in daily life and how key it might go on to become 10 years ago. This has changed in the last few years though and much of this is due to the advances made in VR tech for a home in that time.

A major example has been the acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook in 2017 and the availability of its VR headsets to the masses since. Just as technology is key for education, VR tech can also be used in the classroom and for commercial training purposes. It is also superb for entertainment and delivering more immersive games to play. 

The last decade has seen major tech advances for daily life

Although tech has always played a huge role in the world, the last decade or so has really seen it make its mark in daily life. The 2010s were a time of huge evolution in the sector and this saw it become more and more important to our lifestyles. As the 2020s get into full swing, we can only imagine what the next decade will deliver.

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